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For the alternate version of this character, see: Marc (Pilot)

Marc (マール Māru) is one of the four starting characters in 100% Orange Juice! that the player can select when creating a new save file. She originates from the game Flying Red Barrel, in which she was the main character.




A young pilot experienced in combat, Marc is an extremely versatile character, built upon an unusual stat build and powerful hyper. With an average health stat of 4, an above-average attack, a buffed defense stat to compensate for a reduced evasion stat, and a neutral recovery, Marc is able to more freely take fights. As opposed to relying on evasion like the similarly built Sora, Marc relies on defense to provide less risk and increase her odds of lasting at least 3 chapters before being KO'd on the next. As a result, Marc generally does not have any difficulty defeating  Encounter and surviving  Boss panels, as her attack will either be enough to defeat the opponent or her defense will be able to protect her from high rolls, and while not perfect, her reduced evasion stat is still decent at protecting her from low rolls as well. Marc's stats enable her to fulfill either norma, as she can fight well or collect stars in peace, and her hyper boasts one of the strongest effects in the game for this purpose. Her hyper is a tool to either gain wins directly, or weaken an opponent to low health so that they can be easily picked off upon fighting them. It should be noted that Wins Norma is only advisable if the player does well in combat and finds the hyper, though.

Marc has two key disadvantages, the first of which stems from her health and evasion. Since Marc's evasion is reduced, it is often better to roll for defense if the opponent rolls higher than 1 for attack. Likewise, since Marc's stat boosts are only +1s, they may prove to give extremely exciting results or barely help at all depending on the player's luck. Secondly, the player will need to remain cautious when selecting their norma route. If the player decides to go the route of wins norma or switches between wins and star norma, they may face issues as they may become hyper-reliant late in the game and may also have issues affording the hyper. If the player only has 11 wins and has run out of hypers, the player may have accidentally put themselves into an impossible situation if the opponents are too difficult for the player to defeat.


As previously mentioned, Marc is unique in that she can play for either wins or stars dependent on how well the player rolls and what they draw. The player should most often go for stars, but with the right  Encounter luck along with her hyper, wins can become a viable option.


+Good combat stats
+Can KO most of the cast with her hyper in late game
+Hyper can earn Wins indirectly
-Relatively low HP for aggressive play
-Hyper becomes more expensive with each Level