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NoNameNoName (Head)
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Base Stats
Basic Info

NoName and NoName (Head) (NoName) (NoName(Head)) are two of the playable characters in 100% Orange Juice!. He was added to the game in DLC 11Kiriko & NoName Character Pack.jpg, alongside Kiriko. He plays as a single dual-character. NoName originates from the game Acceleration of SUGURI X-Edition, in which he was the main antagonist of the Falling Wonder campaign. He is a robot that looks identical to his creator Shifu (the main antagonist of SUGURI).

Passives[edit source]

NoName[edit source]

  • If KO'd, turn into NoName (Head) instead.
  • Give no stars or Wins if KO'd in battle.

NoName (Head)[edit source]

  • Turn into NoName after reaching a  Home panel or getting KO'd.
  • Gain -1 to all move rolls.

Overview[edit source]

NoName is a relatively balanced character, similar to Hime, with an average health stat, a slightly buffed attack stat, and partially reduced defense stat. While not particularly powerful in any stat, NoName features enough attack power to take down  Encounter panels and his health provides a decent amount of protection from incoming attacks. NoName's true power, however, stems from his passive ability which, like a robot, makes him rather difficult to KO. NoName essentially is given a second life upon initially being KO'd. The player will revert into his (Head) form, which can buy the player just enough time to either revert back to his initial form or draw a Hyper to survive even more chapters. This can be especially useful as it can help NoName survive almost indefinitely if the player can get to a  Home panel to make him whole again, and use healing cards such as  Pudding to set up another health barrier. The player can also enjoy the benefit from being relatively safe from the Bosses and immune to powerful Hyper cards like  Another Ultimate Weapon upon initial encounter. Like Miusaki, NoName's passive forces the opponent to do at least two battles in order KO NoName. He also has a powerful Hyper for the late game that puts almost every player into more danger than himself, and can completely ruin the game for opponents seeking wins.

Even with his powerful passive, NoName is far from un-KO'able, a possess a harsh trade-off. From the start, NoName features a slightly debuffed defense stat which lowers his durability for prolonged combat, which makes wins norma and combat inadvisable unless in his favor. A short amount of combats can quickly reduce NoName to his (Head) form. His passive also usually only acts as a way to keep him alive for one more chapter. However, once NoName has been reduced to (Head) form, he has extremely poor stats and a debuffed movement. The combination of both of these will likely result in an easy KO for pursuing opponents, as he cannot fight well or run away quickly. Even  Encounter panels become a risk as a roll of 5 or higher from an opponent can easily defeat NoName (Head) if the player rolls poorly for defense. The player will also then be punished harshly for being KO'd with a 6 recovery stat, often resulting in 2-3 chapters of downtime before the player can get back in the game.

NoName should more often than not try to aim for the star norma and play passively unless the opportunity to attack a weak opponent presents itself. When possible, the player should try to use the boss to their advantage, letting it do most of the damage to opponents so NoName can pick them off. In the early game, the player should focus on  Draw and  Bonus panels specifically as preserving NoName's health and preparing for the later game are essential to his success.

Summary[edit source]

+Positive ATK and a decent amount of HP in the first form
+Powerful passive effect that not only helps you protect your stars, but also allows you to attack others more safely
+Hyper that deters opponents from attacking you and can also potentially set them back
+Good synergy between the Hyper and the passive effect
-Low DEF. Extremely terrible stats in the Head form
-Hyper is very expensive and also requires having the Boss on the field
-Passive effect triggers on every KO, no matter what, which—along with the increased REC—can significantly slow down NoName, especially at the beginning of the game

A boss appears. If a boss is already on the field, treat this card as a battle card: End the battle. Opponent fights the boss instead. Can only use against players.
Hyper Info
30 ★
"Hahaha! Here comes my friend!" ―NoName

Effect[edit source]

NoName's Hyper Card is Overseer.

This card has varying effects, and can be used as either an Event card or a Battle card depending on certain criteria.

