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Cooking Time
Cooking Time.png
All players recover your Lvl x HP.
Gain 5 stars for each HP recovered.
Hyper Info
Level x5 ★
"It's meal time!" ―Natsumi


Natsumi's Hyper is Cooking Time. When used, all units will heal an amount of HP equal to the player's level. This will also affect the user. The player gains 5 stars for each point of HP healed through this effect.


Cooking Time is an unusual utility-type Hyper that grows in strength as the game progresses. Unlike most Hypers, Cooking Time heals all players similar to  Dinner, with the added bonus of awarding the user with stars for doing so. Given that the Hyper heals an amount equal to to the user's current level, the card gains much more power in the latter half of the game where its effect can be maximized. That said, the Hyper's low price in the early game can be a viable method to a quick Norma, if many players have had their HP reduced from things such as  Encounter panels or the Air RaidAir Raid
Every 5 Chapters, all units will take 1 damage at the beginning of the Chapter.
field event. In general, the Hyper reaches its peak strength at Norma 4 with the arrival of  Boss panels, which can easily cause substantial damage to both the player and opponents. Assuming the player has successfully advanced their Norma, both of these sources should provide the user with windows of opportunity they can exploit to gain a decent amount of stars. If timed well, the user should almost always be able to make a profit, even if it is only 5 stars. Additionally, the user should try to be missing 2-3 HP before activating the Hyper, as this will cover most of the Hyper's price. Besides being used for large star-gain, the Hyper does have other uses. If the player finds themselves in a tight spot, they can use the card as a make-shift  Pudding, or prevent an opponent from KOing another opponent to stop them from gaining stars and wins. The Hyper can also be used to counter certain effects that prey on 1 HP opponents, such as  Final Surgery and Iru's passive.

Despite the Hyper's multiple uses, it is not without its own issues. Its performance is almost entirely based on the opponent's performance. If the board lacks Encounter panels or is large enough to make battle infrequent, there may be few opportunities to profit from the Hyper. Similarly, if characters tend to be KO'd instead of surviving with low HP, it presents another obstacle. Another issue with the Hyper is that it is relatively easy to counter. Given that the card is based on healing others, its greatest weakness is other healing cards. Pudding and Dinner can both erase a profit opportunity, and if an opponent uses  Mimic to get the Hyper, it can completely ruin the user's chances of using the Hyper effectively. Certain characters are also particularly unhelpful toward the effect. Low HP characters such as Peat or Nanako will provide very little stars to the user, even at their lowest. Lastly, the rising cost of the Hyper can make it more difficult to profit from, as although the card heals more, it requires more missing HP to cover the increasing cost. This results in the player needing  President's Privilege in order to circumvent the price and maximize the effect, which can serve as a minor inconvenience.