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Base Stats
Give 3 Wins when KO'd in battle. Cannot challenge to battle. Can set a Battle card without special use requirements as a Trap card without paying its cost. When another enemy steps on it, they will battle you and both player units gain the card's effect. No other battle cards can be played in this battle.
Basic Info

Malt (モルト Moruto), also known as Guildmaster or Guild Master, is one of the playable characters in 100% Orange Juice!. He was added to the game in DLC 33Malt & Mescal Character Pack.jpg alongside Mescal.


  • Give 3 Wins when KO'd in battle (as opposed to the standard 2).
  • Cannot challenge other units when meeting them on the field.
  • Can set a Battle card without special use requirements as a Trap card without paying its cost. When another enemy steps on it, they will battle you and both player units gain the card's effect. No other battle cards can be played in this battle.




Update History

100% Orange Juice Emoticon 100oj.png V3.9.4
  • Added to the game with DLC 33Malt & Mescal Character Pack.jpg.

Twilight-Colored Dream
Twilight-Colored Dream.png
Effect Duration: (Your Lvl) x Chapters
Turn all Bonus and Draw panels into Encounter panels. If an enemy moves onto an Encounter or Boss panel with a Battle card you set as a Trap, they must stop on that panel.
Hyper Info
Level x7 ★
"Look at all those countless planes crossing the sky... It's like watching a dream, is it not?" ―Malt


Malt's Hyper is Twilight-Colored Dream. Malt's Hyper has 2 effects.

  1. All  Bonus and  Draw panels are transformed into  Encounter panels for (X) chapters, where 'X' is the norma level of the user.
  2. If an enemy moves across an  Encounter or  Boss panel that has a Battle card Trap on it, they must stop on that panel (triggering the trap.)

Twilight-Colored Dream has a unique graphic effect when used by Malt: Orange clouds will glide across the screen, enveloping it, before cutting away to reveal the changed panels of the field.


Twilight-Colored Dream (TCD) is a Hyper card which can be used to alter the board state, being one of the few Hypers able to do so. If playing Malt, TCD can be used to force opponents to trigger Battle Traps - the effect is similar to  Path Blockers, which can be useful to ensnare an opponent in a deadly  Trap. TCD can also be used to modify the board to be more hazardous, flooding the board with  Encounter panels to damage opponents in the lead. The encounter-creating effect can also be of great benefit to characters looking for wins norma such as Star Breaker and Kae. Malt can lay any Trap down and bluff it as a Battle Trap, potentially discouraging opponents from pathing that way when TCD is used.

While impacting the board state is not a feat many card possess, the high cost and non-directly beneficial effect cause this Hyper to be at odds with a lot of the cast. For one, Malt relies on his opponents rolling high enough to cross paths with his Battle Traps. On split fields, Battle Traps may be avoided by an opponent choosing a separate path. Players using TCD in general also endanger themselves to some degree, as a bad roll on an Encounter panel could spell bad news.


  • Malt usually prefers to stay opportunistic, distancing himself from anyone that might bother him, and setting up battle traps to force encounters with him. Generally, Malt will aim for star norma. He will often be going for  Draw panels in order to get the battle cards he wants, but  Bonus panels are prioritized. Due to his going second on activation of his battle card traps, he should always be considerate of his HP, keeping it high in case anyone lands on his trap.


