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Miusaki (ミウサキ Miusaki) , also known as Miu, is one of the playable characters in 100% Orange Juice! She was added to the game in DLC 13Witch Pack.jpg alongside Ceoreparque. She originates from the currently unreleased game Alicianrone in which her role is unknown.


  • When using Defend in battle, never take more than 2 damage at once.


A tomboy with a loud mouth and lack of grace, Miusaki is a chipper and spirited magical girl who's ready to play. Miusaki features a very unusual stat line with an average 4 HP, a buffed ATK stat, a heavily debuffed DEF stat, and a standard REC and EVD stat. As to be expected, the extra +1 to ATK can be extremely useful in combat, and her neutral EVD stat can help her dodge low rolls from wild units on  Encounter panels. However, the true hallmark of Miusaki that stands out above the rest of her stat line is her passive. Similar to NoName, Miusaki is constructed around a passive that can make her extremely difficult to KO. When defending, she will only take a maximum of 2 damage. Given that she has 4 HP, it will always take at least 2 battles to KO her without the help of effects that damage her outside of battle. Unsurprisingly, this can be extremely useful, Miusaki is immune to Hypers that usually cause almost certain KO's like  Accelerator and  Extraordinary Specs if she has at least 3 HP going into the battle. This also makes Miusaki a strong player in the late game, as she can survive the powerful attacks of bosses and opponents will be unable to KO the player on a home panel to get stars and win the game if Miusaki has more than 2 HP. Better yet, even if the player's HP is reduced to 2, they can easily put the HP barrier back up through simple means such as landing on a  Home panel, using a cheap healing card like  Saki's Cookie, landing on a  Heal panel, or recovering from a board effect like RegenerationRegeneration
Every 5 Chapters, all Units recover 1 HP at the beginning of the Chapter.
. The ability to survive, compounded with Miusaki's Hyper that prevents her from taking damage, makes her a great, if not an unusual tank.

Despite her ability to survive where many characters would not, Miusaki is far from unbeatable. One of the key disadvantages of Miusaki is her DEF stat, which actively counterbalances her passive. Miusaki has the lowest DEF stat in the game at -2, which means she is basically guaranteed to take 2 damage whenever an opponent attacks her with a strong roll. As a result, a steady stream of powerful abuse from bullies can take her down quickly under the right circumstances. HP is a very big deal for Miusaki, so simple effects like Air RaidAir Raid
Every 5 Chapters, all units will take 1 damage at the beginning of the Chapter.
and  Mimyuu's Hammer become much more influential if the player is already damaged. Miusaki is also not quite as resilient as NoName, as neither her passive nor Hyper protect her from KO effects.


Miusaki should more often than not try to aim for star norma and play passively unless the opportunity to attack a weak opponent presents itself. In the early game, the player should focus on  Draw and  Bonus panels as the better the player's hand, the more prepared they will be for the later game. The player will want to have healing cards on hand at all times.


+Powerful passive - guaranteed to survive when defending with 3 or 4 HP
+Strong Hyper that can be used for both protective and assault purposes
-Terrible DEF stat and mediocre HP and EVD stats. High chance of KO at 1 or 2 HP
-Hyper does not block instant-KO effects or effects that set HP to a certain value

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Tomato & Mimyuu

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Solid Witch
Solid Witch.png
Effect Duration: 1 chapter.
Take no damage.
Hyper Info
20 ★
"No flimsy attacks can hurt me!" ―Miusaki


Miusaki's Hyper is Solid Witch. When used, the player will not take damage from any damage-dealing effects for 1 chapter.

The player will not become immune to effects that cause HP loss, effects that set HP to a certain value, or effects that cause instant KO.


  • Effects that this Hyper does not protect against includes, but is not limited to, the following:
Standard Cards Hyper Cards
 Big Magnum (activation damage)
 Flamethrower (if no cards are held)
 Sealed Guardian
 Final Surgery
 Invisible Bomb
 Magical Inferno
 Magical Massacre
 Turbo Charged (activation damage)


Solid Witch is a powerful Hyper card that enables the player to avoid taking any damage for 1 chapter. Consequently, the card can be used for a mixture of both defensive and offensive purposes. For instance, the card can be used when the player is low on HP and is either approaching or being chased by a high ATK character such as Tomomo or Star Breaker. The Hyper's activation will either force the opponent to pass the player or take the risk of attacking the player while invincible to stay behind them. The card can also be used to protect the player from  Boss panels in the late game, especially if HP is low. In addition, the Hyper makes a great counter to any opponents' threatening Hypers. Given the protective qualities of Solid Witch, it can also be used offensively. If multiple opponents are on the same panel nearby, the player can activate the Hyper and fight all of the opponents with virtually no risk of being KO'd. Solid Witch can also be used as a vicious combo with  Little War or  Final Battle, with the former enabling the player to deal 2 rounds of risk-free damage and the latter ensuring the user will win the fight no matter what.

