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Event Info
Title Master of the Minions
Mio2019 logo.png
Start December 14th, 2019
End January 14th, 2020
Event Clock
Story Campaign Story
Update Version 2.7


It's the moment you've been awaiting... "Mama" has come home!

  • Master of the Minions is a sequel event to the Minions of the Master event. The goal of the event is to defeat bosses in Co-op Mode, including the new fusion boss RoPoChi, made from every Minions of the Master boss. This event features a global counter, which will go down upon defeating any Co-op boss. However, RoPoChi defeats will make it go down quicker.

This event did not receive any reruns, and was retired in Version 2.7.3.

Rule Changes[]

RoPoChi (unit).png

RoPoChi is the new Co-op Mode boss for the Master of the Minions event. It has 60HP, and has a statline of +1 ATK, +1 DEF, and -1 EVD during combat. It has a large amount of passives, all similar to the three bosses featured in Minions of the Master.

  • Gain -2 ATK and +1 die when rolling attack for each minion on the field.
  • At the start of a Chapter, if neither  Po-tect nor Scrambled are active, use  Po-tect.
  • Use  Roost Boost every 6 chapters.
  • (Below Hyper Difficulty) Gain 3 stars per combat damage dealt.
  • (Hyper Difficulty) Gain 5 stars per combat damage dealt.
  • (Hyper Difficulty) Use  From the Abyss at the beginning of the game.

Cards used by RoPoChi
Level 0 Cards

Identity Crisis.pngIdentity Crisis.png

Level 1 Cards

Robo Tax.pngRobo Tax.png Pluck.pngPluck.png Catcher.pngCatcher.png Balance Currency.pngBalance Currency.png Poppo March.pngPoppo March.png Premium Regeneration.pngPremium Regeneration.png

Level 2 Cards

Wireless Chicken.pngWireless Chicken.png RoPo Barrage.pngRoPo Barrage.png Delusional Numbers.pngDelusional Numbers.png Second Wing (RPC).pngSecond Wing (RPC).png Sky Restaurant 'Poppo' (RPC).pngSky Restaurant 'Poppo' (RPC).png Sky Restaurant 'Poppo' (trap).pngSky Restaurant 'Poppo' (trap).png Po-Bomber.pngPo-Bomber.png Invisible Bomb (RPC).pngInvisible Bomb (RPC).png Turbo Chicken.pngTurbo Chicken.png

Level 3 Cards

Poppo Universe.pngPoppo Universe.png Poppocare.pngPoppocare.png Refined Talons.pngRefined Talons.png Beak of the Demi-Bird.pngBeak of the Demi-Bird.png Big Po's Special.pngBig Po's Special.png

Hypers & Passives

Roost Boost.pngRoost Boost.png Po-tect.pngPo-tect.png From the Abyss.pngFrom the Abyss.png Home Sweeper.pngHome Sweeper.png Big Poppo (Co-op) (unit).pngBig Poppo (Co-op) (unit).png

Completing the first part of the event unlocked the Mio's Dark Citadel episode in the Campaign. Completing this final section of the campaign unlocks the new character Mio, as well as other rewards.

Event Rewards[]


This event features a global counter on the main menu of the game. As RoPoChi takes damage in online games, its global health decreases. Global health will also decrease upon defeating any of the other five Co-op Bosses, but this is only half as effective as defeating RoPoChi. Starting at 1,000,000 HP, once a certain amount of damage is dealt, new items were unlocked for all players.

Note that players must fight any co-op boss at least once during the event before global counter rewards can be received at the main menu. It is possible to obtain all unlocked rewards from the global counter for as long as the event is active.

Name Status Global Counter Milestone
Master of the Minions intro cutscene New 1,000,000
Dark Citadel Dice.pngDark Citadel Dice New 750,000
Master of the Minions Interlude 1 cutscene New 500,000
RoPoChi Hyper difficulty New
Tomomo's Abyss shop icon.png Tomomo's Abyss CO board (Normal difficulty) New
Dark Citadel Homemark Icon.pngDark Citadel Homemark New 250,000
Master of the Minions Interlude 2 cutscene New 0
Mio's Dark Citadel Extra Episode New
RoPoChiPet1.png RoPoChi Pet New

After the global counter reached 0, the campaign episode Mio's Dark Citadel was unlocked for all players, found in the "Extra" section in singleplayer mode. Beating this campaign episode was the final step necessary to complete the event.

Name Status Unlock Method
Master of the Minions ending cutscene and artwork New Complete Mio's Dark Citadel on any difficulty.
Dark Citadel shop icon.png Dark Citadel board New
RPG CostumesRPG Costume (Kai, Poppo, Tomomo) New
Mio playable character New
Mio voice pack New
Mio's Flame Dice.pngMio's Flame Dice New Complete Mio's Dark Citadel on Extreme difficulty.

Due to the Master of the Minions event occurring during the Christmas season, as of Version 2.7.1, a unique Xmas Wreaths Extended period was featured. From December 20th, 2019 to December 31st, 2019 only, the Christmas Currency.pngChristmas Wreaths currency dropped at the end of all games. The amount of wreaths earned is randomly chosen from 37, 38, 40 or 45 regardless of the player's performance.[1]

Due to the availability of the Christmas Currency.pngChristmas Wreaths currency in this event, all items in the Shop which require this currency can once again be purchased.

Name Status Unlock Method
Christmas Outfit Icon.pngChristmas Outfit color New / Returning Purchase in the shop for 50 Christmas Currency.pngChristmas Wreaths each.
Waruda's PresentsWaruda Presents Returning Purchase in the shop for 50 Christmas Currency.pngChristmas Wreaths each.
Santa Scramble CostumesSanta Scramble Costume* Returning Purchase in the shop for 50 Christmas Currency.pngChristmas Wreaths each.


  • This is the first event that is not a Christmas event to run during the Christmas season.
  • Tomomo's Abyss CO was previously unavailable to players who did not participate in this event. It was made permanently available in Version 3.8, over a year and a half later.
  • Upon viewing the entire Master of the Minions intro cutscene, the window title changes to "100% Blood Orange Juice! 2.7" (replacing 2.7 with the game's current version number). This change happens even when viewing the cutscene from the Gallery, and lasts until the player exits the game.


  1. Confirmed by Fruitbat developer Sora on Discord.