  • When there is not a Boss present on the field, this card can only be used as an Event card. Upon use, a Boss EncounterBoss Encounter
    When Norma level 4 is achieved for the first time by any player, all PEncounter.png Encounter panels on the map will be replaced with PBoss.png Boss panels. While Boss Encounter is in effect, any player who stops on a Boss panel will battle the Boss unit. This event will continue until the Boss unit is defeated.
    event is triggered, summoning the Boss.
  • When there is a Boss present on the field, this card can only be used as a Battle card. When used in a battle, the battle will instantly end. In addition, the opponent will enter a battle with the Boss. The Boss will be on either the attacking or defending side of battle, depending on which side the player was on.

When used as a Battle card, this card can only be used against other players.

Strategy[edit source]

Using Overseer is an effective tactic when NoName is in Head form, as it can protect the player from being KO'd. The Hyper can also be used to KO an enemy that could potentially be a threat, as the Boss will generally roll a high attack roll value.

Overseer can be used to great effect against characters such as Star Breaker who focus on Win Norma, as spawning a constant stream of bosses will prevent, or at least slow the characters progression of achieving the necessary amount of victories.

Dialogue R sm.png


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Tips[edit source]

Playing As NoName
  •  Oh My Friend is an essential card, as NoName requires the Boss present for the hyper usage.
  •  President's Privilege allows to use  Oh My Friend and NoName's hyper for reduced cost.
  •  Play of the Gods can potentially bring  Oh My Friend and NoName's hyper (when used by other players) into play.
  •  Reverse Attribute Field and  Cloud of Seagulls can save NoName when he's in the Head form, however both has significant drawbacks as the former can save other players from the Boss (potentially even removing it from the game) while the latter can turn a low HP NoName into the Head form.
Playing Against NoName

Recommended Cards[edit source]

Recommended Standard Neutral

Counter Cards[edit source]

Recommended Standard

Overseer (Co-op)
Overseer (Co-op).png
End the battle. Opponent fights Shifu Robot instead. Can only be used against the Boss.
Hyper Info
30 ★
"Hahaha! Here comes my friend!" ―NoName


In Co-op mode, NoName's REC stat is increased from 6 to 7, due to his base ATK of +1. The REC change is not shown on NoName (Head)'s unit card, but still applies to both of his forms. NoName's passive does not change.

NoName's Hyper, Overseer, is changed into a Battle type card and has a different effect in Co-op. This card can only be used in a battle against the Co-op boss. When used, the battle will instantly end. In addition, the opponent will enter a battle with Shifu Robot (Boss). Shifu Robot will be on either the attacking or defending side of battle, depending on which side the player was on.

Co-op Rank
Attacker Guardian Support Avenger Dealer

Bounty Hunt

NoName's passive and Hyper are unchanged in Bounty Hunt mode.

NoName's base stats give him 38 starting stars and a markup of +5% at shops. Despite having weaker base stats, NoName (Head) has the same markup as NoName.


To unlock NoName (Normal & Head) as a playable character, along with his unit cards and Hyper card as binder collectibles:

Unit Colors

Name Current Unlock Conditions
Orange Icon.pngOrange color Purchase for 1000Stars Icon.png in the Shop.
Blue Icon.pngBlue color
Green Icon.pngGreen color
Yellow Icon.pngYellow color
Pink Icon.pngPink color Receive as a random drop after finishing an online game.
Purple Icon.pngPurple color Purchase for 20000Stars Icon.png in the Shop after reaching Level 50.
Teal Icon.pngTeal color Purchase for 10000Stars Icon.png in the Shop after reaching Level 25.
Black Icon.pngBlack color Receive as a random drop after finishing an online game.
Halloween Outfit Icon.pngHalloween Outfit color Purchase for 20000Stars Icon.png in the Shop after finishing 20 games as any character with the Black color equipped.
Silver Icon.pngSilver color Purchase for 40000Stars Icon.png in the Shop after reaching Level 75.
Red and Blue Icon.pngRed and Blue color Purchase for 60000Stars Icon.png in the Shop after reaching Level 100.
Christmas Outfit Icon.pngChristmas Outfit color

