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Natsumi (ナツミ Natsumi) is one of the playable characters in 100% Orange Juice!. She was added to the game in DLC 18Mei & Natsumi Character Pack.jpg alongside Mei. She originates from the game Xmas Shooting - Scramble!! in which she was a minor antagonist.


  • At the end of your turn, if not KO'd and if standing on the same panel with other players, each unit on the panel recovers 1 HP.
  • Whenever Natsumi heals another player due to any effect (including her passive, and any cards that heal), gain 5 stars per player healed.


Natsumi is the first full-fledged support character with the ability to heal other players. She sports an average statline similar to QP with the only drawback being her negative attack stat. This allows her switch between collecting stars and engaging in combat without much risk to her, the latter complementing her passive. Her passive allows her to semi-passively gain stars as long as she's in the same panel as another player that isn't full HP, so it is a good strategy, if a bit risky depending on the other player's character, to challenge players to a fight for the purpose of lowering their HP, then healing them back up. Fighting characters such as Kyoko (can only defend, has a bad attack stat) or Flying Castle (cannot counterattack) will be most beneficial. It should also be noted than if she's in the same panel as someone who is KO'd, she will regain health. Cards such as  Dinner will also work with her passive, giving her stars for every HP healed.

However, Natsumi faces the trouble of her low attack stat playing against her, allowing characters with high evade such as Aru or Suguri or anyone that has played  Rainbow-Colored Circle to avoid any damage by her, and to strike back harder. Natsumi also cannot heal Kiriko by any means, so having her in the match will cut Natsumi's potential star gain. There's also the obvious drawback that healing anybody in the lead will make them harder to take down, most likely allowing them to reach  Home and win the game safely.


+Easy self-healing.
+Healing is very easy to trigger, giving her an important star gain.
+Hyper can net her a big amount of stars if played at the appropriate time.
-Healing enemies can cause more conflict than benefit.
-Negative attack stat can cause difficulty in combat.
-Can't effectively KO someone as she'll heal them back.
-A Kiriko in the match can completely negate any healing and, therefore, any star gain.