Playing As Malt
  • Battle cards with special use requirements (that Malt therefore cannot set) include  Big Magnum,  Tactical Retreat,  Shield,  Shield Counter,  Reflective Shell,  Freight,  Snowball Reflector, and  Grown-up Snowball Fight.
  • Malt cannot set dual-type cards that can also be used as Battle cards, such as  Awakening of Talent.
  •  Dark Side of Business can steal tons of stars from opponents while having no risk of dying if placed as a trap.
  •  Portable Pudding instantly heals both targets up to full. This allows the card to serve a dual purpose when placed as a Trap: to provide Malt some additional survivability in a pinch, and also potentially preventing other enemies from scoring a KO on a high-value target in the late game, thus fulfilling a makeshift stall role.
  •  Final Battle is an incredibly dangerous trap that gives Malt an extraordinarily high chance of scoring a KO in the late game. Assuming both Malt and the opponent have no other applied card effects and are at full HP, he will only lose to opposing Malt, Tomomo, Islay, Store Manager, Star Breaker, Sweet Eater, Nath (assuming she has either 2 or 3 stacks of Active Extension), and Flying Castle on average.
  •  Assault and  Gentleman's Battle give Malt additional options to fight players besides his Trap cards. Unlike his Battle Traps, they also allow him to make the first move (though he always moves first against Sherry regardless) and use a card independently, which is hugely advantageous in comparison.  Ambush is usable, but generally not recommended due to its tight use conditions and high cost.
  • While  Big Magnum cannot be placed as a trap due to its special 1 HP cost, it can still be used alongside another trap or other means of engaging battle to gain a devastating +3 base ATK.
  •  Rainbow-Colored Circle gives Malt neutral DEF and +3 EVD while cutting into the opponent's bulk. With that said, caution must be taken due to the inherent risk of evasion as a mechanic, as well as the target also gaining +2 EVD. It is best used to counteract tanky characters with low evading prowess like Fernet and Kyoko.
  • Normally, both Malt and the opponent get the same effect when a fight starts via traps, so caution must be taken. The only exceptions to this are  Extension, as once the fight starts it will convert into two separate battle cards, and  Desperate Modification, due to the random nature of the card itself. The former is not usually recommended due to its unpredictable nature making it prone to backfiring on Malt (even if it is a pretty funny card), while the latter grants a 25% chance for the enemy to instantly kill Malt if they have at least +1 ATK, but also gives the same chance to Malt against the vast majority of the cast if he survives (characters with very high HP such as Marie Poppo or a blend of HP and DEF such as Fernet (Noble) would be able to live), making it a decent last resort in the end game, but otherwise a relatively poor and unreliable choice.
  •  Quick Restoration lets Malt fish for a kill while being absolutely free for him unless he himself gets KO'd, which is a highly unlikely scenario unless he has lost some HP already or is up against unfathomably boosted offences.
  •  Price of Power, though situational and rare, allows him to place more influential Battle Traps much earlier for a very slight increase in cost.
  •  Mimic is potentially usable in lobbies where players do not use card control tactics, as Malt's own  Hyper is quite situational and can even prove to provide counter-synergy with his playstyle. However, if you are playing against serious players, you are better off favoring more practical choices.
Playing Against Malt
  • Win Norma-focused characters, like Star Breaker and possibly Alicianrone and Marc, should aim to attack Malt whenever he is low, as he gives more Wins than any other character.
  • Malt's stats leaves him susceptible to cards like  Reverse Attribute Field and  Serious Battle.
  • There are certain battle cards that Malt would prefer not to use, such as the aforementioned as well as the cards he cannot play. Additionally, usable cards that buff offensive potential like  I'm on Fire! and  Accel Hyper are much more detrimental to him, due to the target going first when landing on it.
  •  We Are Waruda can move trap cards out of dangerous positions and potentially onto panels that will prevent his  Hyper from forcing players to land on them.
  •  Play of the Gods can steal his hyper and play it during potentially dangerous times, most likely forcing him to take unwanted chip damage.
  •  Rbits is another card Malt is against placing and can protect the user from a dangerous encounter. However, it is an effective counter to evasion-based characters like Hime (Moonlight), and low HP enemies are particularly susceptible.
  • Due to Malt going second if his battle traps are triggered, out of battle damage such as  Long-Distance Shot and  Cloud of Seagulls can make triggering traps backfire on him.
  •  Sink or Swim sounds appetizing on paper, thanks to Malt's stats not taking a massive hit, while also nerfing the opponent. However, it can easily lead to catastrophe if a bully character like Yuki lands on it, who will more than likely just power through, and make Malt deal with a devastating star loss.

Recommended Cards[]

Standard Recommended Viable

 Dark Side of Business
 Final Battle
 Gentleman's Battle
 Portable Pudding

 Big Magnum
 Path Blockers
 Rainbow-Colored Circle
 Quick Restoration

 Pet Snacks
 Price of Power
 Saki's Cookie
 Sweet Destroyer

Counter Cards[]

Recommended Viable

 I'm on Fire!
 Reverse Attribute Field
 Serious Battle
 Sink or Swim
 We Are Waruda

 Accel Hyper
 Cloud of Seagulls
 Long-Distance Shot
 Mimyuu's Hammer
 Play of the Gods

Malt (Co-op)Twilight-Colored Dream (Co-op)
Malt (Co-op)
Malt (Co-op) (unit).png
Base Stats
Basic Info
Voice Actor
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In Co-op mode, Malt's REC stat is increased from 5 to 6, due to his base ATK of +1. Malt's passive does not visibly change; however, battle cards set as traps will not affect players, and will not apply the card's effect to enemies.

Malt's Hyper, Twilight-Colored Dream, has a different effect in Co-op. When used, all allies will gain +1 ATK when standing on a Boss panel for the duration. In addition, only enemies and not allies will be made to stop on panels with a Battle card you set as a Trap, and this effect applies to all panels instead of just Encounter panels.

Co-op Rank
Attacker Guardian Support Avenger Dealer

Bounty Hunt

Malt's passive and Hyper are unchanged in Bounty Hunt mode.