Hair Colors

Name Current Unlock Conditions
Hair Color 1 Icon.png Finish 10 games as NoName (Normal & Head), with the 10th game or any game after the 10th being online.
Hair Colors 2 Icon.png 3 Icon.png 4 Icon.png Receive as a random drop after finishing an online game.
Hair Colors 5 Icon.png 6 Icon.png 7 Icon.png 8 Icon.png 9 Icon.png 10 Icon.png 11 Icon.png 12 Icon.png


Name Current Unlock Conditions
Santa Hat Icon.pngSanta Hat Purchase for 5000Stars Icon.png in the Shop after giving out 10 cards with  Present for You as Aru.
Brown AntlersBrown Antlers Receive as a random drop after finishing an online game as NoName (Normal & Head).
Red AntlersRed Antlers Receive as a random drop after finishing an online game as NoName (Normal & Head).
Red CrownsRed Crown Complete all base-game campaigns and extra episodes on Normal difficulty or higher.
Purple CrownsPurple Crown Complete all base-game campaigns and extra episodes on Extreme difficulty.
Jack o'Lantern Icon.pngJack o'Lantern Purchase for 20000Stars Icon.png in the Shop after finishing 20 games as any character with the Black color equipped.
Poppo Mask Icon.pngPoppo Mask Purchase for 99999Stars Icon.png in the Shop.
Halloween Costume '17 Icon.pngHalloween Costume '17
Reindeer KigurumisReindeer Kigurumi Complete Waruda Christmas Party on any difficulty.
NoName's Whistle Icon.pngNoName's Whistle Currently unavailable.
Leo KigurumisLeo Kigurumi Currently unavailable.
PigformationPigformation During the Beware Pigformation (2021 Rerun) event, purchase for 1Pig Heart.pngPig Heart in the Shop.
Operation Halloween Costume Icon.pngOperation Halloween Costume Purchase for 100Halloween Candy Icon.pngHalloween Candy in the Shop.
Cow KigurumisCow Kigurumi
Name Current Unlock Conditions
Eyeglasses Icon.pngEyeglasses Receive as a random drop after finishing an online game.
Sunglasses Icon.pngSunglasses Receive randomly from the Mystery Bag.


Name Current Unlock Conditions
Poses 2 Icon.png 3 Icon.png 4 Icon.png 5 Icon.png 6 Icon.png 7 Icon.png 8 Icon.png 9 Icon.png 10 Icon.png 11 Icon.png 12 Icon.png Receive randomly from the Regular Crate.
Voice Pack Own DLC 11Kiriko & NoName Character Pack.jpg.


Icon Name Requirement
Master of Thighs.jpg Master of Thighs Play 10 games as NoName (Normal & Head).
Ahead of the Game.jpg Ahead of the Game Win the last Norma in NoName's head form.
Man's Best Friend.jpg Man's Best Friend While defending, use NoName's hyper  Overseer to KO your attacker.


1 Icon.png Default
0 10000 00.png
Non 00 00.png
2 Icon.png Attack
0 10000 00.png
Non 00 01.png
3 Icon.png Damage
0 10000 00.png
Non 00 02.png
4 Icon.png Success
0 10000 00.png
Non 00 03.png
5 Icon.png Failure
0 10000 00.png
Non 00 04.png
6 Icon.png Dice Throw
0 10000 00.png
Non 00 05.png
7 Icon.png Default
0 10000 00.png
Non 00 06.png
8 Icon.png Attack
0 10000 00.png
Non 00 07.png
9 Icon.png Damage
0 10000 00.png
Non 00 08.png
10 Icon.png Success
0 10000 00.png
Non 00 09.png
11 Icon.png Failure
0 10000 00.png
Non 00 10.png
12 Icon.png Dice Throw
0 10000 00.png
Non 00 11.png


0 10000 00.png
not found
0 10000 00.png
not found
0 10000 00.png
not found
0 10000 00.png
not found
0 10000 00.png
not found
0 10000 00.png
not found