However, Solid Witch is not an invincible barrier. Arguably one of the Hyper's greatest disadvantages is that unlike most protective Hypers such as  Crystal Barrier and  Stealth On, its duration is extremely short. Subsequently, opponents behind the player can just wait for the effect to end, and if the player is trying to use it offensively, they may fail to roll high enough to reach their target. Thus, if the player fails to time the Hyper well, it can easily go to waste. Another issue with Solid Witch is that it does not protect the player from everything. The Hyper can only block damage dealt in combat or cards that deal damage outside of combat. Cards that instantly KO a player and cards that change the target's HP directly still penetrate through the shield granted by the Hyper.


Playing As Miusaki
  • Try to keep your health above 2 at all times, as Miusaki cannot die at 3 HP or higher. Home's healing is a big aid in this as well as cards.
  •  Saki's Cookie is an excellent card on Miusaki because it can bring her from 2 to 3 HP, meaning her passive guarantees survival. Other healing such as  Dinner can also be helpful however tend to help other players more than Saki's Cookie would.
  •  Quick Restoration is extremely useful on Miusaki. Assuming she is at least 3 HP, it lets her take a hit completely risk free as she will heal back to safe HP immediately.
  •  Portable Pudding is a similarly strong battle card, bringing Miusaki back to safe HP if she finds herself in a dangerous battle with 2 or less HP.
  •  Lucky Sevens is a very good card on Miusaki because she generally will not care if she rolls 0 on defense due to her passive, but appreciates the possibility of a 7. On the flip side, she will not care if her opponents roll high on ATK against her but loves if they roll 0.
  •  Rainbow-Colored Circle and  I'm on Fire! abuse her passive well due to Miusaki hardly caring about losing DEF.
  • Defensive cards such as  Rbits &  Shield are somewhat ineffective due to her starting DEF being pitiful, it's a good idea to instead use cards that abuse her passive by keeping her above 2 HP instead.
  •  Reverse Attribute Field can bring her DEF to +2, however also gives the other players a survival tool especially against the boss.
  •  Solid Witch is a killer combo with  Little War &  Final Battle. Since Solid Witch lasts an entire chapter, she can abuse the aforementioned cards in a similar vein to Sora's  Extraordinary Specs & Suguri's  Accelerator.
  • Despite benefitting from cards, Miusaki can still be an effective card control user with  Gift Exchange. Her passive is very strong simply due to making fights redundant and even in the event Gift Exchange is used, she is likely to still have cards that help her.
Playing Against Miusaki
  • Cards that deal damage outside of battle like  Cloud of Seagulls,  Long-Distance Shot, and  x16 Big Rocket can prove effective against her. If she is reduced to 2 HP or less & is engaged in battle, she'll have to evade to survive
  • While  Little War &  Final Battle are extremely good when used by Miusaki in conjunction with  Solid Witch, they are likely to be lethal against her due to having great odds of dying in just 2 fights.

Recommended Cards[]

Standard Recommended Viable

 Saki's Cookie
 Quick Restoration

 Portable Pudding
 Lucky Sevens
 Gift Exchange
 Rainbow-Colored Circle
 I'm on Fire!

 Reverse Attribute Field
 Serious Battle

Counter Cards[]

Recommended Viable

 Long-Distance Shot
 Cloud of Seagulls
 Indiscriminate Fire Support

 Mimyuu's Hammer

Miusaki (Co-op)
Miusaki (Co-op) (unit).png
Base Stats
Basic Info
Voice Actor
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In Co-op mode, Miusaki's REC stat is increased from 5 to 6, due to her base ATK of +1. Miusaki's Hyper does not change. Her passive, does change. The passive is now changed to "When using Defend in battle, never take more than half your max HP in damage at once (rounded up)."

Co-op Rank
Attacker Guardian Support Avenger Dealer

Bounty Hunt

Miusaki's passive and Hyper are unchanged in Bounty Hunt mode.

Miusaki's base stats give her 42 starting stars and a discount of -5% at shops.


