Marie Poppo (Mixed)/Strategy

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Tips[edit | edit source]

Playing As Marie Poppo (Mixed)
  • Do not just waste your hyper to gain a few stars, unless this significantly improves your board state (for example by finishing a Norma); instead, keep a copy of your hyper for situations in which you need some space from your opponent.
Playing Against Marie Poppo (Mixed)
  • If able, try to keep Marie Poppo (Mixed) from reaching any uneven Normas (especially from Norma 4 to 5). This will cause her to draw one card whenever she is warping instead of gaining further stars and therefore make her slower.

Recommended Cards[edit | edit source]

Recommended Viable Neutral

 Here and There
 Reverse Attribute Field
 Passionate Research

 Portable Pudding
 Nice Present
 Lonely Chariot
 Shield Counter
 Tactical Retreat
 Holy Night
 Serene Hush

 Play of the Gods
 Party Time
 Mix Phenomenon

Counter Cards[edit | edit source]

Recommended Viable

 Gentleman's Battle
 Little War
 Final Battle

 Unpaid Work