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Voice Lines

When English Kanji
Rolling ▶️ Excuse me for the kick, circumstances dictate it... すみません、手がないもので…
▶️ May I kick it? 蹴っていいですか?
▶️ Hmph! ふんっ
▶️ I'll kick the dice. サイコロ蹴りますね
Using a Card ▶️ So as to gain the upper hand... 状況を有利に…
▶️ I'm accustomed to handling these things. こういうものの使い方は慣れています
▶️ I'll go on the offensive now. さあ、攻めに出ますよ
▶️ I'll alter the situation with a card. この状況、カードで動かします
Placing Trap ▶️ Here is a trap. トラップです
▶️ I'm setting one here... 仕掛けます…
▶️ I'm very good at these. 得意ですから、こういうの
▶️ You'd better stay away from this. 近づくと危ないですよ
Using Battle Card ▶️ My fighting strength has been improved. 戦闘力アップ
▶️ If I must fight. 戦いになるというなら
▶️ I warn you: I'm stronger than ever. 今の私、強いですよ
▶️ Are you prepared? 覚悟はいいですか
Another Ultimate Weapon ▶️ This is my last resort. 奥の手です
Reviving ▶️ I'm resuming my duty. 行動再開
▶️ I can continue. いけます
▶️ I'm not finished yet. ここからです
▶️ All functions are back to normal. 機能回復しました
Revive Failed ▶️ I'm unable to continue my duty. 行動不能です
▶️ I'm still recovering. まだ回復しませんか
▶️ I need some more time. もう少しかかりそうです
▶️ This is frustrating. もどかしいものですね
(Attack)/Snowball Attack ▶️ I'll attack you. 攻撃です
▶️ I'm coming at you. 仕掛けますよ
▶️ I'm doing this. こちらからいきます
▶️ Commencing attack. 攻撃開始
Field Damage ▶️ Ugh. くっ
▶️ I've taken damage. ダメージを受けました
▶️ Ugh, where did that come from...? うっ、どこから…
▶️ Not an ideal development... まずいですね…
Healing ▶️ I'm recovered now. 回復しました
▶️ With this, I can sustain myself for a while. これでしばらくは行動可能です
▶️ I'm perfectly good to go. これなら動けます
▶️ I've been saved. 助かりました
Warping ▶️ Warp? ワープ?
▶️ Am I getting blown away? 飛ばされるのですか?
▶️ This is completely unexpected... 想定外の自体…
▶️ Where am I landing...? 転移先は…
KO'd in Field ▶️ Ugh, where did I get hit from...? くっ、しばらくは行動不能です
▶️ I've been knocked out cold. やられました
▶️ I never imagined getting cornered like this. ここまで追い詰められるとは
▶️ I got the worst of it. 最悪の状況ですね
Battle (Attacker) ▶️ I'll be rid of you. 排除します
▶️ I'm going to challenge you. バトルを挑みます
▶️ Here I come. いきます
▶️ Commencing combat. 戦闘開始します
Battle (Defender) ▶️ Are you an enemy? 敵ですか
▶️ Enemy encounter. 敵襲
▶️ I'm ready to return fire. 迎え撃ちます
▶️ Challenge accepted. Come. いいですよ、来なさい
Attacking ▶️ I'll shoot you. 撃ちます
▶️ I'm going to take you down. 落とします
▶️ I'm going to hit you. 当てます
▶️ Attack. 攻撃
Light Damage ▶️ I've been hit. 被弾しました
▶️ I can keep going. この程度なら
▶️ Have I been hit? 当たった?
▶️ Ugh. くっ
Heavy Damage ▶️ Severely damaged. 損傷甚大
▶️ This is... これは…
▶️ I need to do something. このままでは
▶️ Argh. くぅっ
Evading ▶️ Successfully dodged. 回避成功です
▶️ No issues dodging that. 避けられます
▶️ Did you think you could hit me? 当たりなどしません
▶️ No trouble at all. その程度なら
Winning in Battle ▶️ I have won the game. 勝利しました
▶️ Victory is mine. 私の勝ちですね
▶️ Let's move on to the next one. 次へ行きましょう
▶️ Well, next up is... さて、次は…
KO'd in Battle/Losing Game ▶️ A defeat...? 敗北…?
