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Playing As Miusaki
  • Try to keep your health above 2 at all times, as Miusaki cannot die at 3 HP or higher. Home's healing is a big aid in this as well as cards.
  •  Saki's Cookie is an excellent card on Miusaki because it can bring her from 2 to 3 HP, meaning her passive guarantees survival. Other healing such as  Dinner can also be helpful however tend to help other players more than Saki's Cookie would.
  •  Quick Restoration is extremely useful on Miusaki. Assuming she is at least 3 HP, it lets her take a hit completely risk free as she will heal back to safe HP immediately.
  •  Portable Pudding is a similarly strong battle card, bringing Miusaki back to safe HP if she finds herself in a dangerous battle with 2 or less HP.
  •  Lucky Sevens is a very good card on Miusaki because she generally will not care if she rolls 0 on defense due to her passive, but appreciates the possibility of a 7. On the flip side, she will not care if her opponents roll high on ATK against her but loves if they roll 0.
  •  Rainbow-Colored Circle and  I'm on Fire! abuse her passive well due to Miusaki hardly caring about losing DEF.
  • Defensive cards such as  Rbits &  Shield are somewhat ineffective due to her starting DEF being pitiful, it's a good idea to instead use cards that abuse her passive by keeping her above 2 HP instead.
  •  Reverse Attribute Field can bring her DEF to +2, however also gives the other players a survival tool especially against the boss.
  •  Solid Witch is a killer combo with  Little War &  Final Battle. Since Solid Witch lasts an entire chapter, she can abuse the aforementioned cards in a similar vein to Sora's  Extraordinary Specs & Suguri's  Accelerator.
  • Despite benefitting from cards, Miusaki can still be an effective card control user with  Gift Exchange. Her passive is very strong simply due to making fights redundant and even in the event Gift Exchange is used, she is likely to still have cards that help her.
Playing Against Miusaki

Recommended Cards[]

Standard Recommended Viable

 Saki's Cookie
 Quick Restoration

 Portable Pudding
 Lucky Sevens
 Gift Exchange
 Rainbow-Colored Circle
 I'm on Fire!

 Reverse Attribute Field
 Serious Battle

Counter Cards[]

Recommended Viable

 Long-Distance Shot
 Cloud of Seagulls
 Indiscriminate Fire Support

 Mimyuu's Hammer