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Event Card
Mix Phenomenon.png
Effect Duration: 3 chapters
All panels other than the home panels become random panels.
2 ☆
10 ★
1 per Deck
DeckPointsIcon.png 5
Rare Card
"A hole in a wall-like force between dimensions...It would appear that this phenomenon is mixing the worlds themselves together." —Yukito

Mix Phenomenon is a collectible Event card that can be acquired from the Mixed Booster Pack.


Upon use, all panels on the board except for  Home panels will be transformed into random panels. The panels will stay transformed for three chapters.



Mix Phenomenon is a card designed to counter the effects of panels that would otherwise be dangerous for the player to land on. The most common way to utilize it is to effectively disable a Boss EncounterBoss Encounter
When Norma level 4 is achieved for the first time by any player, all PEncounter.png Encounter panels on the map will be replaced with PBoss.png Boss panels. While Boss Encounter is in effect, any player who stops on a Boss panel will battle the Boss unit. This event will continue until the Boss unit is defeated.
or BattlefieldBattlefield
Every 6 Chapters, all PBonus.png Bonus and PDrop.png Drop panels will become PEncounter.png Encounter panels. This effect lasts for 3 Chapters.
event for a few turns, making the board much safer for all characters. It can also be used to deny certain panels from other players, such as disabling warp panels to prevent someone who is low on health from getting away.

Unfortunately, Mix Phenomenon is a card that many characters don't particularly need in their decks. Although Mix Phenomenon is great for defensive characters, offensive characters don't stand to benefit from it nearly as much outside of disabling the boss. Many characters have much more helpful cards they can add to the deck that will help them achieve victory.

Update History[]

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