Malt's base stats give him 22 starting stars and a markup of +45% at shops.


To unlock Malt as a playable character, along with his unit card and Hyper card as binder collectibles:

Unit Colors

Name Current Unlock Conditions
Orange Icon.pngOrange color Purchase for 1000Stars Icon.png in the Shop.
Blue Icon.pngBlue color
Green Icon.pngGreen color
Yellow Icon.pngYellow color
Pink Icon.pngPink color Receive as a random drop after finishing an online game.
Purple Icon.pngPurple color Purchase for 20000Stars Icon.png in the Shop after reaching Level 50.
Teal Icon.pngTeal color Purchase for 10000Stars Icon.png in the Shop after reaching Level 25.
Black Icon.pngBlack color Receive as a random drop after finishing an online game.
Halloween Outfit Icon.pngHalloween Outfit color Purchase for 20000Stars Icon.png in the Shop after finishing 20 games as any character with the Black color equipped.
Silver Icon.pngSilver color Purchase for 40000Stars Icon.png in the Shop after reaching Level 75.
Red and Blue Icon.pngRed and Blue color Purchase for 60000Stars Icon.png in the Shop after reaching Level 100.
Christmas Outfit Icon.pngChristmas Outfit color

Hair Colors

Name Current Unlock Conditions
Hair Color 1 Icon.png Finish 10 games as Malt, with the 10th game or any game after the 10th being online.
Hair Colors 2 Icon.png 3 Icon.png 4 Icon.png Receive as a random drop after finishing an online game.
Hair Colors 5 Icon.png 6 Icon.png 7 Icon.png 8 Icon.png 9 Icon.png 10 Icon.png 11 Icon.png 12 Icon.png


Name Current Unlock Conditions
Santa Hat Icon.pngSanta Hat Purchase for 5000Stars Icon.png in the Shop after giving out 10 cards with  Present for You as Aru.
Brown AntlersBrown Antlers Receive as a random drop after finishing an online game as Malt.
Red AntlersRed Antlers Receive as a random drop after finishing an online game as Malt.
Red CrownsRed Crown Complete all base-game campaigns and extra episodes on Normal difficulty or higher.
Purple CrownsPurple Crown Complete all base-game campaigns and extra episodes on Extreme difficulty.
Jack o'Lantern Icon.pngJack o'Lantern Purchase for 20000Stars Icon.png in the Shop after finishing 20 games as any character with the Black color equipped.
Poppo Mask Icon.pngPoppo Mask Purchase for 99999Stars Icon.png in the Shop.
Reindeer KigurumisReindeer Kigurumi Complete Waruda Christmas Party on any difficulty.
Leo KigurumisLeo Kigurumi Currently unavailable.
Cow KigurumisCow Kigurumi Purchase for 80Oranges Icon.pngOranges in the Shop.
Name Current Unlock Conditions
Eyeglasses Icon.pngEyeglasses Receive as a random drop after finishing an online game.


Name Current Unlock Conditions
Poses 2 Icon.png 3 Icon.png 4 Icon.png 5 Icon.png 6 Icon.png Receive randomly from the Regular Crate.
Voice Pack Own DLC 33Malt & Mescal Character Pack.jpg.


Icon Name Requirement
No Country for an Old Man.jpg No Country for an Old Man Finish 10 games as Malt.
Twilight Dreaming.jpg Twilight Dreaming As Malt, use  Twilight-Colored Dream to force another player to land on a Battle card Trap, and have them be KO'd by the  Encounter panel on the same turn.
Master of the Guild.jpg Master of the Guild As Malt, KO three different Guild members in one game.


1 Icon.png Default
0 10000 00.png
Malt 00 00.png
2 Icon.png Attack
0 10000 00.png
Malt 00 01.png
3 Icon.png Damage
0 10000 00.png
Malt 00 02.png
4 Icon.png Success
0 10000 00.png
Malt 00 03.png
5 Icon.png Failure
0 10000 00.png
Malt 00 04.png
6 Icon.png Dice Throw
0 10000 00.png
Malt 00 05.png
7 Icon.png Default
0 10000 00.png
not found
8 Icon.png Attack
0 10000 00.png
not found
9 Icon.png Damage
0 10000 00.png
not found
10 Icon.png Success
0 10000 00.png
not found
11 Icon.png Failure
0 10000 00.png
not found
12 Icon.png Dice Throw
0 10000 00.png
not found


0 10000 00.png
not found
0 10000 00.png
not found
0 10000 00.png
not found
0 10000 00.png
not found
0 10000 00.png
not found
0 10000 00.png
not found


