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Event Info
Title Minions of the Master
Spring2019 logo.png
Start May 16th, 2019
End June 15th, 2019
Event Clock
Story Campaign Story
Update Version 2.0


Mysterious new enemies are rampaging around! Cooperate with others to put an end to the madness by playing the new co-op mode!

  • The goal of the event is to level up in co-op and beat the new super-powered co-op bosses, which now play as a CPU character and can also be encountered on  Boss panels. All four players must work as a co-op team with multiple new rules and Hypers in order to deplete bosses health to 0. If all players are KO'd at one given time, the players lose the game. A global counter will decrease based upon the damage dealt to Bosses during the match. This event is a prequel to the Master of the Minions event.

This event did not receive any reruns, and was retired in Version 2.7.3.

Rule Changes[]

Gamemode coop.png

This event is completely based around the newly introduced permanent Co-op mode. The new co-op mode is different than the one featured in the previous Beach Party event. Each player will work together as a single team to defeat the boss on the map. Players will not be racing for Norma against each other but will instead reach maximum Norma at level 5. The player will then need to defeat the boss to win the game or lose if all players are KO'd at the same time. As the event relies on cooperation, it is quite difficult to complete the event alone, with a CPU player. The complete list of changes are as followed:

  • All stars, wins, normas, and  Home panels are shared.
  • Both Norma checks (Wins & Stars) are always enabled for all characters.
  • The player cannot adjust the field events; in their place is the setting for the boss difficulty.
  • The player will choose a role before the start of a match.
  • New Recovery stats are calculated by the formula: Recovery = Base Recovery + Positive ATK (+1 REC if Attacker Role).
    It should also be noted that if the recovery value is greater than 6, it will count as a 6. (For example, if the player has REC 8, they will have to roll a 6 on one of the first 3 recovery rolls to recover)
  • Chapter 40 will remove all  Home panels and leave them as  Neutral panels.
  • The field event Terror will occasionally activate; replacing random tiles other than  Warp and  Warp Move with  Boss panels. By Chapter 40, it will activate every turn and consume all possible tiles.
  • Wins Requirement is doubled and Stars requirement is multiplied by 1.5
Level Stars Victories
1☆ 15 2
2☆ 45 4
3☆ 105 10
4☆ 180 18

Spring2019 tut 05.png

Roles are a unique way to play in co-op, with each character being designated to a role and rank. The roles are Attacker, Guardian, Supporter and Avenger, each of which features their own special abilities. Each character will receive a rank of A-E and a set amount of Deck Points depending on their rating. Generally, the stronger the character's stats, the less points provided.

Each of the roles sport new abilities to help players survive and defeat the boss. They can be leveled up by playing their respective role and doing actions related to it. Avenger is locked at the start, but it can be unlocked by reaching Attacker Lvl 10 or if the player had unlocked it previously in the Beach Party event.

Type Base Stats and Abilities
Summer2018 role0.png
  • When challenging a Boss, attack first.
  • Gets permanent +1 REC at Norma 1.
  • Gets permanent +1 ATK at Norma 2.
Summer2018 role1.png
  • Can spend 2 HP to give an ally a shield that absorbs up to 2 points of damage, similar to Robo Ball's  Reflective Shell hyper. The shield is the same color as the Guardian's player color and lasts until the affected ally takes a hit in combat, finishes a battle or gets KO'd outside of battle. Additionally, each guardian can only distribute one shield at a time - trying to distribute a second shield will simply move the existing shield to the new target.
  • Gets permanent +1 DEF at Norma 2.
Summer2018 role2.png
  • Can spend stars to revive players if they land on their square or if they pass by them. Star cost will depend on the revive roll of the fallen ally. The formula is (roll requirement x 5 stars).
  • Can heal players for 1 HP at no cost if they land on their square or if they pass by them.
  • Gets permanent +1 to move rolls at Norma 2.
Summer2018 role3.png
  • Receive +1 ATK per 2HP lost in combat.
  • Gets permanent +1 max HP at Norma 2.

A few characters have rather notable changes and passive tweaks that are important for the player to understand when playing in co-op. Certain characters are more or less viable then they usually would be, as a result of these adjustments.

Character Passives With Changed Effects

  • Star Breaker can redeem Stars norma like any other character.
  • Tequila's passive and the Avenger role's +1 ATK per damage taken effect do not stack, meaning the player will only receive +1 per HP lost, not +2.
  • Natsumi's passive will not heal opponents.
  • Mira's Binding Smoke passive will not affect allies.

