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Locations are special areas that are spawned randomly across the board in Bounty Hunt Mode. These locations serve as the primary means for players to complete quests and bounties and gain Fame.


At the beginning of every match, locations spawn on random panels all around the board. These locations will then remain for 6 chapters before being refreshed. This "field event" is unusual, since it is not listed as a field event and occurs at a different interval than normal field events. Because locations are first spawned on Chapter 1, the location refresh occurs on chapters 7, 13, 19, and so on.

Locations can be divided into 2 distinct categories: monster hiding spots and shops. Subsequently, locations serve three main purposes: retrieving and turning-in quest items, fighting monsters in Bounty battles, and shopping. These locations are also unique in that they are not tied to any specific type of panel, however, they will not spawn on  Warp,  Warp Move, or  Move panels.

Monster Hiding Spots[]

Monster Hiding Spots are special areas that can appear on the board. These locations serve two main purposes: retrieving quest items and fighting monsters in Bounty battles. There are 10 types of locations, from which 6 are randomly selected to be used throughout the game. Each location also has an associated quest item (except for the cave, which has 2). After receiving a quest card to obtain a quest item, players may collect the item by landing on or passing the location it is associated with.

In addition, monsters will spawn on a location the first time a player lands on or passes by it. Any type of monster may spawn in any location. If the player is holding a bounty card for the monster at the location, they may choose to battle that monster in a Bounty battle when landing on or passing by a location with that monster on it. If the monster is defeated, the location will disappear until all locations are refreshed.


Shops/Turn-in Locations[]

Shops are locations the player may visit at any time. Like a  Home panel, the player will always be asked if they would like to stop at any shop in their path. Shops serve three main purposes: purchasing items, selling cards, and turning in quest items. At any location, the player may purchase as many power-ups as they can afford. In addition, if the player has a quest and its corresponding quest item, they may stop at the associated shop in order to turn in the quest and earn their fame reward. This will take away both the quest card and quest item, and reward Fame. The player can identify which shop is needed to complete a quest in 2 ways. The shop that is needed for each quest is indicated by the NPC who is giving the quest on the card. Or, once the player has the quest item, there will also be an arrow pointing at the building they need to turn in the item to. There are 4 types of shops: Armory, Bakery, Taverns, and Alchemy Workshop.

Icon Name NPC Items Carried Items Accepted
Bounty Mode Armory.png Armory Blacksmith Battle cards, hyper cards, and various equipment that boost stats. Guardians may be hired here. Item Broken Blade.pngItem Trollite Horn.pngItem Cactus.png
Bounty Mode Bakery.png Bakery Star Baker Various sweets that boost stats. Item Bag of Chilling Wind.pngItem Never-Ending Flour.pngItem Wolly Milk.png
Sky Baker
Bounty Mode Tavern.png Tavern Innkeeper Various drinks that can heal HP/overheal. Mercenaries may be hired here. Item Medicinal Herb.pngItem Turni-slime.pngItem Misty Sap.png
Bounty Mode Alchemist.png Alchemist Alchemist Various concoctions that mainly decrease REC and sabotage items. Aurora may be hired here. Item Globbu.pngItem Göst Spirit.png

Update History[]

100% Orange Juice Emoticon 100oj.png V 2.9.2
  • Updated Bounty Hunt field event to guarantee at least 1 spawn of each type of monster hiding spots if possible.