1 Icon.png Hair 1
Non 00 00.png
Non 3000 00.png
2 Icon.png Hair 2
Non 00 00.png
Non 3001 00.png
3 Icon.png Hair 3
Non 00 00.png
Non 3002 00.png
4 Icon.png Hair 4
Non 00 00.png
Non 3003 00.png
5 Icon.png Hair 5
Non 00 00.png
Non 3004 00.png
6 Icon.png Hair 6
Non 00 00.png
Non 3005 00.png
7 Icon.png Hair 7
Non 00 00.png
Non 3006 00.png
8 Icon.png Hair 8
Non 00 00.png
Non 3007 00.png
9 Icon.png Hair 9
Non 00 00.png
Non 3008 00.png
10 Icon.png Hair 10
Non 00 00.png
Non 3009 00.png
11 Icon.png Hair 11
Non 00 00.png
Non 3010 00.png
12 Icon.png Hair 12
Non 00 00.png
Non 3011 00.png



Voice Lines

When English Kanji
Rolling ▶️ Eiya! えいや
▶️ Hoh! ほりゃ
▶️ Tey! てい
▶️ Like this? こうか
Using a Card ▶️ Here's the card I'll play! 俺が使うカードはこれだ!
▶️ At times like these, what I do is...! この状況ならば!俺は!
▶️ I'll show you what I've got. やってやろうじゃないか
▶️ This me is playing a card! ここでカードを使う俺!
Placing Trap ▶️ Trap time! トラップだ!
▶️ Behold this trap of mine! この俺のトラップ!
▶️ This me is setting a trap. トラップを仕掛ける俺!
▶️ Who'll suffer from this, I wonder! Kukuku! こいつでもがき苦しむのは誰だろうな!くくく!
Using Battle Card ▶️ Battle card time! バトルカードだ!
▶️ This me is getting stronger! 強くなる俺!
▶️ Fuhahahaha! ふはははは!
▶️ I'll get this settled once and for all! ここで畳み掛けるぞ!
Overseer ▶️ Show yourselves, my siblings! いでよ!我が兄妹達よー!!
Reviving ▶️ This me is standing back up. 俺復活
▶️ I thought I was done for... 危ないところだったぜ…
▶️ My body, my body... ボディボディっと…
▶️ Complete recovery! 完全復活!
Revive Failed ▶️ You've got to be kidding me... 嘘だろおい…
▶️ Damn it! くそがー!
▶️ Seriously... まじかよ…
▶️ My body! You've got to come back to me! 俺のボディ!早く来てくれー!
(Attack)/Snowball Attack ▶️ Here's my attack! 俺の攻撃!
▶️ Nobody can stop me! いくぜいくぜー!
▶️ Orayo! おらよっと!
▶️ Drop dead! くたばれ!
Field Damage ▶️ That hurts! いってぇ!
▶️ Knock it off. やめろって
▶️ You suck! くそがあ!
▶️ Ugoe! うごぇ!
Healing ▶️ This refreshes me. リフレッシュするぜ
▶️ This me is getting healed. 回復する俺
▶️ Feels freaking good. いい感じじゃねぇか
▶️ Thank god. ありがたいぜ…
Warping ▶️ This me is warping...!? ワープする俺…!?
▶️ Nuaah! ぬあああっ
▶️ Hey, my neck is going to come off! ちょっと、首とれるぅっ
▶️ Where are you taking me! どこへ連れて行く気だ!
KO'd in Field ▶️ No... way. 嘘…だろ
▶️ M-my body, I need it... ぼ、ボディさえあれば…
▶️ I feel so miserable... 惨めだ…
▶️ D-damn it... ち…ちくしょう…
Battle (Attacker) ▶️ Fight me! 俺と戦え!
▶️ We make battle, you and I. バトルだぞ
▶️ I'll defeat you. お前を倒す
▶️ Let's begin a fight here! 戦いの始まりだ!
Battle (Defender) ▶️ Any idea who you're challenging? やろうってのか、俺と
▶️ Challenge accepted. Bring it. いいぜ、かかってこい
▶️ Up for a fight? Come. やる気か?こいよ
▶️ You're so fearless. 命知らずめ
Attacking ▶️ Ora! おら!
▶️ Eat my punch! 俺のパンチ!
