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Raging Madness (Co-op)
Raging Madness (Co-op).png
Gain +1 Rage Counter and go into Raging Mode. During Raging Mode, gain +X/2 ATK and +X/2 EVD rounded up, where X is the number of your Rage Counters. At the start of your turn, lose 1 Rage Counter. Raging Mode ends when Rage Counters are 0.
Hyper Info
30 ★
"Gyaoooh!" ―Maynie


In Co-op mode, Maynie's stats and passive do not change.

Maynie's Hyper, Raging Madness, has a different effect in Co-op. When used, the player will gain one stack of Rage Counter, consume all stacks of Rage Counter, and gain a number of stacks of Raging Mode equal to the amount of consumed Rage Counter stacks. For as long as Raging Mode is active, the player will gain ATK and EVD equal to 1/2 the number of Raging Mode stacks, rounded up. Additionally, the player will lose 1 stack of Raging Mode at the start of their turn. Raging Mode will end when all stacks of Raging Mode have been consumed.

Raging Mode's changes to the music and player sprite, as well as the means to gain additional stacks of Rage Counter during Raging Mode, are the same as when this Hyper's Normal mode counterpart is played.

Co-op Rank
Attacker Guardian Support Avenger Dealer

Bounty Hunt

In Bounty Hunt mode, Maynie's passive does not change.

Maynie's Hyper, Raging Madness, has a different effect in Bounty Hunt. It is identical to the Co-op version of the Hyper.

Maynie's base stats give her 40 starting stars and a price adjustment of 0% at shops.