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Miracle Walker
Miracle Walker.png
Turn all your other cards into random Hyper cards.
You may play one more card this turn.
Hyper Info
Cards transformed x 5 ★
"Hooray! Nico will try her best!" ―Nico

Nico's Hyper is Miracle Walker. It allows Nico to effectively discard her current hand and draw hypers from any character, even those not in the match.

Hyper Strategy

Miracle Walker is a very luck based Hyper, depending on chance to get a beneficial Hyper for the current situation. The best time to use it would be when the player has a full hand with >4 cards to get the most out of the conversion. The player should have in mind that Gift Hyper cards do not apply their effect thanks to Nico's passive, for example  Banned for Life will not impede the player from playing other cards and  Santa's Job will not give away cards for money; they will however allow Nico to gain more stars, so it's not a bad idea to keep them in hand.

This Hyper allows Nico to be very aggressive and scale up incredibly quickly with powerful effects and stats increase backing her up. Getting cards such as  Extraordinary Specs will allow her to enter combat and have a higher chance to KO enemies, while others like  Reflective Shell let her come out of battles generally unscathed. Other supportive cards like  Present for You can amass a great amount of stars or debuff and lower enemy players HPs safely like  Dance, Long-Eared Beasts!. Drawing multiple hypers can also easily trigger combos, such as activating  Accelerator then  Awakening of Talent in Battle to guarantee a 10 roll.

The main downside of this hyper is its randomness. Despite the generally good cards that can be drawn and potential powerful combos, many times they won't be acquired in the appropriate situation or they won't be useful ( Cast Off) or hinder Nico too much ( Another Ultimate Weapon). While it's possible to do it with less cards, it's generally better to get a full hand of cards before activating it to get more chances for a good card, which can slow down the activation on maps with  Draw panels too separated.