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Base Stats
Basic Info

Nico (ニコ Niko) is one of the playable Characters in 100% Orange Juice!. She was added to the game in DLC 19Toy Store Pack.jpg alongside Arthur.

Passives[edit | edit source]

  • Gift cards have no effect when held or played.
  • Gain X additional stars from all sources, where X is the number of Gift cards in hand.
  • Can hold 4 cards (as opposed to the standard 3).

Overview[edit | edit source]

Nico is a wild card character that has a couple of neat passives in her favor. The first being her ability to nullify Gift cards and earning extra stars while holding them. While this passive is inherently capped at 4 extra stars due to her hand limit, it's also more difficult to attack her hand than it is to attack Arthur's Hobby Shops. Her ability to hold 4 cards boosts her ability to gather bonus stars from hoarding Gifts, as well as her ability to use Miracle Walker to obtain a handful of random Hypers. Nico should aim for a Star norma, as powerful combat Hypers are rare to obtain and expensive to use, often ending without results due to her lackluster stat spread.

Summary[edit | edit source]

+ Negates negative Gift effects, including  Evil Spy Work - Execution
+ Earns extra stars while holding onto Gifts
+ Can obtain some very powerful Hypers if lucky
+ Can hold four cards
- Negates positive Gift effects
- Lackluster stats make her an easy bullying target
- Hyper is highly luck-dependent