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Gift Card
Lucky Sevens.png
While holding this card, your natural die rolls can range from 0 to 7, and the minimum roll result is 0 when rolling 0.
Cannot perform a Norma check after rolling a 0 for move on the same turn.
1 ☆
0 ★
1 per Deck
DeckPointsIcon.png 2
Lucky Sevens Symbol.png
Uncommon Card
"I can even control my dice rolls." —Yuki

Lucky Sevens is a collectible Gift card that can be acquired from the Community Pack 3.


When this Gift card is held, it applies the Lucky Sevens stock effect to the player. While active, each of the player's natural dice rolls will range from 0 to 7, as opposed to the usual values of 1 to 6.

In addition, a number of additional effects will apply only when the player rolls a natural 0 on any die:

  • The roll's minimum result is 0 instead of 1. This means that after applying any modifiers (ATK, DEF, EVD, or MOV) to the dice total, if the result would be less than 1, it becomes 0 instead.
  • If the roll is a movement roll, the player gains the Lucky Zero stock effect, which prevents the player from performing a Norma check on the same turn.

Upon use, this card will be discarded.

When holding this card, a Lucky Sevens Symbol.png icon will hover around the player. The player's selected dice cosmetic will also be changed to a unique eight-sided die, themed after the Lucky Sevens artwork.

Lucky Sevens Dice 0.png
Lucky Sevens Dice 1.png
Lucky Sevens Dice 2.png
Lucky Sevens Dice 3.png
Lucky Sevens Dice 4.png
Lucky Sevens Dice 5.png
Lucky Sevens Dice 6.png
Lucky Sevens Dice 7.png


  • Rolling a total of 0 for movement will cause the player to trigger their current panel without moving, similar to dead ends or  Witch's Hair Lock.
  • The Lucky Zero stock effect will be applied for the full chapter whenever any movement rolls are 0, regardless of whether or not the player moved 0 spaces that turn.
    • When rolling multiple dice for movement rolls, the Lucky Zero stock effect will be applied if any of the dice roll 0.
    • When performing multiple movement rolls in a single chapter (such as through  Move or  Warp Move panels), the Lucky Zero stock effect will be applied if any of the movement rolls are 0.
  • Holding Lucky Sevens does not prevent characters from auto-reviving once their current REC roll reaches 1, even though you could theoretically fail a "roll 1 or higher" prompt with this card.
  • Lucky Sevens will apply to the initial die roll triggered by  Full Speed Alicianrone.
  • When rolling 0 after triggering a Drop panel, the victory music will be played.


Lucky Sevens is a card with a simple effect that subtly influences multiple things at once. This can be beneficial in a number of ways.

  • Increases favorable attack rolls on average. Although the increase is slight, it can achieve important break points like allowing Yuki to beat Sherry on average if they are both at full HP. The power increase is mostly useful on characters that rely on KOing their opponent in one hit like Tomomo, Yuki, Store Manager, Seagull, Yuuki, Alicianrone, and Flying Castle.
  • Decreases average KO recovery time for characters with 5 or 6 REC, since the card isn't lost on KO. This card can be massive for Tomomo, Store Manager, and Flying Castle since they are incentivised to be aggressive which constantly puts them in danger of being KO'd and getting punished heavily by their 6 REC.
  • Rolling 0 on movement can cause someone who fought you in the previous turn to roll in front of you instead of continuing to pursue you. This is mostly useful on characters like NoName (Head), Flying Castle, and Yuuki in case someone fought her in her DEF form so they can get an easy KO on her in her ATK form.
  • Rolling 7 on movement enables Lone Rider to benefit from his passive without the use of  Upshift.
  • Allows players to catch up to opponents on the board that they wish to target if they roll a 7.
  • Potentially gives more stars from a  Bonus panel if the player rolls a 7.
  • Potentially prevents star loss from a  Drop panel if the player rolls a 0.

However, this card does have numerous drawbacks.

  • Decreases favorable defense rolls on average. It actually decreases defensive roll results by the same amount it increases attack roll results, so in terms of probability when only doing attack and defense rolls, attacking someone who is holding Lucky Sevens is the same as attacking them while holding Lucky Sevens.
  • Increases the average KO recovery time for characters with 4 REC or lower.
  • Has terrible synergy with effects that increase the number of dice used in movement rolls, since if any of the dice is a 0, the holder is unable to norma.
  • Can cause the player to trigger a  Drop or  Boss panel again if they roll a 0, making it possibly worthwhile to discard the card while standing on those panels.
  • Makes Bonus panels useless if the player rolls a 0.
  • Makes Drop panels more devastating if the player rolls a 7.

With its effect on the result of natural die rolls, Lucky Sevens essentially increases the chances of unlikely events (less than 50% chance of occurring), while decreasing the chances of likely events (greater than 50% chance of occurring).

In general, the card's effects on combat and recovery rolls make it good for aggressive characters and/or characters with high REC, and bad for more passive characters and/or characters with low REC. However, it is always important to consider the possible benefits and drawbacks of holding onto the card depending on the player's current situation.

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