▶️ Take this! くらえ
▶️ Uooh! うおお!
Light Damage ▶️ That freaking hurts! いてぇっ
▶️ Uha! うはっ
▶️ Ugh! うっ
▶️ Crap! くそっ
Heavy Damage ▶️ Guaaah! ぐあああっ
▶️ Nuaaa, this precious meee! ぬぁああ、俺がぁあ!
▶️ Wait, wait, wait!! まてまてまてって!!
▶️ Please don't... Guhaah! やめて…ぐはあ!
Evading ▶️ This me is dodging like a dancer. 華麗に避ける俺
▶️ I'm no easy target. そんなもの当たる俺じゃない
▶️ You can't hit me. 当たってやるかよ
▶️ You're too slow. 遅いんだよ
Winning in Battle ▶️ An unsurprising victory. 当たり前の勝利
▶️ It was obvious that I'd beat you! 俺が勝つのはわかりきってたな!
▶️ Fuhahaha, this feels so nice. ふははは、気持ちいいな
▶️ Phew, what an excellent job I just did... ふぅ、いい仕事をしたな…
KO'd in Battle/Losing Game ▶️ No way... This can't be... まさか…俺が…
▶️ This is a joke... right? うそ…だろ
▶️ My body! 俺のボディが!!
▶️ I... got... defeated...? 負けた…だと…俺が…
Bonus Panel ▶️ This me is gathering stars. スターを集める俺
▶️ In a sense, I'm also a star. ある意味俺もスターだからな
▶️ Those that shine brightly attract each other. 輝くもの同士惹かれあうってことさ
▶️ You're shining well. 良い輝きしてるじゃないか
Drop Panel ▶️ I lost that which makes me shine... 俺の輝きが…
▶️ No, don't go away...! やめろ、消えるな…!
▶️ My stars... where are you disappearing into...? スター、お前…どこへ消えてくんだ…
▶️ Shoot.. I lost some... くそ…失っちまった…
Stepping on Trap ▶️ A trap...? Be more fair and square. 罠だと…姑息じゃないか
▶️ I'm too good to end up like this. こんなものに俺が
▶️ This me fell into a trap... 罠にかかる俺…
▶️ Who the heck set this thing here... Screw them! こいつを仕掛けたのは誰だ…くそっ
Boss Panel ▶️ *whistle* Here they come. ひゅー、奴らが出てきたか
▶️ I can feel... that guy's vibe. この空気…奴か
▶️ Seems like someone's here to cause some havoc. 奴も暴れたいみたいだな
▶️ Things are getting better around here. いい雰囲気になってきたな
Star Norma ▶️ I'm a star who gathers stars! スターを集める俺もスター!
▶️ I'll get myself a whole bunch of twinkle. じゃんじゃんシャラシャラ集めてやるぜ
▶️ All the stars twinkle only for me. この輝きは全て俺のものだ
▶️ Pretty, aren't they? That's why I gather them. It's that simple. こいつ、綺麗だろ?だから集める、単純な理由だ。
Wins Norma ▶️ My blood's telling me to fight. Not that any blood flows inside me, though. 血が騒いでるんだよ、戦えってな まぁ俺に血は流れてないけどな
▶️ The battlefield is calling to me. 戦場が俺を呼んでいるぜ
▶️ Why do I fight? I need no reason. 俺が戦う理由?いるか、そんなもの
▶️ Can I go wild out there? 暴れていいかい?
Selecting Character ▶️ Is it my turn now? さあ、俺の出番か?
▶️ Okay, I'll go make things more interesting. いいぞ、俺が存分に盛り上げてやる
▶️ This me will cause tremendous devastation! 派手に暴れるぜ俺!
▶️ Wanna see how strong I am? Then I'll show you. 俺の力が見たいか、ならば見せてやるぜ!
Starting Game ▶️ This me is getting started. 始まりの俺
▶️ Alright, game on. さぁて、スタートか
▶️ So this is the stage for my show, huh. ここが俺のステージか
▶️ Just watch how amazing I am. 俺の活躍を見ているがいい