Hyper Cards With Changed Effects

  •  Air Strike is renamed to "Air Support", and the effect is "During the next battle, all players gain +2 Defense."
  •  Another Ultimate Weapon gives +1 ATK and +1 DEF for every 10 stars spent instead of 20, and will not consume stars past the amount it takes to get to +9 ATK.
  •  Banned for Life's effect is "When used, the Boss will skip its next action."
  •  Big Bang Bell will only affect opponents.
  •  Binding Chains will only affect opponents.
  •  Blazing! will only affect the user and their allies, and the -1 DEF effect will only apply to players who are Kae.
  •  Cooking Time no longer gives stars.
  •  Dance, Long-Eared Beasts! will only affect opponents.
  •  Delta Field is a Battle Card, and its effect has been changed to "During this battle, the opponent gains the following effect: All dice rolls will be 1."
  •  Do Pirates Fly in the Sky?'s effect is now "Summon 2 Pirate Crew Members to fight a random enemy. Enemy goes second."
  •  Evil Spy Work - Execution will now heal two HP.
  •  Extended Photon Rifle will only affect opponents.
  •  Final Surgery gives -2 REC to allies KO'd by its effect.
  •  Gamble! deals the user's max HP to either themself or the Boss.
  •  Golden Egg's effect is now "Gain level x 10 stars."
  •  Invisible Bomb deals 4 damage and will only affect opponents. They are visible to both the user and their allies.
  •  Magical Massacre's effect is "For each KO'd ally, deal 3 damage to all enemies."
  •  Melting Memories's cost is Stars / 10, and its effect has been changed to "The Boss will skip its next action."
  •  Overseer is a Battle Card, and its effect has been changed to "Opponent fights Shifu Robot instead. Can only be used against the Boss."
  •  Present for You no longer gives stars.
  •  Protagonist's Privilege now allows you to always attack first in battle, in addition to its usual effects.
  •  Rbit Hobby Shop no longer consumes stars, and only affects players.
  •  Santa's Job no longer applies the Santa's Gift debuff.
  •  Self-Destruct now deals the user's max HP as damage to the enemy.
  •  Stealth On now makes the user unable to be targeted by Boss abilities.
  •  Sweet Guardian's effect is changed to "Receive 2 Pudding cards. These cards are removed from game upon use or discard."
  •  True White Christsmasher will only affect opponents.
  •  Ubiquitous now steals stars equal to the user's level.
  •  Waruda Machine, Blast Off!'s effect is changed to "During this battle, gain +1 Attack, +1 Defense, and -1 Evasion for each two cards the players have."
  •  Whimsical Windmill now makes the user fight the Boss.
  •  White Christsmasher will only affect opponents.

Big the Haruo

Big the Haruo (unit).png

Big the Haruo is the first boss for the Co-op mode. It has 50HP, and has a statline of -1 ATK, +1 DEF and +1 EVD. It also has two passives, the first one granting it -1 ATK, -1 DEF and +1 dice when attacking for every Chicken minion on the field, and the second one letting it spawn a new chicken every 5 Chapters using the Roost card.

Big the Haruo will change when playing in Hyper difficulty, and its passive will change to spawn 2 Chickens every 5 Chapters.

Cards used by Haruo
Level 0 Cards


Level 1 Cards

Peck.pngPeck.png Chicken Attack.pngChicken Attack.png Flight.pngFlight.png Group Up.pngGroup Up.png Piyo March.pngPiyo March.png Present.pngPresent.png Regeneration (Haruo).pngRegeneration (Haruo).png

Level 2 Cards

Call of the Chicken.pngCall of the Chicken.png Hen Pecked.pngHen Pecked.png Headless Chicken.pngHeadless Chicken.png Second Wing.pngSecond Wing.png

Level 3 Cards

Final Warning.pngFinal Warning.png Savage Talons.pngSavage Talons.png Swarm.pngSwarm.png Beak of the Godbird.pngBeak of the Godbird.png


Roost.pngRoost.png Roost (hyper difficulty).pngRoost (hyper difficulty).png Home Sweeper.pngHome Sweeper.png

M10 Robot

M10 Robot (unit).png

M10 Robot is the second boss for the Co-op mode. It has 50HP, and has a statline of +1 ATK, +1 DEF and -2 EVD. It also has two passives, the first one allowing it to not stop after challenging an enemy and the second one granting it +1 ATK for every player battled that turn. It will also use Protect every 5 chapters, which will protect it from 3 damage and only deal 1 to it. Once the shield is destroyed, it'll get the Scrambled effect, which will weaken it down by -2 DEF, -2 EVD and -1 on movement for 3 chapters.

M10 Robot will change when playing in Hyper difficulty, and the damage done to it will be reflected back at the attacker.

