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Starting Cards

When the player begins a new game and selects their starting unit, they will receive 15 standard cards that can be used immediately to build a player deck. If the player selects Marc, the 15 cards listed below will be received.

In concurrence with Marc's stats, Marc's starting deck is relatively combat based, with it containing mostly stat adjustment cards to aid Marc and weaken her opponents.

I'm on Fire!.pngI'm on Fire!.png  Rbits.pngRbits.png            
Dash!.pngDash!.png  Saki's Cookie.pngSaki's Cookie.png  Saki's Cookie.pngSaki's Cookie.png  Long-Distance Shot.pngLong-Distance Shot.png  Long-Distance Shot.pngLong-Distance Shot.png  
Cloud of Seagulls.pngCloud of Seagulls.png  Cloud of Seagulls.pngCloud of Seagulls.png  Out of Ammo.pngOut of Ammo.png          
Mimyuu's Hammer.pngMimyuu's Hammer.png  Mimyuu's Hammer.pngMimyuu's Hammer.png  Piggy Bank.pngPiggy Bank.png  Go Away.pngGo Away.png  Assault.pngAssault.png