To unlock Miusaki as a playable character, along with her unit card and Hyper card as binder collectibles:

Unit Colors

Name Current Unlock Conditions
Orange Icon.pngOrange color Purchase for 1000Stars Icon.png in the Shop.
Blue Icon.pngBlue color
Green Icon.pngGreen color
Yellow Icon.pngYellow color
Pink Icon.pngPink color Receive as a random drop after finishing an online game.
Purple Icon.pngPurple color Purchase for 20000Stars Icon.png in the Shop after reaching Level 50.
Teal Icon.pngTeal color Purchase for 10000Stars Icon.png in the Shop after reaching Level 25.
Black Icon.pngBlack color Receive as a random drop after finishing an online game.
Halloween Outfit Icon.pngHalloween Outfit color Purchase for 20000Stars Icon.png in the Shop after finishing 20 games as any character with the Black color equipped.
Silver Icon.pngSilver color Purchase for 40000Stars Icon.png in the Shop after reaching Level 75.
Red and Blue Icon.pngRed and Blue color Purchase for 60000Stars Icon.png in the Shop after reaching Level 100.
Christmas Outfit Icon.pngChristmas Outfit color
School Outfit Icon.pngSchool Outfit color Currently unavailable.

Hair Colors

Name Current Unlock Conditions
Hair Color 1 Icon.png Finish 10 games as Miusaki, with the 10th game or any game after the 10th being online.
Hair Colors 2 Icon.png 3 Icon.png 4 Icon.png Receive as a random drop after finishing an online game.
Hair Colors 5 Icon.png 6 Icon.png 7 Icon.png 8 Icon.png 9 Icon.png 10 Icon.png 11 Icon.png 12 Icon.png


Name Current Unlock Conditions
Santa Hat Icon.pngSanta Hat Purchase for 5000Stars Icon.png in the Shop after giving out 10 cards with  Present for You as Aru.
Brown AntlersBrown Antlers Receive as a random drop after finishing an online game as Miusaki.
Red AntlersRed Antlers Receive as a random drop after finishing an online game as Miusaki.
Red CrownsRed Crown Complete all base-game campaigns and extra episodes on Normal difficulty or higher.
Purple CrownsPurple Crown Complete all base-game campaigns and extra episodes on Extreme difficulty.
Jack o'Lantern Icon.pngJack o'Lantern Purchase for 20000Stars Icon.png in the Shop after finishing 20 games as any character with the Black color equipped.
Poppo Mask Icon.pngPoppo Mask Purchase for 99999Stars Icon.png in the Shop.
Halloween Costume '17 Icon.pngHalloween Costume '17 Receive randomly from the Mystery Bag.
Reindeer KigurumisReindeer Kigurumi Complete Waruda Christmas Party on any difficulty.
Leo KigurumisLeo Kigurumi Currently unavailable.
PigformationPigformation Currently unavailable.
Miusaki's Volleyball Icon.pngMiusaki's Volleyball KO Summer Beast 3 times in a single game as Miusaki.
Operation Halloween Costume Icon.pngOperation Halloween Costume Currently unavailable.
Cow KigurumisCow Kigurumi Purchase for 80Oranges Icon.pngOranges in the Shop.
Name Current Unlock Conditions
Eyeglasses Icon.pngEyeglasses Receive as a random drop after finishing an online game.
Sunglasses Icon.pngSunglasses Receive randomly from the Mystery Bag.


Name Current Unlock Conditions
Poses 2 Icon.png 3 Icon.png 4 Icon.png 5 Icon.png 6 Icon.png Receive randomly from the Regular Crate.
Voice Pack Own DLC 13Witch Pack.jpg.


Icon Name Requirement
Cheerful Green.jpg Cheerful Green Finish 10 games as Miusaki.
Can Take a Pummeling.jpg Can Take a Pummeling As Miusaki, survive 10 battles in a row in a single game.
Slightly Dense.jpg Slightly Dense As Miusaki, use  Solid Witch to avoid a KO from out-of-battle damage.