Cards used by M10
Level 0 Cards


Level 1 Cards

Assault Field.pngAssault Field.png Balance Currents.pngBalance Currents.png Evasion Down.pngEvasion Down.png Immovable Object (M10).pngImmovable Object (M10).png Quick Repair.pngQuick Repair.png Turbo.pngTurbo.png

Level 2 Cards

Attack Down.pngAttack Down.png Defense Down.pngDefense Down.png EMP.pngEMP.png Engage.pngEngage.png Robo Beam.pngRobo Beam.png Self Destruction.pngSelf Destruction.png

Level 3 Cards

Imaginary Numbers.pngImaginary Numbers.png Recovery Mode.pngRecovery Mode.png Health Down.pngHealth Down.png Scrambled Delta Field.pngScrambled Delta Field.png


Protect (M10).pngProtect (M10).png Perfect Reflective Shell.pngPerfect Reflective Shell.png Home Sweeper.pngHome Sweeper.png

Star Devourer

Star Devourer (unit).png
Big Poppo (Co-op) (unit).png

Star Devourer is the third boss for the Co-op mode. It has 75HP, and a statline of +1 ATK, -1 DEF and -1 EVD. It has several passive abilities:

  • Players gain 2x chapter star bonus.
  • Gain +1 DEF until end of chapter when damaged.
  • Deal +1 battle damage per 200 stars held.
  • Gain 5 stars for each damage dealt and give 3 stars for each damage taken.
  • When holding 1000 stars, Star Devourer will win the game.
  • When holding 0 stars, Star Devourer will lose the game.

Star Devourer will also spawn a special Big Poppo, which will deal no damage but will steal 3 stars per damage dealt, similarly to  Dark Side of Business. Once defeated, Big Poppo will award 25 stars and 3 wins to the players, and will have its Recovery stat upped to 10.

Star Devourer will change when playing in Hyper difficulty, and its passive ability won't give stars when taking damage.

Cards used by Star Devourer
Level 0 Cards


Level 1 Cards

Elusive.pngElusive.png Star Mania.pngStar Mania.png Poppo Tax.pngPoppo Tax.png Tithe.pngTithe.png Ubiquitous (SD).pngUbiquitous (SD).png Snatcher.pngSnatcher.png

Level 2 Cards

Sky Restaurant 'Poppo'.pngSky Restaurant 'Poppo'.png Sky Restaurant 'Poppo' (trap).pngSky Restaurant 'Poppo' (trap).png Highway Robbery.pngHighway Robbery.png Greed.pngGreed.png Warp Phenomenon.pngWarp Phenomenon.png Poppoformation (SD).pngPoppoformation (SD).png Temptation.pngTemptation.png

Level 3 Cards

Poppo Galaxy.pngPoppo Galaxy.png Death and Taxes.pngDeath and Taxes.png Value Judgment.pngValue Judgment.png Ransom Note.pngRansom Note.png Ransom Note (gift).pngRansom Note (gift).png Poppocalypse.pngPoppocalypse.png


From the Abyss.pngFrom the Abyss.png Home Sweeper.pngHome Sweeper.png

Event Rewards[]


This event features three global counters on the main menu of the game. This is the first event where there is more than one global counter. Similar to Beach Party, the global goal involves doing damage to the various bosses to deplete their health bar. Once a certain amount of damage was dealt, new items, bosses, and global counters were unlocked for all players.

Unlike in previous events that featured global counters, the ending cutscene would not trigger until the player played at least one online game in Co-op mode.[1] This set a precedent for future events and reruns that featured global counters, requiring the player to participate in the event mode to receive global counter rewards.

Big the Haruo[]

Starting HP: 2,000,000

Name Status Global Counter Milestone
Minions of the Master intro cutscene New 2,000,000
M10 Robot boss and global counter New 1,000,000
Golden EggPet1.png Golden Egg Pet New 0

M10 Robot[]

Starting HP: 1,500,000

Name Status Global Counter Milestone
Star Devourer boss and global counter New 750,000
M10 EyePet1.png M10 Eye Pet New 0

Star Devourer[]

Starting HP: 800,000

Name Status Global Counter Milestone
Elusive StarPet1.png Elusive Star Pet New 0

All Counters[]

Name Status Global Counter Milestones
Minions of the Master ending cutscene and artwork New 0, 0, 0
RPG CostumesRPG Costume (QP, Suguri, Marc, Natsumi) New

Bonus items can be received at random after finishing a game during the event. This event features the below bonus items (shown as x/4 in the event pop-up).

Name Status Unlock Method
Angel Homemark Icon.pngAngel Homemark New Random Drop in Co-Op.
Devil Homemark Icon.pngDevil Homemark New Random Drop in Co-Op.
Cave Homemark Icon.pngCave Homemark New Random Drop in Co-Op.
Castle Homemark Icon.pngCastle Homemark New Random Drop in Co-Op.


  • In addition to the event rewards listed above, the permanent addition of Co-op introduced many non-seasonal unlocks. For more information about these unlocks, see the list of Co-op dice.
  • M10 Robot and Star Devourer were briefly unavailable to new players after the event, but were made permanently available in Version 2.2.


  1. Discovered by WindowsGuyJim and confirmed by Fruitbat developer Kyle on Discord