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Subspace Tunnel
Subspace Tunnel.png
Effect Duration: Player level
Turn 4-6 panels into Warp Move panels and then warp to one of them.
Hyper Info
Level x5 ★
"Po! Po! Po! Popoppo!!" ―Marie Poppo


Marie Poppo (Mixed)'s Hyper is Subspace Tunnel. When used, 4-6 random panels on the board will be transformed into  Warp Move panels. The player will then warp to one of the transformed panels. The number of panels transformed is dependent upon the size of the board. The panels will stay transformed for a number of chapters equal to the player's level.


As a Hyper that enables its user to warp to a random space on the board, Subspace Tunnel is best used as a method of repositioning. Although Mixed Poppo's Hyper does not give her the ability to choose where she warps to, Subspace Tunnel is still effective at escaping danger or in attempts to relocate closer to home in hopes of a norma. Additionally, it can be used in successive turns at higher levels in an attempt to repeatedly land on Warp Move panels and increase one's star count, since at these levels the Warp Move panels will stay active for longer periods of time.