Winning Game ▶️ Friendship + effort + victory = me. 友情+努力+勝利=俺
▶️ Fuhahaha, this me is being happy over the easily predicted victory. ふははは、この勝利は当然だが嬉しいぞ俺
▶️ Not a hard goal to do this with my power. 俺の力を振るえばこんなものだ
▶️ Well, not bad. ま、こんなものだな
Item Drop/Crate Drop ▶️ Here's the special item chosen by me. 俺が選ぶ目玉アイテムはこれだ
▶️ This is how lucky I am at pulling good stuff. これが俺の引きの強さだ
▶️ You wanted this, right? I can tell. これが欲しかったんだろ?俺にはわかるさ
▶️ This me is being super lucky. 強運だな俺
Whack a Poppo/Track the Card ▶️ Oh. おお
▶️ Good. いいな
Whack a Poppo ▶️ Yeah. ああ
Whack a Tomomo/Alte ▶️ What? んぁ?
Bad Prize ▶️ Damn it. くそ
Star Treasure ▶️ Lucky day. ラッキーだな
Neutral Prize ▶️ Hmm. んぁあー
Battle Prize/Supporter Revive ▶️ Let's get going. いくぞ
▶️ I'll roll the dice. サイコロだ
▶️ Go. いけ
Greeting (Home Screen/Joining Lobby) ▶️ Hey, it's me. よぉ、俺だ
Miss Prize/Track the Card ▶️ Hmm.. んん…
▶️ Nice. いいな
Hyper Treasure/Good Prize ▶️ You're good. やるじゃないか
Miss Match/Bad Prize (Match 2) ▶️ What the... なんだと…
Using Other Hyper ▶️ I'm capable of anything. 俺ならなんでも使いこなせるさ
▶️ I'll turn this into part of my power, too. こいつも俺の力にしてやる
▶️ You know what? I can use this better. なんなら俺の方が上手く使えるかもな、こいつ
▶️ Other people's cards are mine, too! 人のカードも俺のもの!
Unique Interaction Lines
Vs. Shifu Robot (attacking) ▶️ Yo, my friend, how you hanging? よぉ我が友、調子はどうだい
Vs. Shifu Robot (defending) ▶️ Oh, you want to fight me, my friend? お、俺とやる気か、我が友よ
Defeat Shifu Robot ▶️ That was a hell of a fight. いい勝負だったぜ
KO'd by Shifu Robot ▶️ You're a great fighter, my friend. 流石は我が友だぜ
Vs. Kyoko (attacking) ▶️ Kyoko, we should have some fun together. キョウコちゃーん、遊ぼうぜ俺と
Vs. Kyoko (defending) ▶️ Whoa, what are you up to, Kyoko? うぉ、何する気だキョウコちゃん
Defeat Kyoko ▶️ I'm tired now. I need your lap pillow, Kyoko. 俺疲れちゃったな、キョウコちゃん、膝貸してくれよ
KO'd by Kyoko ▶️ H-hold on, I'll apologize... Gyaaah! ちょ、ちょっとまて反省してるから…ぎゃああ!
Vs. Sumika (attacking) ▶️ Oh, if it isn't Sumika. お、スミカじゃねぇか
Vs. Sumika (defending) ▶️ Don't call me "fake Papa". そのパパもどきって呼び方やめろ
Defeat Sumika ▶️ I win, you brat. 俺の勝ちだな、がきんちょ
KO'd by Sumika ▶️ Crap... You sassy shortie... くそ…このちんちくりんがぁ…
Begin turn as NoName (Head) ▶️ What the heck am I supposed to do like this? この状態でどうしようってんだ
▶️ This sucks... What kind of joke is it? 酷ぇ…なんて状況だ
▶️ Where'd that perfect body of mine go...? 俺のパーフェクトボディはどこへ…
▶️ Ugh... I really have to not get caught... く…逃げ切らなければ…
Heal to regular NoName ▶️ How I missed you, my body! 愛しき俺のボディよ!
▶️ Phew... Here's the complete me coming back. ふぅ…パーフェクト俺、復活
▶️ Having arms and legs is the best... 手足があるって最高だぜ…
▶️ Alright then... it's revenge time... さぁて…リベンジの始まりだ…