▶️ So I've lost the game, huh. 負けてしまったんですね
▶️ I can't move. 動けませんね
▶️ Oh my goodness. なんということでしょう
Bonus Panel ▶️ I've gained stars. スターを入手しました
▶️ So, should I gather these? これを集めればいいのですか
▶️ What on earth are these? これは一体
▶️ What are these stars for...? スターとは…
Drop Panel ▶️ They slipped out. こぼれてしまいました
▶️ Stars have been lost. スター紛失
▶️ Should I not have lost them...? なくしてはいけなかったのでしょうか…
▶️ I've lost them. 失ってしまいました
Stepping on Trap ▶️ So it's a trap. トラップですか
▶️ Am I in a... trap? これは…トラップ
▶️ Someone got me. やられました
▶️ Ugh... A trap? くっ…罠?
Boss Panel ▶️ A large entity has been detected. 大きな反応があります
▶️ A gigantic... enemy? 巨大な…敵?
▶️ A large amount of energy has been detected. このエネルギー反応は
▶️ One false move, and I'll be finished... 迂闊に動くとやられる…
Star Norma ▶️ It seems that I need to gather stars. 星を集めろということですか
▶️ Roger that. Commencing star gathering. わかりました。スター収集を開始します。
▶️ Will I gather these objects? この物体を集めるのですか?
▶️ Will I learn what these stars are for... if I have many of them? スターとは…集めてみればわかるでしょうか
Wins Norma ▶️ Combat. Roger that. 戦闘ですね。わかりました。
▶️ I was born to fight. 私は戦うために生まれましたから
▶️ Yes, I'm commencing combat now. ええ、それでは戦闘を始めます
▶️ Yes, I'll keep on fighting. はい、何度でも戦います
Selecting Character ▶️ I'm Nath. ナートです
▶️ I'd gladly join you if you'd like. 私で良ければご一緒します
▶️ Let's have a good game. どうぞ、よろしく
▶️ With... me? Yes, certainly. 私と一緒に…ですか。はい、よろしくお願いします
Starting Game ▶️ It has begun. 始まりました
▶️ It's the start of the game. スタートですね
▶️ Commencing my duty. 行動開始
▶️ All right... I'm going out. では…いきます
Winning Game ▶️ We won the game... it seems. 勝利…ですか
▶️ Mission accomplished. 目標達成
▶️ I have achieved good results. 良い結果が残せました
▶️ The victory is ours. My hard work paid off, too. 勝利のようですね。私も頑張りましたから
Item Drop/Crate Drop ▶️ We've gained a reward. 戦利品ですね
▶️ It pleases me that you've gained something good. 良いものが当たったようで何よりです
▶️ I'm not sure how to use that, so I entrust it to you. 私にはよくわかりませんので、あなたに託しますね
▶️ We don't seem to own any of that. 未所持のもののようですよ
Whack a Poppo/Track the Card ▶️ Yes. はい
▶️ I'm happy for you. 良かったですね
Whack a Poppo ▶️ Very well. ええ
Whack a Tomomo/Alte ▶️ No. 駄目です
Bad Prize ▶️ Ugh... く…
Star Treasure ▶️ You're in luck. 運がいいですね
Neutral Prize ▶️ Mhm... む…
Battle Prize/Supporter Revive ▶️ Let's go, shall we? いきましょう
▶️ Dice. サイコロ
▶️ Here I go. いきます
Greeting (Home Screen/Joining Lobby) ▶️ Hello. こんにちは
Miss Prize/Track the Card ▶️ Hmm... ん…
▶️ That's good. いいですね
Hyper Treasure/Good Prize ▶️ That's wonderful. 素晴らしいです
Miss Match/Bad Prize (Match 2) ▶️ ...... ……
Using Other Hyper ▶️ Isn't this a hyper card... このハイパーカードは…
▶️ An enemy's card...? 敵のカード…?
▶️ I'll use whatever it takes to win... 使えるものであれば…
▶️ Whatever means are necessary... 何を使ってでも…
Unique Interaction Lines
Vs. QP (any) (attacking) ▶️ A puppy... How cute... 犬…かわいい…
Vs. QP (any) (attacking) ▶️ Are you a stray? 野良犬ですか?