1 Icon.png Hair 1
Malt 00 00.png
Malt 3000 00.png
2 Icon.png Hair 2
Malt 00 00.png
Malt 3001 00.png
3 Icon.png Hair 3
Malt 00 00.png
Malt 3002 00.png
4 Icon.png Hair 4
Malt 00 00.png
Malt 3003 00.png
5 Icon.png Hair 5
Malt 00 00.png
Malt 3004 00.png
6 Icon.png Hair 6
Malt 00 00.png
Malt 3005 00.png
7 Icon.png Hair 7
Malt 00 00.png
Malt 3006 00.png
8 Icon.png Hair 8
Malt 00 00.png
Malt 3007 00.png
9 Icon.png Hair 9
Malt 00 00.png
Malt 3008 00.png
10 Icon.png Hair 10
Malt 00 00.png
Malt 3009 00.png
11 Icon.png Hair 11
Malt 00 00.png
Malt 3010 00.png
12 Icon.png Hair 12
Malt 00 00.png
Malt 3011 00.png


Malt 00 00.png
not found
Malt 00 00.png
not found
0 10000 00.png
not found
Malt 00 00.png
not found
Malt 00 00.png
not found
Malt 00 00.png
not found
0 10000 00.png
not found
Malt 00 00.png
not found
0 10000 00.png
not found
0 10000 00.png
not found
Malt 00 00.png
not found
Malt 00 00.png
not found
Malt 00 00.png
not found
0 10000 00.png
not found
Malt 00 00.png
not found
0 10000 00.png
not found


