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Lucky Streak.jpg Lucky Streak
It's finally Tomomo's lucky day! (DLC)

Lucky Streak is a Steam achievement in 100% Orange Juice. It is one of 7 achievements included within DLC 24.



  • Arguably, the most difficult part of this challenge is actually just drawing the card. The player can only bring 1 copy of  Lucky Charm, so with no assistance from other players, the player will only have a 1/48 chance of drawing the card. In the best-case scenario, the player will start with the card or draw it from either CharityCharity
    Every 5 Chapters, all Players will receive 1 Card at the beginning of the Chapter.
    or a  Draw panel within the first few turns. Once the card is drawn, the player just needs to hold the card and ideally not be KO'd for the rest of the game. As a result, characters with lots of HP like Fernet and Poppo among others can be a good choice to increase survivability (in the latter's, not so much but  Ubiquitous can help the player norma faster to get more from the card and prevent opponents from leveling further). Likewise, since the player can norma while holding the card, smaller boards like Santa's Workshop can help the player constantly heal themselves and norma quickly. On the inverse, big boards like Star Circuit and White Winter may also be a good option if opponents can't catch the player; however, the process will likely drag out for longer. Theoretically, it may be easier to do this in singleplayer, custom, as opponents are generally dumber and often have a higher probability of leaving the player alone.
  • Another plausible way to accomplish this achievement is to play with friends and have each one pack a copy of  Lucky Charm to bring the total to 3 or 4 in the deck. The players can play the match normally until the final norma to get the most stars from the card or until any player that needs the achievement gets the card. Then the players can essentially put the game on hold (like the A Long Fuse achievement) and simply wait for the card to give them enough stars for the achievement.