1 Icon.png Default
0 10000 00.png
Miusaki 00 00.png
2 Icon.png Attack
0 10000 00.png
Miusaki 00 01.png
3 Icon.png Damage
0 10000 00.png
Miusaki 00 02.png
4 Icon.png Success
0 10000 00.png
Miusaki 00 03.png
5 Icon.png Failure
0 10000 00.png
Miusaki 00 04.png
6 Icon.png Dice Throw
0 10000 00.png
Miusaki 00 05.png
7 Icon.png Default
0 10000 00.png
not found
8 Icon.png Attack
0 10000 00.png
not found
9 Icon.png Damage
0 10000 00.png
not found
10 Icon.png Success
0 10000 00.png
not found
11 Icon.png Failure
0 10000 00.png
not found
12 Icon.png Dice Throw
0 10000 00.png
not found



1 Icon.png Hair 1
Miusaki 00 00.png
Miusaki 3000 00.png
2 Icon.png Hair 2
Miusaki 00 00.png
Miusaki 3001 00.png
3 Icon.png Hair 3
Miusaki 00 00.png
Miusaki 3002 00.png
4 Icon.png Hair 4
Miusaki 00 00.png
Miusaki 3003 00.png
5 Icon.png Hair 5
Miusaki 00 00.png
Miusaki 3004 00.png
6 Icon.png Hair 6
Miusaki 00 00.png
Miusaki 3005 00.png
7 Icon.png Hair 7
Miusaki 00 00.png
Miusaki 3006 00.png
8 Icon.png Hair 8
Miusaki 00 00.png
Miusaki 3007 00.png
9 Icon.png Hair 9
Miusaki 00 00.png
Miusaki 3008 00.png
10 Icon.png Hair 10
Miusaki 00 00.png
Miusaki 3009 00.png
11 Icon.png Hair 11
Miusaki 00 00.png
Miusaki 3010 00.png
12 Icon.png Hair 12
Miusaki 00 00.png
Miusaki 3011 00.png



