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Lulu (ルルゥ Ruru u) is one of the playable characters in 100% Orange Juice!. She was added to the game in DLC 26Wanderer Pack.jpg, alongside Ellie.




A kind-hearted girl with no knowledge of her origin, Lulu is a nervous girl with a love of food and play. Lulu features a rather sturdy stat line, with a health stat of 5, a slightly buffed defense stat, a below-average evasion stat, and a neutral attack and recovery stat. Based upon these stats, Lulu is not particularly effective at offensive play, but her positive defense stat and high HP provide her with notable durability, which serves as one of her greatest strengths. Lulu can generally survive  Encounter and  Boss panels as her defense will be able to protect her from high rolls, and her evasion stat, although reduced, is still relatively useful for protecting her from low rolls as well. The player can also capitalize on LuLu’s durability by using cheap cards such as  Rbits and  Saki's Cookie which can keep the player alive for longer. While Lulu’s doesn’t have any attack stat modifiers, she still has the can deal marginal damage in combat, which can make opponents wary of a potentially powerful counter-attack. Lulu’s other strength comes from hyper which can provide the player with a host of ways to gain a large edge against opponents, with one even providing Lulu with incredible late-game stats.

Lulu is not invincible, however. As one might expect, Lulu’s +1 defense may provide extremely exciting results or barely help at all depending on the player's luck. A reduced evasion stat also harms Lulu’s ability to survive, despite her high health pool, as the player is often better off defending against lower rolls like 3. Lastly, Lulu can be bullied and likely will be, as her stats generally encourage passiveness. While this technically assists her hyper, it may backfire on the player. Lulu’s stat line is that of a pseudo-tank, and while she doesn’t have the disadvantage of a reduced attack stat, her counter attack rolls are likely to be inconsistent, which can put the player into trouble quickly if being pursued by a powerful opponent like Tomomo.


As previously stated, Lulu will likely be played passively more often than not and focus on star norma. The player may be able to change their approach, however, depending on how well the combats go, and what results the player gets from  Lulu's Lucky Egg. The player will want to focus on  Draw and  Bonus panels and bring cards that take advantage of Lulu’s innate defensive strengths. Generally, the player will want to find/use 1-2 copies of Lulu’s hyper per game, if possible, and pack a defensive battle card or healing card toward the late game.


+Above average survivability
+Hyper can yield incredible results
Low-level hyper
-HP restricted and expensive hyper
-Hyper may give a poor result

Update History

100% Orange Juice Emoticon 100oj.png V2.9.3
  • Added co-op ratings for Ellie and Lulu.
  • Fixed the special accessory visibility for Ellie and Lulu.
  • Fixed so Star Chasers mixer & Nice Jingle don't affect the star ability of Lulu's Lucky Egg.

100% Orange Juice Emoticon 100oj.png V2.9.2 (Hotfix 1)
  • Fixed Ellie & Lulu default extra color being blocked when their special accessories aren't unlocked.

100% Orange Juice Emoticon 100oj.png V2.9.2
  • Added to the game with DLC 26Wanderer Pack.jpg.

Lulu's Lucky Egg
Lulu's Lucky Egg.png
Can only be played with 2 HP or less. Gain one of the following effects at random:
- Roll a die and gain the die number x 20 stars.
- Draw 5 cards.
- Heal to full HP and permanently gain +1 ATK, +1 DEF, and +1 EVD. This effect can only trigger once.
Hyper Info
40 ★
"Ugh... Lulu's about to lay an egg..." - Lulu


Lulu’s Hyper is Lulu’s Lucky Egg. This card has varying effects decided at random. When used, one of these effects will be randomly selected to be performed.

  • The player will roll a die and gain stars equal to 20x the die's result.
  • The player will draw 5 cards from the center deck and automatically add them to their hand.
  • The player will fully heal HP up to their maximum HP. In addition, the player will gain +1 ATK, +1 DEF, and +1 EVD, indicated by the Lucky Lunch stock effect. This effect cannot be randomly selected if the player already has the Lucky Lunch stock effect.

This card can only be used if the player's current HP is 2 or less.


