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Playing As Marc (Pilot)
  • Due to Marc (Pilot)'s lack of card reliance, cards that disrupt players' hands such as Gift Exchangeicon.png  Gift Exchange and Flamethrowericon.png  Flamethrower
  • Due to Marc (Pilot)'s below average HP stat, above average defense, and subpar evade stat, Saki's Cookieicon.png  Saki's Cookie is very helpful as every bit of HP helps a ton.
Playing Against Marc (Pilot)
  • Due to Marc (Pilot)'s low HP and evade stats, Marc can often be chipped down to low HP and most hits at 1HP will cause Marc to be KO'd due to a lack of EVD.

Counter Cards

Recommended Viable

Long-Distance Shoticon.png  Long-Distance Shot
Mimyuu's Hammericon.png  Mimyuu's Hammer
Serious Battleicon.png  Serious Battle

Indiscriminate Fire Supporticon.png  Indiscriminate Fire Support
Reverse Attribute Fieldicon.png  Reverse Attribute Field

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