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Boost Card
Nice Jingle.png
Stock Effect.
The next bonus panel gives you twice as many stars.
1 ☆
0 ★
1 per Deck
DeckPointsIcon.png 0
Mizuki Seo
Uncommon Card
"We've got a bunch." —Aru

Nice Jingle is a 1-star boost card that causes the next  Bonus or  Bonus (x2) panel the user lands on to grant twice as many stars.

Strategic Info[]

Any character that wants to have more stars, which is to say most of them, should consider putting Nice Jingle into their deck. For the low cost of nothing, Nice Jingle provides the player with a way to speed up their star collection in a quick burst. One thing to keep in mind is that  Bonus panels grant stars based on the player's norma, maxing at out 3. Because of this, Nice Jingle starts out fairly weak but becomes more powerful later in the game. Players can hold on to it until they reach norma 3 for the maximum payoff or use it earlier to help them achieve normas sooner.

Nice Jingle is a card that most characters would love to have access to. Its only real downside is its 1-per-deck limit and the fact that opponents can use it pull ahead in a match if they happen to draw it. Even so, characters that would rather focus on gaining wins don't necessarily have room for it in their decks. Many offensive characters such as Yuki or Kai would benefit more from cards that would help them catch and KO players, but can still make use of it if another player brings it. The only characters that that would not want this card in the game are Star Breaker and Store Manager, as they cannot benefit from it as much as other characters due to their forced win normas and inability to play cards respectively.

Extra Info[]

  • The Nice Jingle buff is only lost when landing on a bonus panel. Being KO'd does not cause the player to lose the buff.
  • Nice Jingle does not stack. Using Nice Jingle while a previous Nice Jingle is still in effect on the user will do nothing.