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Nico's Presents!.jpg Nico's Presents!
As Nico, use Present Thief to receive cards from Aru (DLC 19)

Nico's Presents! is a Steam achievement in 100% Orange Juice! It is one of 6 achievements included within DLC 19.



To acquire this achievement, Nico can step on any  Present Thief trap that contains cards taken from an Aru. There is no need to be the one who placed the trap, as it works no matter who placed it, even if it was placed by Aru herself.

This achievement is quite difficult to obtain, as any placed  Present Thief trap will be wasted if another player loses their cards to it, or takes Aru's cards from it. One method to make it more likely is by placing the Present Thief trap on Aru's home. However, doing this means it is likely that Aru will just land on the trap twice before you can get to it. Alternatively, one can act reactively rather than proactively, by simply relying on another player or CPU to place  Present Thief and getting to it first if Aru steps on it. However, since you will not be able to tell which placed traps are  Present Thief until after someone steps on it, this strategy is not as effective as placing it yourself.

Another difficulty of getting the achievement is drawing  Present Thief before someone else does, to ensure that it goes in an ideal position on the board.  Nice Present can help with this, and Nico also has  Evil Mastermind as a possibility, if she receives it from  Miracle Walker.

 Path Blockers is immensely helpful for this achievement, as you can use it to ensure that both you and Aru will step on the trap. However, care should be taken as there is a possibility that another player can draw it instead and use it to land on  Present Thief themselves.  Lonely Chariot can also be helpful, as it can be used to ensure that you land on  Present Thief if it is the right number of spaces away.  Extraordinary Specs and  Awakening of Talent can also be used for this purpose, if you can obtain them with  Miracle Walker.

One good map to play is Crossed Christmas Final Episode (Nr.6) because there are 2 Aru. I placed my Present Thief on my Home base. 1 Arus was close behind, Arthur gone K.O. & other Aru was on other Side of map.So i moved fast around the middle core and get fast back & easy get it(first try take my less then 5 minutes even with a little lucky timing).

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