Lulu’s Lucky Egg is an unusual low-level Hyper that gives the player 1 of 3 randomized effects. This provides the player with 3 potentially useful bonuses in the form of either stars, cards, or a full heal and permanent stat buff. Although the randomness of the effect renders the Hyper unreliable by nature, much like  Deploy Bits, the player can almost always benefit from the result. If the player receives the star 20x effect, the player will profit on a roll of 3 or greater or break even on a roll of 2. This means the player has an 83% chance of not losing stars and a 67% chance of making a profit of at least 20 stars. If the player is lucky and rolls a 5-6, the star boost can give the player a massive lead over the rest of the board. If the player instead gets the card draw effect, the 5 cards drawn can either fill an empty hand or provide the player with quick access to more options, and perhaps even a second Hyper card to try again for another effect. Lastly, the third and final effect is arguably the most beneficial. When received, the player will be healed to full HP and they will receive a permanent +1 in all stats. Although it can only be triggered a single time, this effect is incredible as it will provide the player with a deadly stat line unrivaled by most other characters. In the case of Lulu, the card gives her a powerful base statline of +1 ATK, +2 DEF, and 0 EVD that enables her to both attack and defend with ease. Likewise, the full HP recovery essentially gives the player the effect of  Pudding, and enables the player to immediately take advantage of the stat buffs.

However, like all Hyper cards, Lulu’s Lucky Egg has its own complicated issues. Firstly, while the Hyper is low-level at a Level 2 requirement, it is very expensive at its 40 star price. It can also be challenging to activate since Lulu’s Lucky Egg additionally requires that the player is at 2 HP. Given the potential difficulty of fulfilling the Hyper’s activation criteria, the card is risky given that 2 out of 3 of the effects may backfire. If the player receives the gain stars effect and rolls low, they will not receive a net gain of stars, essentially wasting the Hyper. In addition, even if the player does profit from the Hyper, they may be in danger of losing it to an opponent soon after due to the low-HP requirement. Similarly, although drawing 5 cards is a good effect, it may not even yield good cards depending on what other players have packed, and therefore may not be able to offset the Hyper's expensive cost. While the risk involved with the card can technically be minimized with  President's Privilege, the Level 4 requirement for that card will result in the player needing to wait much longer before activating Lulu’s Lucky Egg.

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Playing As Lulu
Playing Against Lulu

Recommended Cards[]

Standard Recommended Viable

Counter Cards[]

Recommended Viable


Lulu's stats, passive, and Hyper are unchanged in Co-op mode.

Co-op Rank
Attacker Guardian Support Avenger Dealer

Bounty Hunt

Lulu's passive and Hyper are unchanged in Bounty Hunt mode.

Lulu's base stats give her 40 starting stars and a price adjustment of 0% at shops.


To unlock Lulu as a playable character, along with her unit card and Hyper card as binder collectibles:

Unit Colors

Name Current Unlock Conditions
Orange Icon.pngOrange color Purchase for 1000Stars Icon.png in the Shop.
Blue Icon.pngBlue color
Green Icon.pngGreen color
Yellow Icon.pngYellow color
Pink Icon.pngPink color Receive as a random drop after finishing an online game.
Purple Icon.pngPurple color Purchase for 20000Stars Icon.png in the Shop after reaching Level 50.
Teal Icon.pngTeal color Purchase for 10000Stars Icon.png in the Shop after reaching Level 25.
Black Icon.pngBlack color Receive as a random drop after finishing an online game.
Halloween Outfit Icon.pngHalloween Outfit color Purchase for 20000Stars Icon.png in the Shop after finishing 20 games as any character with the Black color equipped.
Silver Icon.pngSilver color Purchase for 40000Stars Icon.png in the Shop after reaching Level 75.
Red and Blue Icon.pngRed and Blue color Purchase for 60000Stars Icon.png in the Shop after reaching Level 100.
Christmas Outfit Icon.pngChristmas Outfit color
Name Current Unlock Conditions
Orange Icon.pngLulu's Ribbon Currently unavailable.

Hair Colors

Name Current Unlock Conditions
Hair Color 1 Icon.png Finish 10 games as Lulu, with the 10th game or any game after the 10th being online.
Hair Colors 2 Icon.png 3 Icon.png 4 Icon.png Receive as a random drop after finishing an online game.
Hair Colors 5 Icon.png 6 Icon.png 7 Icon.png 8 Icon.png 9 Icon.png 10 Icon.png 11 Icon.png 12 Icon.png


