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Tips[edit | edit source]

Playing As Natsumi

Try to avoid engaging in battle with +2 ATK units if possible! They can tear through your health faster than you can heal with your passive. Units with high Evade can also prove problematic for Natsumi, due to her -1 ATK. Defensive units like Kyoko, Kyousuke, Fernet & Robo Ball are your best bets for the 'attack & heal' strategy.

Playing Against Natsumi

Cards that attack her stars, such as Flip Out, Scary Solicitation, For The Future Of The Toy Store & Sky Restaurant Pures are especially nasty against Natsumi. Battle cards that boost ATK are also good against her thanks to her neutral DEF & EVD.

Recommended Cards[edit | edit source]

- Dinner gives Natsumi 5 stars for every other player she heals! This can result in a slight profit if every other character is not at full HP.

- Cloud of Seagulls is 2 free damage & 10 extra stars for Cooking Time.

- Sealed Guardian can set up your Hyper for MASSIVE star gain. Best used late game in combination with President's Privilege, as well as on the other side of the board if at all possible.

- Party Time is excellent for dealing with aggressive chasers. It not only ensures they move ahead of you, it also triggers your healing passive & you'll get some stars back in the process (unless every other player is at full health)

- Reverse Attribute Field is great against characters with positive ATK scores as well as bosses.

Counter Cards[edit | edit source]

- Big Magnum & Super All-Out Mode are highly useful against Natsumi, as she has neutral DEF & EVD.

- Scrambled Eve & Out of Ammo prevent her from healing everybody with Cooking Time! or Dinner for a turn. Use this to attack her while she's unable to heal!