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Master of the Guild.jpg Master of the Guild
As Malt, assert dominance over the Guild.

Master of the Guild is a Steam achievement in 100% Orange Juice!. It is one of 6 achievements associated with DLC 33Malt & Mescal Character Pack.jpg.


As Malt, KO three different Guild members in one game.



Gentleman's Battle along with Big Magnum is an easy way to dispatch of Peat and Marc. Additional attack boost will likely be needed against Islay either through the use of Super All Out Mode, or substituting Big Magnum for Accel Hyper and rolling high. Ambush can also be helpful at finishing weakened opponents when unable to use Gentleman's Battle. Using Mimic on Islay to generate Rival can allow you to fight the other guild members at low HP. Setting Air Raid as one of the field events allows these opportunities to arise more often, along with Charity to draw more hypers.