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Voice Lines

When Name English Kanji
Rolling dice Rolling dice 1 ▶️ ⏏️ Here I go. いっくよー
Rolling dice 2 ▶️ ⏏️ Sorah! そらっ
Rolling dice 3 ▶️ ⏏️ Let's do this. やるぞー
Rolling dice 4 ▶️ ⏏️ How's this! どうよ!
Using Boost/Event/Gift/Quest/Bounty card Use card 1 ▶️ ⏏️ Heheh, I guess I'll play a card. えへへ カード使っちゃおっと
Use card 2 ▶️ ⏏️ Now's the time! 今が使い時!
Use card 3 ▶️ ⏏️ I gotta play this now! 思い切って使っちゃお!
Use card 4 ▶️ ⏏️ It's now or never! ここで使うしかないじゃん!
Placing Trap card Trap card 1 ▶️ ⏏️ Niheheh... にへへ…
Trap card 2 ▶️ ⏏️ I guess I'll set a trap here. トラップしかけちゃおっと
Trap card 3 ▶️ ⏏️ Let me put this down here... ここにこれを…
Trap card 4 ▶️ ⏏️ Like this... Good! こんな感じで… よしっと
Using Battle card Battle card 1 ▶️ ⏏️ I don't want to lose! 負けたくない!
Battle card 2 ▶️ ⏏️ Here I come. Get ready! いくよ 覚悟してね!
Battle card 3 ▶️ ⏏️ I'm starting to get fired up. 楽しくなってきたね
Battle card 4 ▶️ ⏏️ Watch me buff myself. 私 パワーアップしちゃうからね
Using Solid Witch Hyper card 1 ▶️ ⏏️ My magic makes me invincible! 私の魔法は無敵の魔法!
Reviving Revived 1 ▶️ ⏏️ I'm ready to get back at them! 反撃にでるよ
Revived 2 ▶️ ⏏️ There's still a lot that I can do. まだまだここからだよね
Revived 3 ▶️ ⏏️ I haven't lost the game yet! まだ負けてないからね
Revived 4 ▶️ ⏏️ Time to start over! Let's go! 仕切り直しだ! いくよー!
Revive roll failed Revive failed 1 ▶️ ⏏️ What? You've got to be kidding me. ええ 嘘でしょ
Revive failed 2 ▶️ ⏏️ That was a bust... 失敗しちゃった…
Revive failed 3 ▶️ ⏏️ Come on... そんなぁ…
Revive failed 4 ▶️ ⏏️ Why? Why? なんでなんで?
(Attack)/Snowball Attack/Bounty Attack Attack 1 ▶️ ⏏️ Take my attack! 私の攻撃受けてみろ!
Attack 2 ▶️ ⏏️ Prepare yourself, okay? 覚悟してね
Attack 3 ▶️ ⏏️ Let's do this! やるよー!
Attack 4 ▶️ ⏏️ With all I've got! 思いっきり!
Taking out-of-battle damage Effect Damage 1 ▶️ ⏏️ Ouch! あたっ
Effect Damage 2 ▶️ ⏏️ Hey. ちょっと
Effect Damage 3 ▶️ ⏏️ Hey now, I'm a girl, remember?! 私も女の子なんだよ?
Effect Damage 4 ▶️ ⏏️ Come on, be gentle. 優しくしてよぉ
Healing Healing 1 ▶️ ⏏️ I'm full of energy now! いっぱい元気!
Healing 2 ▶️ ⏏️ That's what I'm talking about! これこれ!
Healing 3 ▶️ ⏏️ With this, I can keep going! これならまだいける!
Healing 4 ▶️ ⏏️ What nice timing. 嬉しいタイミング
Warping Warp 1 ▶️ ⏏️ Huh? A warp? あれ ワープ?
Warp 2 ▶️ ⏏️ Where will I end up? どこに行くんだろ
Warp 3 ▶️ ⏏️ Uwaaah... うわー
Warp 4 ▶️ ⏏️ Hieeeh. ひぇえ
KO'd out-of-battle KO 1 ▶️ ⏏️ I went down... やられちゃった…
KO 2 ▶️ ⏏️ Man... What a bust. もー… ミスったなぁ
KO 3 ▶️ ⏏️ Ugh... It wasn't supposed to be like this. うぅ… こんなはずじゃあ
KO 4 ▶️ ⏏️ *Sigh* Looks like I have to pause for a bit. はぁ… ちょっぴりお休みだね
Battle (Attacker) Challenging enemy 1 ▶️ ⏏️ Prepare yourself. 覚悟してね
Challenging enemy 2 ▶️ ⏏️ Hi there, wanna play? ねぇねぇ 遊ぼーよ
Challenging enemy 3 ▶️ ⏏️ Play with me. 私の相手してよー
Challenging enemy 4 ▶️ ⏏️ Why don't we battle? バトルしよっか
Battle (Defender) Being challenged 1 ▶️ ⏏️ Sure, I'll accept your challenge. いいよ 相手してあげる
Being challenged 2 ▶️ ⏏️ Wow, you're really up for it. わあっ やる気だね
Being challenged 3 ▶️ ⏏️ Fiiiine, I'll play with you if you insist that much. 仕方ないなあ 遊んであげよう
Being challenged 4 ▶️ ⏏️ I won't lose. 負けないからね
Attacking Attack in battle 1 ▶️ ⏏️ Yah! やあ!
Attack in battle 2 ▶️ ⏏️ Toh! とお!