Name Current Unlock Conditions
Santa Hat Icon.pngSanta Hat Purchase for 5000Stars Icon.png in the Shop after giving out 10 cards with  Present for You as Aru.
Brown AntlersBrown Antlers Receive as a random drop after finishing an online game as Lulu.
Red AntlersRed Antlers Receive as a random drop after finishing an online game as Lulu.
Red CrownsRed Crown Complete all base-game campaigns and extra episodes on Normal difficulty or higher.
Purple CrownsPurple Crown Complete all base-game campaigns and extra episodes on Extreme difficulty.
Jack o'Lantern Icon.pngJack o'Lantern Purchase for 20000Stars Icon.png in the Shop after finishing 20 games as any character with the Black color equipped.
Poppo Mask Icon.pngPoppo Mask Purchase for 99999Stars Icon.png in the Shop.
Reindeer KigurumisReindeer Kigurumi Complete Waruda Christmas Party on any difficulty.
Leo KigurumisLeo Kigurumi Currently unavailable.
Trick & Treat CostumesTrick & Treat Costume Currently unavailable.
PigformationPigformation Currently unavailable.
Mushroom Accessory Icon.pngMushroom Accessory Currently unavailable.
Cow KigurumisCow Kigurumi Purchase for 60Oranges Icon.pngOranges in the Shop.
Tiger KigurumisTiger Kigurumi
Name Current Unlock Conditions
Eyeglasses Icon.pngEyeglasses Receive as a random drop after finishing an online game.
Sunglasses Icon.pngSunglasses


Name Current Unlock Conditions
Poses 2 Icon.png 3 Icon.png 4 Icon.png 5 Icon.png 6 Icon.png Receive randomly from the Regular Crate.
Voice Pack Own DLC 26Wanderer Pack.jpg.


Icon Name Requirement
Who Am I?.jpg Who Am I? Finish 10 games as Lulu.
Born Under a Lucky Star.jpg Born Under a Lucky Star As Lulu, gain the Lucky Lunch effect from  Lulu's Lucky Egg.
Eggs.jpg Eggs As Lulu, gain all three effects from  Lulu's Lucky Egg at least once.


1 Icon.png Default
0 10000 00.png
Lulu 00 00.png
2 Icon.png Attack
0 10000 00.png
Lulu 00 01.png
3 Icon.png Damage
0 10000 00.png
Lulu 00 02.png
4 Icon.png Success
0 10000 00.png
Lulu 00 03.png
5 Icon.png Failure
0 10000 00.png
Lulu 00 04.png
6 Icon.png Dice Throw
0 10000 00.png
Lulu 00 05.png
7 Icon.png Default
0 10000 00.png
not found
8 Icon.png Attack
0 10000 00.png
not found
9 Icon.png Damage
0 10000 00.png
not found
10 Icon.png Success
0 10000 00.png
not found
11 Icon.png Failure
0 10000 00.png
not found
12 Icon.png Dice Throw
0 10000 00.png
not found


0 10000 00.png
not found
0 10000 00.png
not found
0 10000 00.png
not found
0 10000 00.png
not found
0 10000 00.png
not found
0 10000 00.png
not found

Extra Colors


1 Icon.png Hair 1
Lulu 00 00.png
Lulu 3000 00.png
2 Icon.png Hair 2
Lulu 00 00.png
Lulu 3001 00.png
3 Icon.png Hair 3
Lulu 00 00.png
Lulu 3002 00.png
4 Icon.png Hair 4
Lulu 00 00.png
Lulu 3003 00.png
5 Icon.png Hair 5
Lulu 00 00.png
Lulu 3004 00.png
6 Icon.png Hair 6
Lulu 00 00.png
Lulu 3005 00.png
7 Icon.png Hair 7
Lulu 00 00.png
Lulu 3006 00.png
8 Icon.png Hair 8
Lulu 00 00.png
Lulu 3007 00.png
9 Icon.png Hair 9
Lulu 00 00.png
Lulu 3008 00.png
10 Icon.png Hair 10
Lulu 00 00.png
Lulu 3009 00.png
11 Icon.png Hair 11
Lulu 00 00.png
Lulu 3010 00.png
12 Icon.png Hair 12
Lulu 00 00.png
Lulu 3011 00.png



