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Magical Inferno
Magical Inferno.png
KO all units on any other panel in the same uninterrupted column or row as the panel your unit is on. You gain stars from each KO'd unit as though KO'd in battle. Then end your turn.
Hyper Info
50 ★
"Inferno!" ―Mio


Mio's Hyper is Magical Inferno. When used, all opponents in the same uninterrupted column or row of panels as the player will be instantly KO'd. The player steals stars from every unit KO'd by this effect equal to the amount of stars that would have been stolen if the unit had been KO'd in battle. After the card has been used, the player's turn ends.

This effect will not KO units on the same panel as the player. This card cannot be used if there are no valid targets.


Magical Inferno is a brutally powerful Hyper, that can be used as a deterrent, a powerful weapon to take out many players, or a sniping tool, depending on the situation. The Hyper is unique in that it is the only card that can instantly take half of the opponent's stars with an out-of-battle KO as if a battle occurred. Similar to  Big Bang Bell,  Ubiquitous, and  Special Stage, this Hyper can give a potentially massive star payout depending on the timing of the card. At best, the player can KO every opponent at once, potentially giving them well over 100 stars and easily paying off the price of the card. A well-timed Magical Inferno can greatly set back certain opponents by setting them far behind in the later chapters of the game, especially if they fail their recovery roll multiple times. In the right circumstances, the card can steal victory from the lead opponent, render them unable to fight back, and enable the player to win instead. The card also works as an excellent deterrent once the player reaches Norma 3. Opponents, if they cannot reach Mio, may choose to take disadvantageous paths in order to prevent themselves from standing next to Mio. Overall, with the right timing, and a bit of luck, Magical Inferno can reap massive rewards for the player.

Magical Inferno has some key disadvantages that prevent the card from being too powerful. As previously stated, the card cannot strike over gaps. As a result, the Hyper's performance is inconsistent based upon the board. On boards with long lines of panels such as Highway Heist and Dark Citadel, there are frequent opportunities to land the Hyper effectively.. However, on boards with many turns such as Santa's Workshop, the card's power will be reduced, with the player frequently only being able to strike the opponent on the panel next to them. The player may also just never be lucky enough to have an opponent line up with Magical Inferno, even on boards where it should theoretically be easy to accomplish. Another major disadvantage to the Hyper is its price. While other Hyper cards with variable costs can potentially cost more, Magical Inferno has the most expensive base price of any Hyper at 50 stars. This can make it extremely difficult to make a net profit with the card until very late in the game. The issue can be mitigated with  President's Privilege, but doing so will also add an extra pressure on the player to reach Norma 4 before activating the card. One more major disadvantage of the Hyper is that it cannot be used on opponents on the same panel as the player. Consequently, opponents can simply attack the player if given the choice to pass them, in order to stay safe from Magical Inferno. Likewise, if the player is being actively pursued by an opponent, their only hope is that they move further than the opponent on their next turn to get the opponent in range of Magical Inferno.


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