Attack in battle 3 ▶️ ⏏️ With everything I've got! 思い切って!
Attack in battle 4 ▶️ ⏏️ How's that! どうだ!
Light Damage Damage 1 ▶️ ⏏️ Ouch! いたっ
Damage 2 ▶️ ⏏️ Owah! おわっ
Damage 3 ▶️ ⏏️ Not bad! やるねっ
Damage 4 ▶️ ⏏️ Oww... あたた…っ
Heavy Damage Major damage 1 ▶️ ⏏️ No way, my magic... うそ 私の魔法が…
Major damage 2 ▶️ ⏏️ Whaaat, this is not possible. えええっ こんなのありえないよ
Major damage 3 ▶️ ⏏️ Oh no... Thick skin is the only thing I've got going for me... そんな… 頑丈さだけが取り柄なのに…
Major damage 4 ▶️ ⏏️ Wau! I-I don't believe this...! わうっ そ そんな…っ
Evading Evasion 1 ▶️ ⏏️ That was super close! あぶなっ
Evasion 2 ▶️ ⏏️ That almost freaked me out. こわいこわい
Evasion 3 ▶️ ⏏️ Whoa. おわっと
Evasion 4 ▶️ ⏏️ Hey, watch it. もう 危ないってば
Winning in Battle Winning a battle 1 ▶️ ⏏️ That was fun. 面白かったね
Winning a battle 2 ▶️ ⏏️ Woo-hoo! やったー!
Winning a battle 3 ▶️ ⏏️ Oh boy, was that a blast. はぁ 楽しかった
Winning a battle 4 ▶️ ⏏️ Ehehe, no hard feelings, okay? えへへ ごめんね
KO'd in Battle/Losing Game Losing a battle 1 ▶️ ⏏️ No way... 嘘でしょ…
Losing a battle 2 ▶️ ⏏️ Oh no, I lost. 負けちゃったよぉ
Losing a battle 3 ▶️ ⏏️ Uuu... I'm mad at myself. うー… 悔しいよぅ
Losing a battle 4 ▶️ ⏏️ Too strong. 強いよぉ
Bonus Panel Bonus panels 1 ▶️ ⏏️ Wow, so sweet! わ やったやった!
Bonus panels 2 ▶️ ⏏️ I feel very good...! これは 美味しい…!
Bonus panels 3 ▶️ ⏏️ Yeah, yeah, yeaaah! よーしよしよし!
Bonus panels 4 ▶️ ⏏️ Hooray, stars! うわーい スターだ
Drop Panel Drop panels 1 ▶️ ⏏️ Whaaat...! えええ…!
Drop panels 2 ▶️ ⏏️ Hold on a sec! No... ちょっとまって! あぁぁ…
Drop panels 3 ▶️ ⏏️ I messed up hard... やっちゃった…
Drop panels 4 ▶️ ⏏️ Waaan! わああんっ
Stepping on Trap Stepping on a trap 1 ▶️ ⏏️ I let down my guard! 油断してたぁっ
Stepping on a trap 2 ▶️ ⏏️ How could anyone do this?! もうっ ひどいよぉ
Stepping on a trap 3 ▶️ ⏏️ A trap!? トラップぅ!?
Stepping on a trap 4 ▶️ ⏏️ I hate this so much! もうやだよぅっ
Vs. Boss Encountering a boss 1 ▶️ ⏏️ Whoa, that really creeps me out. ゾワゾワしてきた
Encountering a boss 2 ▶️ ⏏️ So many dangerous vibes... 危ない気配…
Encountering a boss 3 ▶️ ⏏️ Here comes our guest of honor, I guess. ここからが本番かな
Encountering a boss 4 ▶️ ⏏️ Well... I may get beaten if I lower my guard for even a moment. これは… 気を抜いたら負けちゃうかも…
Star Norma Star Norma 1 ▶️ ⏏️ Star-gathering, it is! 星集めっ!
Star Norma 2 ▶️ ⏏️ I'll get tons of them! I've got this! いっぱい集めるよ 任せて!
Star Norma 3 ▶️ ⏏️ Gather stars? I'll do a great job of it! スター収集だね 頑張るから!
Star Norma 4 ▶️ ⏏️ All the stars around here will be mine. ここのスター 採り尽くしちゃおう
Wins Norma/Fame Norma Win Norma 1 ▶️ ⏏️ Let's play a lot. いっぱい遊ぼうね
Win Norma 2 ▶️ ⏏️ My magic is unbeatable. 私の魔法は絶対負けないから
Win Norma 3 ▶️ ⏏️ Exercising is important. 運動は大事だからね
Win Norma 4 ▶️ ⏏️ My heart's burning hot. 私のハートが燃えてるよ
Selecting Character Selecting character 1 ▶️ ⏏️ I'm Miusaki. ミウサキだよ
Selecting character 2 ▶️ ⏏️ You want me to come with? Sure, let's have some fun. 私と一緒に? うん よろしくね
Selecting character 3 ▶️ ⏏️ I was bored to death! Let's go play. 丁度暇だったんだ! 遊ぼ遊ぼー
Selecting character 4 ▶️ ⏏️ I'll try my hardest. 私頑張るね
Starting Game Game starts 1 ▶️ ⏏️ It's started. スタートだね
Game starts 2 ▶️ ⏏️ Now, let's get started! さ はじめよー!
Game starts 3 ▶️ ⏏️ Let's all have a fun game. 楽しく遊ぼーね
