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Nico should aim to play very safe, while benefitting from gift cards. Just a couple gifts give her extremely potent star generation, and if Nico remains healthy, she will more than likely be ahead in stars. She has very weak defensive stats, meaning staying alive is often easier said than done; however, defensive cards such as  Shield Counter can help this issue. Nico should generally use her hyper in two situations: when she is behind, in order to draw powerful hyper cards she needs to take the lead, or when she's ahead, drawing Hypers that allow her to defend her lead.


Playing As Nico
  • Nico is fragile due to having lackluster HP and 0 DEF, with only +1 EVD to make up for it. Try to avoid battles as much as possible, and be aware of what panels you stop on. Ending your turn right in front of a bully character is asking to be fought.
  • Nico should deck as many Gift Cards as possible. Especially ones that actively harm a large amount of opponents.  Unlucky Charm and  Bloodlust are good examples, as they offer minimal benefit for most other characters.
  •  Lucky Charm, however, is inadvisable to deck, as it awards other characters more stars than Nico, due to Nico ignoring the gift's positive effect.
  • To alleviate Nico's poor stats, defensive cards are advised in deck spots not taken up by gift cards.  Shield and  Shield Counter will make fights with Nico either result in very little damage, or even actively harm attackers.  Reverse Attribute Field and  Serious Battle levels the playing field in fights, and even lets Nico use them against the  Boss for a better survival chance.
  • Many of the Hypers Nico wants to draw either help her survive in combat, such as  Reflective Shell, or take back the lead with certain  Hypers. Powerful boost/battle Hypers can even do both, such as  Awakening of Talent.
  • Nico players with a playstyle strongly centralized around  Miracle Walker can consider decking  Present Thief. This is a high-rish high-reward option. On one hand, it can take away cards from Nico. On the other hand, if she lands on a  Present Thief loaded with cards, she can use  Miracle Walker after, for more cards to turn into Hypers.
  • When using Nico's hyper, be sure to not discard  Santa's Job or  Banned for Life unnecessarily: these gift cards have their effects nullified by Nico's passive, and will not harm her.
  • Having all 4 gift cards is not necessary, and could be very detrimental should Nico find herself in a battle where she lacks any defensive cards. Thus, try to keep a maximum of 2-3 gift cards, having the other slot(s) be filled with her Hyper, or a trump defensive card such as  Shield Counter, and/or  healing
Playing Against Nico
  •  Scrambled Eve and  Gift Exchange can be great when Nico holds gifts; these cards can be used to attempt to get rid of them, harming Nico's star generation. Similarly,  Flamethrower discarding her entire hand can be devastating, albeit being less consistent than the aforementioned event cards.
  • Most bully characters like Tomomo can easily bully Nico if she doesn't have the proper cards, due to her below average offense and defense.

Recommended Cards[]

Standard Recommended Viable

 Unlucky Charm
 Lost Child
 Poppo the Snatcher
 Windy Enchantment
 Metallic Monocoque
 Lucky Sevens
 Price of Power

 Serious Battle
 Reverse Attribute Field
 Shield Counter

 Saki's Cookie
 Rainbow-Colored Circle
 Present Thief

Counter Cards[]

Recommended Viable

 Scrambled Eve
 Gift Exchange

 Present Thief