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Beginners Guide and Introduction
Prelude Configuration Main Menu Mechanics
Requirements Title Screen Game Screens
Controls Beginning Battle Screens

Starting up the Game
Everytime the player starts the game, they will immediately be greeted by a settings configuration menu before the main game window opens. These settings will be applied to the game until the player stops playing or restarts the game. If untouched between play sessions, these settings will remain set to the player's original choices. As a result, the player can just select "play" after the first visit. It should be noted, however, that if the play changes their game speed in-game, it will change the configuration menu game speed.
Reading the Menu
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Player Info Online/Multiplayer Event Meter Shop Fruitbat Guide Daily Challenges You are Here Leave game Player Avatar Event Header

As listed in the above diagram, sometimes events will take place which will add extra features to the main menu that are not normally present. A header is always added to make the player aware of the event, and a meter of some form may be placed to the left the player's avatar if the player is collecting something during the event. Examples from previous events can be seen below: