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x16 Big Rocket
X16 Big Rocket.png
Deal damage equal to your level to target unit. A KO from this effect gives you 2 Wins.
Hyper Info
level x 10 ★
"Charged! Go!" - Marc


Marc's Hyper is x16 Big Rocket. When used, the player will be prompted to target a non-KO'd opponent. Upon doing so, damage will be dealt to that opponent equal to the norma level of the player. The player gains 2 Wins if the opponent is KO'd by this effect.


x16 Big Rocket is an extremely powerful Hyper, in that it allows Marc to not only deal damage, but also score 2 wins off of opponents without having Marc enter combat. It also possesses numerous advantages, such as being an aimable level 1 card that essentially grows with the player, becoming stronger but more expensive as the player progresses. The early level aspect makes Marc already dangerous from the beginning of the game, enabling her to steal KO's from other opponents if they leave an opponent with 1 HP remaining. Likewise, the growth of the effect continues to keep Marc strong moving forward and can make her deadly in the late game, as only characters with the highest HP in the game, such as Fernet, Kiriko, or Marie Poppo, will be able to survive the Hyper if they have full health. As a result of this, the Hyper is a natural counter to tank characters that rely on health, as while Marc cannot take their stars, she can take their HP with the Hyper and then KO them or delay them with a KO and still get the wins she needs. x16 Big Rocket is also particularly brutal against characters with especially low HP, such as Peat or Nanako, who will be immediately KO'd from her Hyper by the time Marc reaches Norma Lv 3, and enable her to rake in wins at a low level. In addition, the Hyper also enables Marc to prey on most playable NPCs. Since the effect states that the KO will give 2 Wins to the player, the Hyper overrides the effects of Chicken, Robo Ball, Seagull, and Mimyuu, who in normal circumstances give only 1 Win when KO'd. This also gives x16 Big Rocket a pronounced advantage over Hypers that grant wins on scoring a KO as though the victim was defeated in battle, such as Alicianrone's  Full Speed Alicianrone or Marc (Pilot)'s  Rocket Cannon/ Big Rocket Cannon, since those Hypers only grant 1 Win on KO'ing the aforementioned characters.

While a very strong Hyper, the main drawback of x16 Big Rocket is by far its hefty price. The later in the game the Hyper is activated, the more expensive it will be for the player. As a result,  President's Privilege is extremely useful for Marc to lower the costs, as the card becomes substantially more difficult to use around norma 4 and 5. The second issue with the Hyper is the dilemma it can create for the player. The Hyper can make the player overconfident in their ability to gain wins and cause them to choose wins norma unwisely. This can be particularly troublesome for the final norma, as the player may have 9 wins and will need to decide between wins or star norma to complete the game. For example, on one hand, the player may have another x16 Big Rocket and feel confident that they can get the last 3 wins needed, but on the other, KOing another player manually may give them the 200 stars they need to win. KOing another player manually will give more wins toward the opposite norma, which may have been the better choice if the player has their stars stolen. Ideally, the player can have their cake and eat it too by choosing the final wins norma, KOing another player, and then using the Hyper to KO another. As a result of this dilemma, the player should concentrate closely on their current situation before deciding which final norma to take, especially if they do not have any Hypers. A secondary drawback is that since x16 Big Rocket explicitly grants 2 Wins on scoring a KO, it does not get any additional benefit from KO'ing a character under the effect of  Wanted, whereas the aforementioned "score Wins as though KO'd in battle" Hypers can benefit from Wanted.