Dialogue R sm.png


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Voice Lines

When Name English Kanji
Rolling dice Rolling dice 1 ▶️ ⏏️ Hmph. ふむ
Rolling dice 2 ▶️ ⏏️ How frivolous. お遊びだな
Rolling dice 3 ▶️ ⏏️ Hmm... んん…
Rolling dice 4 ▶️ ⏏️ The result is what matters. 結果こそすべて
Using Boost/Event/Gift/Quest/Bounty card Use card 1 ▶️ ⏏️ Now then, let's make things interesting. さて、ゲームを面白くしよう
Use card 2 ▶️ ⏏️ I hold my cards close to my chest. 手の内は容易に明かさぬものだ
Use card 3 ▶️ ⏏️ This is the time! いまこそ、その時!
Use card 4 ▶️ ⏏️ Let's GO! 行くぞ!
Placing Trap card Trap card 1 ▶️ ⏏️ Now then. What might this be...? さて、これは一体…なんだろうね?
Trap card 2 ▶️ ⏏️ Hmph. I have this all planned out in advance. ふっ、すでに戦略は固めてある
Trap card 3 ▶️ ⏏️ This is a building block of the future. 未来への布石だ
Trap card 4 ▶️ ⏏️ Don't hold this against me. 恨まんでくれたまえ
Using Battle card Battle card 1 ▶️ ⏏️ I am always prepared. 私は常に備えている
Battle card 2 ▶️ ⏏️ This will swing things in my favor. これで優位に立たせてもらうとしよう
Battle card 3 ▶️ ⏏️ Hmph. This should do. ふっ、これでいいだろう
Battle card 4 ▶️ ⏏️ This is a calculated risk. リスクは承知済みだ
Using Twilight-Colored Dream Hyper card 1 ▶️ ⏏️ Was this the color of the sky I once saw... これは、あの日見た空の色なのか…?
Reviving Revived 1 ▶️ ⏏️ I have no time to rest on my laurels. いまに満足している暇(いとま)などない
Revived 2 ▶️ ⏏️ Oh? Is it morning again...? おや、また朝がきたのか?
Revived 3 ▶️ ⏏️ Mm... that was an unpleasant dream... んー…不愉快な夢を見た…
Revived 4 ▶️ ⏏️ It's time to rise and shine. 立ち上がるときだ
Revive roll failed Revive failed 1 ▶️ ⏏️ I'll dream just a little while longer... いま少し夢を見るとしよう
Revive failed 2 ▶️ ⏏️ Mmmh. むむ
Revive failed 3 ▶️ ⏏️ O-oh... そ、そうか…
Revive failed 4 ▶️ ⏏️ I'll just stay here... waiting... 時が来るまで待つとしよう…
(Attack)/Snowball Attack/Bounty Attack Attack 1 ▶️ ⏏️ Cannons! 砲塔!
Attack 2 ▶️ ⏏️ Open fire! 発射!
Attack 3 ▶️ ⏏️ Hmph. There! ふっ、そこだ!
Attack 4 ▶️ ⏏️ Go! 行け!
Taking out-of-battle damage Effect Damage 1 ▶️ ⏏️ J-just a scratch. か、かすり傷だ
Effect Damage 2 ▶️ ⏏️ How did this happen? なぜこんなことに?
Effect Damage 3 ▶️ ⏏️ Oh my. これはこれは
Effect Damage 4 ▶️ ⏏️ Mmh! むむ!
Healing Healing 1 ▶️ ⏏️ My thanks. 感謝する
Healing 2 ▶️ ⏏️ Ahh... that hits the spot. あー…至福だ
Healing 3 ▶️ ⏏️ I really needed that. これを求めていた
Healing 4 ▶️ ⏏️ Hrmh, very good. ふむ、非常にいい
Warping Warp 1 ▶️ ⏏️ Hmm... this changes things. ふっ、これで状況が変わるな
Warp 2 ▶️ ⏏️ I see, I see. I must adjust my plans. そうか、では、戦略を変えるとしよう
Warp 3 ▶️ ⏏️ An unknown sky... 見知らぬ空…
Warp 4 ▶️ ⏏️ Hmph. No matter. ふむ、問題ない
KO'd out-of-battle KO 1 ▶️ ⏏️ Harumph! ぐあー!
KO 2 ▶️ ⏏️ My dream! 私の夢が!
KO 3 ▶️ ⏏️ This isn't the end! I'll be back... まだ終わりではない、私は必ず舞い戻る
KO 4 ▶️ ⏏️ It was good while it lasted. 後悔はない
Battle (Attacker) Challenging enemy 1 ▶️ ⏏️ My fight isn't over yet! 私の戦いはまだ終わってはいない!
Challenging enemy 2 ▶️ ⏏️ I believe you are in my way. 私の邪魔をするか
Challenging enemy 3 ▶️ ⏏️ You'd stand in my way? 私の行く手をふさぐだと?
Challenging enemy 4 ▶️ ⏏️ I'm afraid I must insist. 残念ながら、避けられぬ戦いだ
Battle (Defender) Being challenged 1 ▶️ ⏏️ I was waiting for you. 待っていたぞ
Being challenged 2 ▶️ ⏏️ I would reconsider if I were you. 考え直したほうがよいのではないか?
Being challenged 3 ▶️ ⏏️ Try me if you dare! 度胸があるなら、かかってきたまえ!
Being challenged 4 ▶️ ⏏️ To what do I owe the pleasure? これはこれは、お会いできて光栄だ
Attacking Attack in battle 1 ▶️ ⏏️ Pardon me. 失礼
Attack in battle 2 ▶️ ⏏️ I recommend you make way. 私に道を譲りたまえ
Attack in battle 3 ▶️ ⏏️ Go! そこだ!
Attack in battle 4 ▶️ ⏏️ This is how you do it! 手本を見せよう!
Light Damage Damage 1 ▶️ ⏏️ Hmmh! んー!
Damage 2 ▶️ ⏏️ Ooof. うっ
Damage 3 ▶️ ⏏️ Ugh! くっ!
Damage 4 ▶️ ⏏️ This is a little... これは少々…
Heavy Damage Major damage 1 ▶️ ⏏️ Hnngh! うがー!
Major damage 2 ▶️ ⏏️ H-hmm! んっ、んー
Major damage 3 ▶️ ⏏️ What a blunder! なんたる不覚!
Major damage 4 ▶️ ⏏️ I, I've had worse... あの時と比べれば、これしき…
Evading Evasion 1 ▶️ ⏏️ Hmph. ふむ
Evasion 2 ▶️ ⏏️ A worthless effort. 徒労だったな
Evasion 3 ▶️ ⏏️ Try again! ハズレだ
Evasion 4 ▶️ ⏏️ This is but a simple maneuver I learned in my youth. 昔取った杵柄だ
Winning in Battle Winning a battle 1 ▶️ ⏏️ It was only natural. 至極当然の結果だ
Winning a battle 2 ▶️ ⏏️ I expected no less. 予期したとおりだ
Winning a battle 3 ▶️ ⏏️ Don't tell me I didn't warn you. 警告はした
Winning a battle 4 ▶️ ⏏️ I accept your surrender. 君たちの降伏を受諾しよう
KO'd in Battle/Losing Game Losing a battle 1 ▶️ ⏏️ Not again! まさか!
Losing a battle 2 ▶️ ⏏️ I'm going down...! 墜落する…!
Losing a battle 3 ▶️ ⏏️ Critical damage...! 甚大なダメージだ…!
Losing a battle 4 ▶️ ⏏️ You win this time. 今回は君の勝ちだ
Bonus Panel Bonus panels 1 ▶️ ⏏️ Securing the funding is essential. 資金確保は不可欠だ
Bonus panels 2 ▶️ ⏏️ It's not much, but I will take it. 多くはないが、ちょうだいしよう
Bonus panels 3 ▶️ ⏏️ I will make use of these. うまく使うとしよう
Bonus panels 4 ▶️ ⏏️ I'll keep these. いただいておこう
Drop Panel Drop panels 1 ▶️ ⏏️ A temporary setback... 小さな障害と言ったところか…
Drop panels 2 ▶️ ⏏️ This was not according to plan... これは想定外だ…
Drop panels 3 ▶️ ⏏️ What?! This is robbery! なに!? まるで強盗ではないか!
Drop panels 4 ▶️ ⏏️ The taxes... bah! 税の取り立てというところか… ふっ!
Stepping on Trap Stepping on a trap 1 ▶️ ⏏️ All of my plans...! 私の戦略が…!
Stepping on a trap 2 ▶️ ⏏️ What is this?! なんだこれは!?
Stepping on a trap 3 ▶️ ⏏️ Well, I'll be... こうなったら…
Stepping on a trap 4 ▶️ ⏏️ Hmmh... A mistake. ふむ…しくじったか
Vs. Boss Encountering a boss 1 ▶️ ⏏️ Hmph. A worthy challenge. ふっ、倒しがいがありそうだ