Game starts 4 ▶️ ⏏️ I'm hyped! ワクワクするね
Winning Game Winning games 1 ▶️ ⏏️ What, I won? Sweet! え 私の勝ち? やったね!
Winning games 2 ▶️ ⏏️ I'm so happy... Ehehe. 嬉しいな… えへへ
Winning games 3 ▶️ ⏏️ What a blast! Hey, we should play one more game. 楽しかった! ね もう一回やろ
Winning games 4 ▶️ ⏏️ That was so much fun. すっごく楽しかったね
Item Drop/Crate Drop Obtaining new stuff 1 ▶️ ⏏️ What do you think of that? これとかどうかな?
Obtaining new stuff 2 ▶️ ⏏️ I got this for you! こんなの用意しました!
Obtaining new stuff 3 ▶️ ⏏️ How's that? You like it? どう? 嬉しい?
Obtaining new stuff 4 ▶️ ⏏️ I hope you like it... 喜んでもらえればいいんだけど…
Whack a Poppo/Track the Card Generic Line 1 ▶️ ⏏️ Okay. はーい
Roll 0 on Drop panel Generic Line 2 ▶️ ⏏️ Good. いいね
Whack a Poppo/Snowball Position Generic Line 3 ▶️ ⏏️ You can count on me. まかせて
Whack a Tomomo/Alte Generic Line 4 ▶️ ⏏️ No. だめ
Bad Prize Generic Line 5 ▶️ ⏏️ Hmmm... ん んんん…
Star Treasure Generic Line 6 ▶️ ⏏️ My lucky day! ラッキー!
Neutral Prize Generic Line 7 ▶️ ⏏️ Hmeh? んぇ?
Battle Prize/Supporter Revive Generic Line 8 ▶️ ⏏️ Here I go! いっくよー!
Generic Line 9 ▶️ ⏏️ Dice! サイコロ!
Using Fury/Iron Defense Generic Line 10 ▶️ ⏏️ You can do it! You can do it! 頑張れ頑張れ!
Greeting (Home Screen/Joining Lobby) Generic Line 11 ▶️ ⏏️ Hey! やっ!
Miss Prize/Track the Card Generic Line 12 ▶️ ⏏️ Hm... Hmm... む… むむむ…
Generic Line 13 ▶️ ⏏️ Way to go! やったね!
Hyper Treasure/Good Prize Generic Line 14 ▶️ ⏏️ Wow, that's super! わぁ すごい!
Fail Norma check/Roll 0 on Bonus panel/Miss Match/Bad Prize (Match 2) Generic Line 15 ▶️ ⏏️ Arrrrgh, geez! くぅううう もー!
Using Other Hyper Enemy Hyper 1 ▶️ ⏏️ Whose magic is this? これは誰の魔法だろ
Enemy Hyper 2 ▶️ ⏏️ What's this do...? これなんだろ…
Enemy Hyper 3 ▶️ ⏏️ Unfamiliar magic, but I'll give it a try. 知らない魔法だけど使っちゃおっか
Enemy Hyper 4 ▶️ ⏏️ What's going to happen? I'm hyped!! 何が起きちゃうんだろ ドキドキ!
Special Lines
Vs. Teotoratta (attacking) Special Line 1 ▶️ ⏏️ Teo, are you out of control again? テオっ また暴れてるの?
Vs. Teotoratta (defending) Special Line 2 ▶️ ⏏️ Whoa, Teo! You've got to relax! わ テオ! 落ち着きなよ!
Defeat Teotoratta Special Line 3 ▶️ ⏏️ Geez, you could've just said you wanted to play with me. もー 遊んでほしいのはわかったから
KO'd by Teotoratta Special Line 4 ▶️ ⏏️ Uuu, Teo, you idiot. うー テオのバカ
Special Line 5 ▶️ ⏏️ Huh? You want to play with me? Sure! ん? 遊んで欲しいの? いいよ!
Special Line 6 ▶️ ⏏️ Okay, I'll play with you. お姉ちゃんが遊んであげよう
Special Line 7 ▶️ ⏏️ Fufu, you're adorable. ふふ 可愛い子だな
Special Line 8 ▶️ ⏏️ Huh? What's wrong? Are you lost? ん どうしたの? 迷子?
Heal other players with Dinner/Cooking Time Special Line 9 ▶️ ⏏️ Tired? Then let me use this for you. 疲れてるの? それじゃこれで
Special Line 10 ▶️ ⏏️ Everyone should be full of energy when playing. みんなで元気に遊びたいもんね
Special Line 11 ▶️ ⏏️ How you feeling? Any better now? どう? 少しは元気でた?
Special Line 12 ▶️ ⏏️ All right, I'll give you some energy. しょーがないなぁ 私が元気分けてあげるよぅ
Protect from out-of-battle damage with Solid Witch Special Line 13 ▶️ ⏏️ That's no use! 無駄だよ!
Special Line 14 ▶️ ⏏️ That won't hurt me a bit. 全然効かないんだから
Special Line 15 ▶️ ⏏️ Ehehe, I'm invincible. えへへ 全然平気だもんね
Special Line 16 ▶️ ⏏️ This is the power of my magic! これが私の魔法の力だよ!

