100% Orange Juice Wiki
Boost Card
Nice Present.png
Draw 2 cards.
2 ☆
10 ★
1 per Deck
DeckPointsIcon.png 0
Uncommon Card
"You're going to help me deliver the presents." —Aru

Nice Present is a 2-star boost card that lets the user draw two cards.


Nice Present is an excellent all-purpose boost card that provides the player with more cards, and thus more options, for a very cheap price. As a result of the large benefits that can be drawn from the card, each player is only limited to one copy of Nice Present per deck. The card itself has multiple uses. Assuming the player has brought good cards that they hope to find within the deck, Nice Present will help the player sift through the center deck for their own cards, similar to  Passionate Research. The card can also be used like Passionate Research to try and find Hyper cards, which is critical for characters that are reliant on their Hyper such as Krilalaris or Marie Poppo. The card can also provide the player with cards if they desperately need options against a looming opponent.

Besides hindering cards that need the player to have less cards such, as  Scary Solicitation and  Present for You, Nice Present does not have many negative effects. The only characters that would not want to consider bringing Nice Present in their decks are Store Manager and Mei. Store Manager cannot play the card at all, allowing his opponents to draw more cards to answer his fantastic stats. Mei needs to empty her hand in order to get  Red & Blue. Playing Nice Present will replace it with two cards, making it potentially harder to empty her hand if she draws cards with high star or norma requirements. Otherwise, the player should actually consider whether they need the card in their deck. If the card is not integral to the player's success, it may be best to not include the card in the deck as it could be just as powerful in the opponent's hands. If the player is not actually fishing for anything in particular, then there is a good chance there is too much risk of feeding other opponents cards which can be used against the player.