Encountering a boss 2 ▶️ ⏏️ There's no room for both of us in these skies. この空にいられるのは、私かお前、どちらか一人だ
Encountering a boss 3 ▶️ ⏏️ Bah. You think something like this scares me? ふっ、この程度で私が怯えるとでも?
Encountering a boss 4 ▶️ ⏏️ How interesting. 実におもしろい
Star Norma Star Norma 1 ▶️ ⏏️ There are many paths to victory. 勝利への道筋は一つではない
Star Norma 2 ▶️ ⏏️ Hrmh. I will make the sky mine. ふむ、空を我が手に
Star Norma 3 ▶️ ⏏️ It has been a while since I chased the stars... 最後に星を追いかけたのはいつだったか…
Star Norma 4 ▶️ ⏏️ This is one path to victory, too. これも、勝利への道筋の一つだ
Wins Norma/Fame Norma Win Norma 1 ▶️ ⏏️ Hmph. I always play to win. ふっ、私は常に勝つためにプレーする
Win Norma 2 ▶️ ⏏️ My victory is guaranteed. 私の勝利は保証されている
Win Norma 3 ▶️ ⏏️ One final victory before I accomplish my dream. 夢の実現前の最後の勝利を手にするとしよう
Win Norma 4 ▶️ ⏏️ For the sake of a new tomorrow. 新たな明日(あす)のために
Selecting Character Selecting character 1 ▶️ ⏏️ Just call me Malt. モルトと呼びたまえ
Selecting character 2 ▶️ ⏏️ Hmph. I'll put you to good use. 君の能力を活かしてみせよう
Selecting character 3 ▶️ ⏏️ Hmmh... So the time has come for me to take to the stage again? ふむ、表舞台に戻る機会がやってきたということか?
Selecting character 4 ▶️ ⏏️ My dream... is still alive. 私はまだ、夢の途中…
Starting Game Game starts 1 ▶️ ⏏️ This is only the beginning. まだ始まりにすぎない
Game starts 2 ▶️ ⏏️ I will seize the future! この手で未来をつかむ!
Game starts 3 ▶️ ⏏️ Is it time to bring my plans to fruition? 私の計画を実現させるときか?
Game starts 4 ▶️ ⏏️ All the pieces are coming together. 全てのピースが一つとなっていく
Winning Game Winning games 1 ▶️ ⏏️ The sky is beautiful, after all. やはり、空は美しい
Winning games 2 ▶️ ⏏️ I am still seeing that dream. 私はまだあの時の夢を見ている…
Winning games 3 ▶️ ⏏️ No one will give you the future you want. You must seize it with your own two hands. 望む未来は与えられるものではない、自身の手でつかむものだ
Winning games 4 ▶️ ⏏️ The view from here is just like a dream. まるで夢のような光景ではないか
Item Drop/Crate Drop Obtaining new stuff 1 ▶️ ⏏️ Don't lose that. It's necessary for my plans. 失くさぬように、それは私の計画に必要だ
Obtaining new stuff 2 ▶️ ⏏️ Another piece falls into place. また一つ、ピースがはまった
Obtaining new stuff 3 ▶️ ⏏️ This is only proper. 当然といえば当然だ
Obtaining new stuff 4 ▶️ ⏏️ Fumu. Well deserved. ふむ、得るに値するものだな
Whack a Poppo/Track the Card Generic Line 1 ▶️ ⏏️ Hmm-h. うむ
Roll 0 on Drop panel Generic Line 2 ▶️ ⏏️ Not bad. 悪くない
Whack a Poppo/Snowball Position Generic Line 3 ▶️ ⏏️ Very well. よろしい
Whack a Tomomo/Alte Generic Line 4 ▶️ ⏏️ I refuse. 拒否する
Bad Prize Generic Line 5 ▶️ ⏏️ What a pity. 同情する
Star Treasure Generic Line 6 ▶️ ⏏️ Lady luck shines on you today. 今日この日、幸運の女神は君を照らしているな
Neutral Prize Generic Line 7 ▶️ ⏏️ What is this? これは一体?
Battle Prize/Supporter Revive Generic Line 8 ▶️ ⏏️ Lift off. 離陸だ
Generic Line 9 ▶️ ⏏️ Time to cast the die. 賽を投じるときだ
Using Fury/Iron Defense Generic Line 10 ▶️ ⏏️ It's time! 今だ!
Greeting (Home Screen/Joining Lobby) Generic Line 11 ▶️ ⏏️ Well met. 元気かね?
Miss Prize/Track the Card Generic Line 12 ▶️ ⏏️ Hmm, hmm... ふむ 、んー…
Generic Line 13 ▶️ ⏏️ Good, good. いいぞ、いいぞ
Hyper Treasure/Good Prize Generic Line 14 ▶️ ⏏️ Excellent. すばらしい
Fail Norma check/Roll 0 on Bonus panel/Miss Match/Bad Prize (Match 2) Generic Line 15 ▶️ ⏏️ Blasted! なんたることか!
Generic Line 16 ▶️ ⏏️ Much obliged. 誠にありがたい
Using Other Hyper Enemy Hyper 1 ▶️ ⏏️ I can see the potential in this. なかなか使えそうだ
Enemy Hyper 2 ▶️ ⏏️ Hmph. Watch and learn. ふっ、見て学ぶことだ
Enemy Hyper 3 ▶️ ⏏️ I will make this work. うまく使ってみせるさ
Enemy Hyper 4 ▶️ ⏏️ Very well. I'll use whatever it takes. よろしい、私は手段を選ばない
Special Lines
Special Line 1 ▶️ ⏏️ Guildmaster? I no longer carry that title. ギルドマスター? その肩書きは捨てた
Vs. Marc (any) (attacking) Special Line 2 ▶️ ⏏️ Here I come, rookie! 行くぞ、ルーキー!
Vs. Marc (any) (defending) Special Line 3 ▶️ ⏏️ Try and stop me, Red Barrel! 私を止めてみるがいい、レッドバレル!
Defeat Marc (any) Special Line 4 ▶️ ⏏️ It's the duty of the older generation to teach restraint to the young. 若い世代に自制を教えるのは、上の世代の役目だ
KO'd by Marc (any) Special Line 5 ▶️ ⏏️ Hmph. I acknowledge you. ふっ、認めよう
Vs. Peat (defending) Special Line 6 ▶️ ⏏️ Hmph. To be young and rash again... ふっ、若い時分の軽率さを思い出す…
Vs. Tequila (defending) Special Line 7 ▶️ ⏏️ Begone from my skies, pirate scum! 賊風情が、私の空から去れ!
Vs. Fernet (defending) Special Line 8 ▶️ ⏏️ Why, hello young miss. Are you with your father again? おや、こんにちはお嬢さん また父上と一緒かね?
Vs. Fernet (Noble) (defending) Special Line 9 ▶️ ⏏️ I wonder what such a lovely young lady would want with an old man like myself. あなたのような見目麗しいお嬢さんが、私のような男にどういったご用で?
Vs. Islay (defending) Special Line 10 ▶️ ⏏️ You would bare your fangs at me? Very well. 私に牙をむくか? よろしい
Vs. Sherry (defending) Special Line 11 ▶️ ⏏️ It's not too late to join me again, Miss. I always need good pilots. 仲間に加わりたくばまだ間に合う 私は常に優秀なパイロットを欲している
Vs. Flying Castle (defending) Special Line 12 ▶️ ⏏️ The symbol of the guild... I must still be dreaming... ギルドの象徴…私はまだ夢を見ているようだ…
Vs. Mescal (defending) Special Line 13 ▶️ ⏏️ Ahem. What brings you here, little lady? Are you perhaps lost? おほん、小さなお嬢さん、どうしてこんなところに? 迷子かい?
Begin game with three Guild members Special Line 14 ▶️ ⏏️ To me, everyo- *cough*, ahem. Old habits... 全員、私の元へ集結せ… おほん、昔のクセでついな…
Use Gentleman's Battle Special Line 15 ▶️ ⏏️ This is how a gentleman should conduct his business. 紳士として事をなすとは、こういうことだ
Vs. female character wearing a summer outfit Special Line 16 ▶️ ⏏️ M-miss... I'm not sure where to look. お、お嬢さん… 目のやり場に困る