Voice Lines

When Name English Kanji
Rolling dice Rolling dice 1 ▶️ ⏏️ Here's a dice roll. なげるんよぅ
Rolling dice 2 ▶️ ⏏️ Sorah. そらー
Rolling dice 3 ▶️ ⏏️ There. よっこらー
Rolling dice 4 ▶️ ⏏️ Eiyah. えいりゃー
Using Boost/Event/Gift/Quest/Bounty card Use card 1 ▶️ ⏏️ Lulu will play this. これ使うんな
Use card 2 ▶️ ⏏️ Ehehe, can Lulu use this? えへへー これ使っていいん?
Use card 3 ▶️ ⏏️ Lulu will dare to play this! 思い切って使ってみるんな!
Use card 4 ▶️ ⏏️ Ehehe, Lulu's starting to enjoy this! えへへ 楽しくなってきたんな!
Placing Trap card Trap card 1 ▶️ ⏏️ Lulu knows little about these things... Like this? ルルゥ こういうのわかんないんな… これでいいん?
Trap card 2 ▶️ ⏏️ Hohee, so this is a trap! ほへー これがトラップんな!
Trap card 3 ▶️ ⏏️ What happens when you step on it? これ 引っかかるとどうなるんな
Trap card 4 ▶️ ⏏️ Lulu's set a trap here♥ トラップしかけちゃったんなー♡
Using Battle card Battle card 1 ▶️ ⏏️ Lulu's going to play a card to fight well! 戦うんなら カード使うんの!
Battle card 2 ▶️ ⏏️ Lulu doesn't like losing! ルルゥ 負けたくないんの!
Battle card 3 ▶️ ⏏️ If Lulu has to fight, she'll use this! バトルんなるなら これ使うんね!
Battle card 4 ▶️ ⏏️ Lulu will show you her best! 全力本気でやるかんね!
Using Lulu's Lucky Egg Hyper card 1 ▶️ ⏏️ Aah... Uu... An egg's... coming out...! うぼ…ぇ… 産まれる…んね…っ
Reviving Revived 1 ▶️ ⏏️ *sigh* That was so close. Lulu saw a glimpse of the afterlife. はあ… 危なかったんね あの世見えたんな
Revived 2 ▶️ ⏏️ Lulu's back up. She's still got a chance to win the game! 立ち直ったんよ こっからこっから!
Revived 3 ▶️ ⏏️ Lulu had a tad too long of a break... She'll catch up on lost time! ちょっとお休みしすぎたんね… 取り戻すんの!
Revived 4 ▶️ ⏏️ Auau, Lulu's finally good to go. あうあう やっと動けるんの
Revive roll failed Revive failed 1 ▶️ ⏏️ Oh no, come on... そりゃないんよー とほほ
Revive failed 2 ▶️ ⏏️ Lulu's having a bad day. うまくいかんねぇ
Revive failed 3 ▶️ ⏏️ Lulu is going to rest a little longer. もうちょっとお休みするんね
Revive failed 4 ▶️ ⏏️ Lulu still can't stand back up... Uu... まだダメなんね… うぅ
(Attack)/Snowball Attack/Bounty Attack Attack 1 ▶️ ⏏️ Lulu's going to attack! 攻撃するんね!
Attack 2 ▶️ ⏏️ Here Lulu comes! やるんよー!
Attack 3 ▶️ ⏏️ Lulu will get you! もらったんね!
Attack 4 ▶️ ⏏️ Lulu is going to finish you! やるんね!
Taking out-of-battle damage Effect Damage 1 ▶️ ⏏️ That hurts... いたいんね…
Effect Damage 2 ▶️ ⏏️ Oho! おほっ
Effect Damage 3 ▶️ ⏏️ That worked really well...! 効くんね…っ
Effect Damage 4 ▶️ ⏏️ Quit it! やめるんね!
Healing Healing 1 ▶️ ⏏️ Ehehe, Lulu's into this. えへへ これいいんね
Healing 2 ▶️ ⏏️ Oh, Lulu's feeling very relaxed. あらー 癒やされるんね
Healing 3 ▶️ ⏏️ Fuee, this makes Lulu feel alive again. ふぇー 生き返るんね
Healing 4 ▶️ ⏏️ That's nice and warm. 温かいんね 気持ちいいんな
Warping Warp 1 ▶️ ⏏️ Oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no. ありゃりゃりゃりゃ
Warp 2 ▶️ ⏏️ Lulu's head's spinning... 目ぇ回るんね
