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Event Card
Little War.png
Effect Duration: 3 chapters
Offense and defense will happen twice in all battles.
4 ☆
50 ★
1 per Deck
DeckPointsIcon.png 2
Rare Card
"I believe... I have the power to stop this..." —Suguri
Disambig.png This article is about the Event card. For the similarly-named achievement, see Little Wars.

Little War is a collectible Event card that can be acquired from the Base Pack.


When used, for 3 chapters, adds 1 additional round of attack and defense to each battle.


  • If a character under the effects of  Protagonist's Privilege begins the battle, then the opponent can counter after the second attack.
  • When used with  Final Battle, Little War adds one more round of combat, bringing the total amount of rounds possible to 11.
  • Little War does not affect the length of Bounty battles in Bounty Hunt mode.


At its higher price, the card is generally best used with  President's Privilege or  Play of the Gods to lower the price. Lowering the price is also very useful to make use of the fact that the card is an event, enabling the player to combo it with battle cards for maximum effect.

The best uses for Little War are generally with battle cards that put the opponent at a huge disadvantage. For instance, cards such  Blue Crow the Second,  Extraordinary Specs, and  Accel Hyper, among others, put the opponent at a steep disadvantage for two rounds of combat. Other non-battle cards, such as  Heat 300%, and  Super All-Out Mode can also become much more influential while Little War is active. The card can also be useful for general use by bullies like Star Breaker and Tomomo, since their +2 ATK stats already put them at a combat advantage.

The main disadvantage of Little War is its price and level. With its high Norma level requirement and star cost, the card simply does not get played often, and opponents are generally unlikely to activate it. The card is also risky in the sense that the dual combat may backfire for the player, and cause them to get KO'd if the opponent is well equipped. The card also does not guarantee combat like  Final Battle, and although the player will have the added edge of battle card support, they may not be able to reach the opponent to attack in the 3 turns provided.