Note: Announcer voice lines cannot be listened to in the in-game Gallery. English and Kanji captions provided by Wiki staff.
When English Kanji
Opening the game {{{t}}} ▶️ ⏏️ Orange_Juice and Fruitbat Factory. オレンジジュースアンドフルーツバットファクトリー
{{{t}}} ▶️ ⏏️ Shindenken. しんでんけん
Title screen {{{t}}} ▶️ ⏏️ 100% Orange Juice! 100%おれんじじゅ~すっ!
Start of player 1 turn {{{t}}} ▶️ ⏏️ Player 1. プレイヤーワン
Start of player 2 turn {{{t}}} ▶️ ⏏️ Player 2. プレイヤーツー
Start of player 3 turn {{{t}}} ▶️ ⏏️ Player 3. プレイヤースリー
Start of player 4 turn {{{t}}} ▶️ ⏏️ Player 4. プレイヤーフォー
Starting a battle {{{t}}} ▶️ ⏏️ Battle. バトル
Winning a battle {{{t}}} ▶️ ⏏️ Win. ウィン
Triggering a bonus panel {{{t}}} ▶️ ⏏️ Bonus. ボーナス
Triggering a drop panel {{{t}}} ▶️ ⏏️ Drop. ドロップ
Triggering a draw panel {{{t}}} ▶️ ⏏️ Card draw. カードドロー
Triggering warp panel {{{t}}} ▶️ ⏏️ Warp. ワープ
Triggering a move panel {{{t}}} ▶️ ⏏️ Move. ムーブ
Triggering warp move panel {{{t}}} ▶️ ⏏️ Warp move. ワープムーブ
Triggering a trap {{{t}}} ▶️ ⏏️ Trap triggered. トラップ発動
Skipping a turn {{{t}}} ▶️ ⏏️ Skip. スキップ
Stopping on a panel affected by Immovable Object {{{t}}} ▶️ ⏏️ Stop. ストップ
Triggering a norma check without meeting the requirements {{{t}}} ▶️ ⏏️ Norma check. ノルマチェック
Reaching level 2 {{{t}}} ▶️ ⏏️ Norma level 1 achieved. ノルマレベルワン達成
Reaching level 3 {{{t}}} ▶️ ⏏️ Norma level 2 achieved. ノルマレベルツー達成
Reaching level 4 {{{t}}} ▶️ ⏏️ Norma level 3 achieved. ノルマレベルスリー達成
Reaching level 5 {{{t}}} ▶️ ⏏️ Norma level 4 achieved. ノルマレベルフォー達成
Winning the game {{{t}}} ▶️ ⏏️ Final norma achieved! 最終ノルマ達成!
Attempting to connect to a lobby {{{t}}} ▶️ ⏏️ Connecting. コネクティング
Successfully connecting to a lobby {{{t}}} ▶️ ⏏️ Connected. コネクティド
Failing to connect to a lobby {{{t}}} ▶️ ⏏️ Failed. フェイルド
Attempting to connect to a full lobby {{{t}}} ▶️ ⏏️ Lobby full. ロビーフル
Another player joins the lobby {{{t}}} ▶️ ⏏️ Player joined. プレイヤージョインド
Another player leaves the lobby {{{t}}} ▶️ ⏏️ Player left. プレイヤーレフト


Update History[]

100% Orange Juice Emoticon 100oj.png V3.8
  • Miusaki's passive updated in co-op: When using Defend in battle, never take more than than half your max HP in damage at once (rounded up).

100% Orange Juice Emoticon 100oj.png V3.2.1

100% Orange Juice Emoticon 100oj.png V2.9.7
  • Character voice added to DLC 13Witch Pack.jpg.

100% Orange Juice Emoticon 100oj.png V1.30
  • Miusaki's evade value changed to 0 (Down from 1)

100% Orange Juice Emoticon 100oj.png V1.28.4

100% Orange Juice Emoticon 100oj.png V1.27.1
  • Fixed  Solid Witch visual effect not being applied to hair in portraits.

100% Orange Juice Emoticon 100oj.png V1.21

100% Orange Juice Emoticon 100oj.png V1.20 (Hotfix 3)
  • Fixed pink and black outfits not dropping for Miusaki and Ceoreparque.

100% Orange Juice Emoticon 100oj.png V1.20 (Hotfix 1)
  • Fixed a bug that could cause shield counter damage to be calculated incorrectly for Miusaki, potentially desyncing a multiplayer session.

100% Orange Juice Emoticon 100oj.png V1.20
  • Added to the game with DLC 13Witch Pack.jpg.