Warp 3 ▶️ ⏏️ Where's Lulu going? どこ行くんね?
Warp 4 ▶️ ⏏️ Warp time! ワープなんな!
KO'd out-of-battle KO 1 ▶️ ⏏️ Lulu can't move... 動けないんな…
KO 2 ▶️ ⏏️ This is horrible. It's abuse! ひどいんな 虐待んな
KO 3 ▶️ ⏏️ *sob* You're so cruel. ぐす ひどいんな
KO 4 ▶️ ⏏️ Why would you do that to Lulu...! なんてことするんなぁ…っ
Battle (Attacker) Challenging enemy 1 ▶️ ⏏️ It's a bad thing to get in Lulu's way! ルルゥの邪魔するんはダメんな!
Challenging enemy 2 ▶️ ⏏️ Lulu will kick your butt! かっ飛ばすんね!
Challenging enemy 3 ▶️ ⏏️ Lulu's gonna get you! やっちまうんね!
Challenging enemy 4 ▶️ ⏏️ Yay, let's play together! いえーい 一緒に遊ぼんね!
Battle (Defender) Being challenged 1 ▶️ ⏏️ Oh, you up for a fight? Challenge accepted. お やるんな? 相手になるんね
Being challenged 2 ▶️ ⏏️ Oh? Hold on a sec! おお? ちょっと待つんな!
Being challenged 3 ▶️ ⏏️ Awawa, what do you want from Lulu?! あわわ なんなんな!
Being challenged 4 ▶️ ⏏️ You look scary! Get away from Lulu! 怖いんな! こっち来んなぁ!
Attacking Attack in battle 1 ▶️ ⏏️ Orah! おら!
Attack in battle 2 ▶️ ⏏️ Atah! あたー!
Attack in battle 3 ▶️ ⏏️ Howah! ほわー!
Attack in battle 4 ▶️ ⏏️ Oryaryah! おりゃりゃー!
Light Damage Damage 1 ▶️ ⏏️ Howah!? ほわっ!?
Damage 2 ▶️ ⏏️ Hey! ちょっ!
Damage 3 ▶️ ⏏️ Hold on! まつんな!
Damage 4 ▶️ ⏏️ Ah! あっ!
Heavy Damage Major damage 1 ▶️ ⏏️ That hurts! You animal! いたいんな! ひどいんな!
Major damage 2 ▶️ ⏏️ Nooo! いやーん!!
Major damage 3 ▶️ ⏏️ Stop iiit! やめるんなぁあ!
Major damage 4 ▶️ ⏏️ How could you do that? Unbelievable! そんなんするぅ? 信じられないんなぁ!
Evading Evasion 1 ▶️ ⏏️ Awah! あわっ
Evasion 2 ▶️ ⏏️ Watch it, gee! 危ないんね もー!
Evasion 3 ▶️ ⏏️ Whoa, that was scary! おわっ 怖いんなぁっ
Evasion 4 ▶️ ⏏️ Nooo! ひいいっ
Winning in Battle Winning a battle 1 ▶️ ⏏️ Phew, Lulu managed somehow. はぁ なんとかなったんな
Winning a battle 2 ▶️ ⏏️ That was such a close call. 危機一髪だったんな
Winning a battle 3 ▶️ ⏏️ Lulu worked up a good sweat. 冷や汗だくだくなんな
Winning a battle 4 ▶️ ⏏️ It worked out somehow. なんとかなるもんなんな
KO'd in Battle/Losing Game Losing a battle 1 ▶️ ⏏️ This is terrible. これはひどい
Losing a battle 2 ▶️ ⏏️ How come this happened to Lulu... なんなんなぁ…
Losing a battle 3 ▶️ ⏏️ What did Lulu do to deserve this... ルルゥがなにしたんよぉ…
Losing a battle 4 ▶️ ⏏️ *sob sob*... *sniffle*... すんすん… ぐすん
Bonus Panel Bonus panels 1 ▶️ ⏏️ Look, it's stars. お星さまなんな
Bonus panels 2 ▶️ ⏏️ Lulu could use some stars. 星欲しいんな
Bonus panels 3 ▶️ ⏏️ Lulu will get more of these. いっぱい集めちゃおーな
Bonus panels 4 ▶️ ⏏️ Lulu will gather these until she can't hold more! 両手いっぱいに集めるんよー!
Drop Panel Drop panels 1 ▶️ ⏏️ Nooo! Staaars! ひあああ! お星さまぁあ!
Drop panels 2 ▶️ ⏏️ Lulu can't stand this! こんなんないんな!
Drop panels 3 ▶️ ⏏️ No, don't take them away...! Don't do that! やめてんね…っ そんなんダメんねぇえっ
Drop panels 4 ▶️ ⏏️ Lulu can't believe this... She just lost so many stars... うそんね… さっきまでこの手にあったんに…