Note: Announcer voice lines cannot be listened to in the in-game Gallery. English and Kanji captions provided by Wiki staff.
When English Kanji
Opening the game {{{t}}} ▶️ ⏏️ Orange_Juice and Fruitbat Factory. オレンジジュースアンドフルーツバットファクトリー
{{{t}}} ▶️ ⏏️ Shindenken. しんでんけん
Title screen {{{t}}} ▶️ ⏏️ 100% Orange Juice! 100%おれんじじゅ~すっ!
Start of player 1 turn {{{t}}} ▶️ ⏏️ Player 1. プレイヤーワン
Start of player 2 turn {{{t}}} ▶️ ⏏️ Player 2. プレイヤーツー
Start of player 3 turn {{{t}}} ▶️ ⏏️ Player 3. プレイヤースリー
Start of player 4 turn {{{t}}} ▶️ ⏏️ Player 4. プレイヤーフォー
Starting a battle {{{t}}} ▶️ ⏏️ Battle. バトル
Winning a battle {{{t}}} ▶️ ⏏️ Win. ウィン
Triggering a bonus panel {{{t}}} ▶️ ⏏️ Bonus. ボーナス
Triggering a drop panel {{{t}}} ▶️ ⏏️ Drop. ドロップ
Triggering a draw panel {{{t}}} ▶️ ⏏️ Card draw. カードドロー
Triggering warp panel {{{t}}} ▶️ ⏏️ Warp. ワープ
Triggering a move panel {{{t}}} ▶️ ⏏️ Move. ムーブ
Triggering warp move panel {{{t}}} ▶️ ⏏️ Warp move. ワープムーブ
Triggering a trap {{{t}}} ▶️ ⏏️ Trap triggered. トラップ発動
Skipping a turn {{{t}}} ▶️ ⏏️ Skip. スキップ
Stopping on a panel affected by Immovable Object {{{t}}} ▶️ ⏏️ Stop. ストップ
Triggering a norma check without meeting the requirements {{{t}}} ▶️ ⏏️ Norma check. ノルマチェック
Reaching level 2 {{{t}}} ▶️ ⏏️ Norma level 1 achieved. ノルマレベルワン達成
Reaching level 3 {{{t}}} ▶️ ⏏️ Norma level 2 achieved. ノルマレベルツー達成
Reaching level 4 {{{t}}} ▶️ ⏏️ Norma level 3 achieved. ノルマレベルスリー達成
Reaching level 5 {{{t}}} ▶️ ⏏️ Norma level 4 achieved. ノルマレベルフォー達成
Winning the game {{{t}}} ▶️ ⏏️ Final norma achieved! 最終ノルマ達成!
Attempting to connect to a lobby {{{t}}} ▶️ ⏏️ Connecting. コネクティング
Successfully connecting to a lobby {{{t}}} ▶️ ⏏️ Connected. コネクティド
Failing to connect to a lobby {{{t}}} ▶️ ⏏️ Failed. フェイルド
Attempting to connect to a full lobby {{{t}}} ▶️ ⏏️ Lobby full. ロビーフル
Another player joins the lobby {{{t}}} ▶️ ⏏️ Player joined. プレイヤージョインド
Another player leaves the lobby {{{t}}} ▶️ ⏏️ Player left. プレイヤーレフト