Defeat QP (any) ▶️ Would you like to come to my place? うちに来ますか?
KO'd by QP (any) ▶️ That's one energetic puppy. 元気な犬ですね
Vs. Sora (any) (attacking) ▶️ I didn't expect to fight you again. あなたと戦うことになるとは
Vs. Sora (any) (defending) ▶️ You're... あなたは…
Defeat Sora (any) ▶️ It's my victory this time. 今回は私の勝ちですね。
KO'd by Sora (any) ▶️ You're as strong as before. あなたはやはり強いですね
Vs. Star Breaker (attacking) ▶️ I must take you down here. 私はあなたを倒さなければならない
Vs. Star Breaker (defending) ▶️ I've just detected her. この反応は
Defeat Star Breaker ▶️ I can't let you beat me again. 何度も負けるわけにはいきませんから
KO'd by Star Breaker ▶️ Ugh... Not again... くっ…また…
Vs. Sora and Sham (Cuties) (attacking) ▶️ What on earth... are you two doing? あなた達…何をしてるのですか
Vs. Sora and Sham (Cuties) (defending) ▶️ Sora, Sham... I demand an explanation. ソラ、シャム…どういうことですか
Defeat Sora and Sham (Cuties) ▶️ I can tell you two enjoy what you're doing... I'm happy for you. あなた達が楽しそうなのは伝わりました…良かったです
KO'd by Sora and Sham (Cuties) ▶️ You two are seizing the day... I'm envious. 生き生きとしていますね…羨ましいです
Randomly spoken if using a pet cosmetic ▶️ Would you like something to eat? ご飯食べますか?
▶️ Aren't you sleepy? 眠くはありませんか?
▶️ Can I rub my cheek against yours? 頬ずりしてもいいですか?
▶️ Fufu, are you having fun? ふふ、楽しいですか?

Note: Announcer voice lines cannot be listened to in the in-game Gallery. English and Kanji captions provided by Wiki staff.
When English Kanji
Opening the game ▶️ Orange_Juice and Fruitbat Factory. オレンジジュースアンドフルーツバットファクトリー
▶️ Shindenken. しんでんけん
Title screen ▶️ 100% Orange Juice! 100%おれんじじゅ~すっ!
Start of player 1 turn ▶️ Player 1. プレイヤーワン
Start of player 2 turn ▶️ Player 2. プレイヤーツー
Start of player 3 turn ▶️ Player 3. プレイヤースリー
Start of player 4 turn ▶️ Player 4. プレイヤーフォー
Starting a battle ▶️ Battle. バトル
Winning a battle ▶️ Win. ウィン
Triggering a bonus panel ▶️ Bonus. ボーナス
Triggering a drop panel ▶️ Drop. ドロップ
Triggering a draw panel ▶️ Card draw. カードドロー
Triggering warp panel ▶️ Warp. ワープ
Triggering a move panel ▶️ Move. ムーブ
Triggering warp move panel ▶️ Warp move. ワープムーブ
Triggering a trap ▶️ Trap triggered. トラップ発動
Skipping a turn ▶️ Skip. スキップ
Stopping on a panel affected by Immovable Object ▶️ Stop. ストップ
Triggering a norma check without meeting the requirements ▶️ Norma check. ノルマチェック
Reaching level 2 ▶️ Norma level 1 achieved. ノルマレベルワン達成
Reaching level 3 ▶️ Norma level 2 achieved. ノルマレベルツー達成
Reaching level 4 ▶️ Norma level 3 achieved. ノルマレベルスリー達成
Reaching level 5 ▶️ Norma level 4 achieved. ノルマレベルフォー達成
Winning the game ▶️ Final norma achieved! 最終ノルマ達成!
Attempting to connect to a lobby ▶️ Connecting. コネクティング
Successfully connecting to a lobby ▶️ Connected. コネクティド
Failing to connect to a lobby ▶️ Failed. フェイルド
Attempting to connect to a full lobby ▶️ Lobby full. ロビーフル
Another player joins the lobby ▶️ Player joined. プレイヤージョインド
Another player leaves the lobby ▶️ Player left. プレイヤーレフト