Stepping on Trap Stepping on a trap 1 ▶️ ⏏️ Gyaaah! いぎゃー!
Stepping on a trap 2 ▶️ ⏏️ Who the heck set the trap here?! こんなとこにトラップ仕掛けたん誰んねぇえ!
Stepping on a trap 3 ▶️ ⏏️ Gyan! Why did Lulu end up like this! ぎゃん! なんでこんな目に合うんねぇ!
Stepping on a trap 4 ▶️ ⏏️ Mukyaaah! むきゃー!!
Vs. Boss Encountering a boss 1 ▶️ ⏏️ Oh no... That thing's scary... ひぇ… 怖いんな…
Encountering a boss 2 ▶️ ⏏️ Lu-Lulu wants to go home now... も もう帰りたいんな…
Encountering a boss 3 ▶️ ⏏️ Somebody help me... Lulu's scared... タスケテ… 怖いんな…
Encountering a boss 4 ▶️ ⏏️ *shiver shiver shiver shiver* ぶるぶるぶるぶる…
Star Norma Star Norma 1 ▶️ ⏏️ Lulu wants to see so many stars. お星さまたくさん見たいんな
Star Norma 2 ▶️ ⏏️ Alright, Lulu's gonna get a lot of these real quick. よーし すぐ集めるんな
Star Norma 3 ▶️ ⏏️ Lulu got this! She'll be right back with so many of them! ルルゥに任せるんな! いっぱい持ってくるんなー
Star Norma 4 ▶️ ⏏️ Lulu wants some stars. お星さま欲しいんなー
Wins Norma/Fame Norma Win Norma 1 ▶️ ⏏️ Lulu's ready to show what she's really made of! 腕がなるんな!
Win Norma 2 ▶️ ⏏️ Lulu can fight too. ルルゥだってやるんな
Win Norma 3 ▶️ ⏏️ Not too confident, but Lulu will try. あんま自信ないけど やってやるんな
Win Norma 4 ▶️ ⏏️ Uuu, Lulu's worried if she can fight well... うー うまくやれるんかな…
Selecting Character Selecting character 1 ▶️ ⏏️ Lulu here! Hi! ルルゥんな! よろ!
Selecting character 2 ▶️ ⏏️ Oh, you want to play with Lulu? お ルルゥと一緒に遊ぶんな?
Selecting character 3 ▶️ ⏏️ Sure, let's go have some fun out there. いいよー 遊ぶんよ
Selecting character 4 ▶️ ⏏️ Yay, thanks for choosing Lulu. わーい 選んでくれてありがとーねぇ
Starting Game Game starts 1 ▶️ ⏏️ Alright, let's do this! よっし 頑張るんね!
Game starts 2 ▶️ ⏏️ We're gonna have plenty of fun, okay? いっぱい楽しむんね
Game starts 3 ▶️ ⏏️ Lulu hopes she'll win the game... 勝てたらいいんなー…
Game starts 4 ▶️ ⏏️ Lulu can get things done when she needs to...! ルルゥだってやるんね…っ
Winning Game Winning games 1 ▶️ ⏏️ Lulu won the game...? She did it! ルルゥが勝ったんね…? やったぁ!
Winning games 2 ▶️ ⏏️ Lulu finished in first place!? Yay! Hooray! 一等賞!? わーい! きゃっきゃ!
Winning games 3 ▶️ ⏏️ Lulu's so super happy...! すっごい嬉しいんねぇ…っ
Winning games 4 ▶️ ⏏️ Oh no, Lulu won the game! She's so stoked! ひぇえ 勝っちゃったんな! 嬉しい!
Item Drop/Crate Drop Obtaining new stuff 1 ▶️ ⏏️ Hey, this is for you. You like it? ねぇねぇ いいものあげるんな 嬉しい?
Obtaining new stuff 2 ▶️ ⏏️ Not sure if that'll be helpful... これぇ 使えるかんなあ…?
Obtaining new stuff 3 ▶️ ⏏️ Found something useful! 役に立つ物見つけたんな!
Obtaining new stuff 4 ▶️ ⏏️ Item get! アイテムゲットー!
Whack a Poppo/Track the Card Generic Line 1 ▶️ ⏏️ Aye. あいよー
Roll 0 on Drop panel Generic Line 2 ▶️ ⏏️ Good. いいんねぇ
Whack a Poppo/Snowball Position Generic Line 3 ▶️ ⏏️ Nice. いいんよぉ