  • Malt appears in the artwork for and is quoted in the descriptions of  Gentleman's Battle and  Twilight-Colored Dream. He is also quoted in the description of  Immovable Object.
  • In Malt's Special Line 1, he refers to himself as (ギルドマスター Girudo-masutā), which is "Guildmaster" written in katakana. However, previous mentions of his title are written as (ギルド長 Girudo-chō)[1] ("Guild Chief" using kanji for "Chief") or (ぎるどちょう Girudo-chō)[2] ("Guild Chief" in hiragana), with him only being referred to as "Guildmaster" in Fruitbat Factory localizations. This marks the first time he is referred to as "Guildmaster" in the original Japanese.
  • Malt's title is formatted as "Guildmaster" in Flying Red Barrel, Special Line 1, and the flavor quote of Gentleman's Battle, but is formatted as "Guild Master" in 200% Mixed Juice! and the flavor quote of Immovable Object.
  • Malt's plane is named Golden Falcon.[3] As it did not have an official name before Flying Red Barrel's release on Steam, it was commonly referred to as Golden Wings by the community due to Marc's dialogue about the plane's appearance.

Update History[]

100% Orange Juice Emoticon 100oj.png V3.9.4
  • Added to the game with DLC 33Malt & Mescal Character Pack.jpg.


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