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Give in a very large HP pool, buff EVD stat, and a comeback hyper, Mio is most suited to play as a offensive tankbuster, playing to her strengths and if things go wrong she should use hyper on a character, in order to get the lead back.


Playing As Mio
  • Since Mio will be aggressive she needs to deck Big Magnumicon.png  Big Magnum in order to deal the most amount of damage possible to her enemy targets.
  • President's Privilegeicon.png  President's Privilege can enable her hyper and powerful battle cards
  • Puddingicon.png  Pudding heals Mio's big hp but can allow other players to heal to get out of Mio's kill range.
  • Backdoor Tradeicon.png  Backdoor Trade is absolutely essential in order to gain a positional advantage
Playing Against Mio
  • Scrambled Eveicon.png  Scrambled Eve is the end of the world for Mio because she needs cards to win, absolutely essential.
  • Bully characters like Alicianrone can dominate Mio if she does not have the correct tools

Counter Cards

Recommended Viable

Puddingicon.png  Pudding
Scrambled Eveicon.png  Scrambled Eve

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