Whack a Tomomo/Alte Generic Line 4 ▶️ ⏏️ No! だめんね!
Bad Prize Generic Line 5 ▶️ ⏏️ Auu. あうー
Star Treasure Generic Line 6 ▶️ ⏏️ Lucky you. 運がいいんねぇ
Neutral Prize Generic Line 7 ▶️ ⏏️ Hmm? むー?
Battle Prize/Supporter Revive Generic Line 8 ▶️ ⏏️ Let's do this! やるんよぉー!
Generic Line 9 ▶️ ⏏️ Dice! サイコロぉ!
Using Fury/Iron Defense Generic Line 10 ▶️ ⏏️ Lulu's rooting for you! 頑張るんなぁ!
Greeting (Home Screen/Joining Lobby) Generic Line 11 ▶️ ⏏️ Yo! よっ!
Miss Prize/Track the Card Generic Line 12 ▶️ ⏏️ Mhmm. んむぅー
Generic Line 13 ▶️ ⏏️ That's super! いいねいいね!
Hyper Treasure/Good Prize Generic Line 14 ▶️ ⏏️ Incredible! Lulu's surprised. すっごいんね! びっくりしたんの
Fail Norma check/Roll 0 on Bonus panel/Miss Match/Bad Prize (Match 2) Generic Line 15 ▶️ ⏏️ Fuee... That sucks. ふぇえ… 悔しいんね
Using Other Hyper Enemy Hyper 1 ▶️ ⏏️ We'll play this? What's gonna happen? これ使うんな? 何起こるんだろねぇ
Enemy Hyper 2 ▶️ ⏏️ Lulu's curious about what this does! 面白そうなの使うんな!
Enemy Hyper 3 ▶️ ⏏️ Lulu wants to try using this. ルルゥ これ使ってみたいんね
Enemy Hyper 4 ▶️ ⏏️ Awah, does this card do something amazing? あわー これってすごいカードなんの?
Special Lines
Vs. Mio (attacking) Special Line 1 ▶️ ⏏️ Fuah, she looks scary. ふぁあ 怖い人んねぇ
Vs. Mio (defending) Special Line 2 ▶️ ⏏️ Wh-what do you want from Lulu...! な なんの用なんな…!
Defeat Mio Special Line 3 ▶️ ⏏️ Oh? She was weaker than Lulu thought. え 案外弱かったんな
KO'd by Mio Special Line 4 ▶️ ⏏️ No, don't bully Lulu...! ひぃ いじめないでほしいんな…っ
Vs. a player using a pet cosmetic Special Line 5 ▶️ ⏏️ What a cute pet you've got there! かわいいの連れてるんなー!
Defeat a player using a pet cosmetic Special Line 6 ▶️ ⏏️ Ehehe, mind if Lulu pets your pet a bit? えへへ キミのペット ちょっと撫でてもいいんな?
Get stars from Lulu's Lucky Egg Special Line 7 ▶️ ⏏️ Ohoo, so many stars! おほーぅ お星さまいっぱいんなー!
Special Line 8 ▶️ ⏏️ Stars came out of the egg! お星さまが産まれたんな!
Special Line 9 ▶️ ⏏️ Nihehe, these stars are all Lulu's. にへへ ルルゥのお星さまなんな
Special Line 10 ▶️ ⏏️ Lucky Stars! ラッキースターなんな!
Get cards from Lulu's Lucky Egg Special Line 11 ▶️ ⏏️ Wow, so many cards. Which ones should Lulu pick...? わ カードいっぱいんな どれにするんな…
Special Line 12 ▶️ ⏏️ Plenty of options! Which ones does Lulu want to play...? よりどりみどりんね! どれを使うかんな…?
Special Line 13 ▶️ ⏏️ Awah, that's way many cards for Lulu to hold! あわ 持ちきれないくらいカードが出たんね!
Special Line 14 ▶️ ⏏️ It's a Lucky Card Pack! ラッキーカードパックなんね!
Get Lucky Lunch from Lulu's Lucky Egg Special Line 15 ▶️ ⏏️ A very good lunch. Lulu's happy. 美味しいごはんなんなー 幸せぇ
Special Line 16 ▶️ ⏏️ *munch munch* This is amazing. Lulu's got a bunch of energy now! もぐもぐ… すごいんな 力が湧いてくるんね!
Special Line 17 ▶️ ⏏️ The lunch's blown off Lulu's fatigue! 疲れが吹っ飛んだんなー! 
Special Line 18 ▶️ ⏏️ Lucky Lunch! ラッキーランチなんの!

Note: Announcer voice lines cannot be listened to in the in-game Gallery. English and Kanji captions provided by Wiki staff.
When English Kanji
Opening the game {{{t}}} ▶️ ⏏️ Orange_Juice and Fruitbat Factory. オレンジジュースアンドフルーツバットファクトリー
{{{t}}} ▶️ ⏏️ Shindenken. しんでんけん
Title screen {{{t}}} ▶️ ⏏️ 100% Orange Juice! 100%おれんじじゅ~すっ!
Start of player 1 turn {{{t}}} ▶️ ⏏️ Player 1. プレイヤーワンんな
Start of player 2 turn {{{t}}} ▶️ ⏏️ Player 2. プレイヤーツーんな
Start of player 3 turn {{{t}}} ▶️ ⏏️ Player 3. プレイヤースリーんな
Start of player 4 turn {{{t}}} ▶️ ⏏️ Player 4. プレイヤーフォーんな
Starting a battle {{{t}}} ▶️ ⏏️ Battle. バトルんな
Winning a battle {{{t}}} ▶️ ⏏️ Win. ウィンんな
Triggering a bonus panel {{{t}}} ▶️ ⏏️ Bonus. ボーナスんな
Triggering a drop panel {{{t}}} ▶️ ⏏️ Drop. ドロップんな
Triggering a draw panel {{{t}}} ▶️ ⏏️ Card draw. カードドローんな
Triggering warp panel {{{t}}} ▶️ ⏏️ Warp. ワープんな
Triggering a move panel {{{t}}} ▶️ ⏏️ Move. ムーブんな
Triggering warp move panel {{{t}}} ▶️ ⏏️ Warp move. ワープムーブんな
Triggering a trap {{{t}}} ▶️ ⏏️ Trap triggered. トラップ発動んな
Skipping a turn {{{t}}} ▶️ ⏏️ Skip. スキップんな
Stopping on a panel affected by Immovable Object {{{t}}} ▶️ ⏏️ Stop. ストップんな
Triggering a norma check without meeting the requirements {{{t}}} ▶️ ⏏️ Norma check. ノルマチェックんな
Reaching level 2 {{{t}}} ▶️ ⏏️ Norma level 1 achieved. ノルマレベルワン達成んな
Reaching level 3 {{{t}}} ▶️ ⏏️ Norma level 2 achieved. ノルマレベルツー達成んな
Reaching level 4 {{{t}}} ▶️ ⏏️ Norma level 3 achieved. ノルマレベルスリー達成んな
Reaching level 5 {{{t}}} ▶️ ⏏️ Norma level 4 achieved. ノルマレベルフォー達成んな
Winning the game {{{t}}} ▶️ ⏏️ Final norma achieved! 最終ノルマ達成んな!
Attempting to connect to a lobby {{{t}}} ▶️ ⏏️ Connecting. コネクティングんな
Successfully connecting to a lobby {{{t}}} ▶️ ⏏️ Connected. コネクティドんな
Failing to connect to a lobby {{{t}}} ▶️ ⏏️ Failed. フェイルド
Attempting to connect to a full lobby {{{t}}} ▶️ ⏏️ Lobby full. ロビーフル
Another player joins the lobby {{{t}}} ▶️ ⏏️ Player joined. プレイヤージョインド
Another player leaves the lobby {{{t}}} ▶️ ⏏️ Player left. プレイヤーレフト


  • Lulu appears in the artwork for and is quoted in the description of  Lulu's Lucky Egg.
  • Lulu was first introduced in the Bounty Hunters event, before being added as a playable character later during that same event.

Update History[]

100% Orange Juice Emoticon 100oj.png V2.9.3
  • Added co-op ratings for Ellie and Lulu.
  • Fixed the special accessory visibility for Ellie and Lulu.
  • Fixed so Star Chasers mixer & Nice Jingle don't affect the star ability of Lulu's Lucky Egg.

100% Orange Juice Emoticon 100oj.png V2.9.2 (Hotfix 1)
  • Fixed Ellie & Lulu default extra color being blocked when their special accessories aren't unlocked.

100% Orange Juice Emoticon 100oj.png V2.9.2
  • Added to the game with DLC 26Wanderer Pack.jpg.