Note: Announcer voice lines cannot be listened to in the in-game Gallery. English and Kanji captions provided by Wiki staff.
When English Kanji
Opening the game ▶️ Orange_Juice and Fruitbat Factory. オレンジジュースアンドフルーツバットファクトリー
▶️ Shindenken. しんでんけん
Title screen ▶️ 100% Orange Juice! 100%おれんじじゅ~すっ!
Start of player 1 turn ▶️ Player 1. プレイヤーワン
Start of player 2 turn ▶️ Player 2. プレイヤーツー
Start of player 3 turn ▶️ Player 3. プレイヤースリー
Start of player 4 turn ▶️ Player 4. プレイヤーフォー
Starting a battle ▶️ Battle. バトル
Winning a battle ▶️ Win. ウィン
Triggering a bonus panel ▶️ Bonus. ボーナス
Triggering a drop panel ▶️ Drop. ドロップ
Triggering a draw panel ▶️ Card draw. カードドロー
Triggering warp panel ▶️ Warp. ワープ
Triggering a move panel ▶️ Move. ムーブ
Triggering warp move panel ▶️ Warp move. ワープムーブ
Triggering a trap ▶️ Trap triggered. トラップ発動
Skipping a turn ▶️ Skip. スキップ
Stopping on a panel affected by Immovable Object ▶️ Stop. ストップ
Triggering a norma check without meeting the requirements ▶️ Norma check. ノルマチェック
Reaching level 2 ▶️ Norma level 1 achieved. ノルマレベルワン達成
Reaching level 3 ▶️ Norma level 2 achieved. ノルマレベルツー達成
Reaching level 4 ▶️ Norma level 3 achieved. ノルマレベルスリー達成
Reaching level 5 ▶️ Norma level 4 achieved. ノルマレベルフォー達成
Winning the game ▶️ Final norma achieved! 最終ノルマ達成!
Attempting to connect to a lobby ▶️ Connecting. コネクティング
Successfully connecting to a lobby ▶️ Connected. コネクティド
Failing to connect to a lobby ▶️ Failed. フェイルド
Attempting to connect to a full lobby ▶️ Lobby full. ロビーフル
Another player joins the lobby ▶️ Player joined. プレイヤージョインド
Another player leaves the lobby ▶️ Player left. プレイヤーレフト

Trivia[edit source]

  • NoName appears in the artwork for and is quoted in the description of  Overseer. He also appears in the artwork for  Holy Night and  Accelerating Sky.
    • NoName is quoted on  Oh My Friend but the art is actually of Shifu, his creator and near doppelganger.
  • NoName is the mysterious antagonist of the Falling Wonder story from Acceleration of SUGURI X-Edition, and shares his visual appearance with Shifu, the main antagonist of Suguri. In the story, NoName crashes the X-Mas party Suguri and her friends are having, seemingly suffering from amnesia. While he looks like Shifu, he doesn't seem to share his malice, though he does have a strange fetish for thighs. In realizing that his likeness to the former scientist allows him to command Suguri's friends, he forces them to fight Suguri to claim her thighs for his own. After a long night of fighting, including an appearance by Shifu's robot, the story ends with NoName defeated, his head planted into a flower pot by Kyoko.
  • Although NoName's origin is listed as Acceleration of SUGURI, he did not actually make his debut until Acceleration of SUGURI X-Edition specifically.

Update History[edit source]

100% Orange Juice Emoticon 100oj.png V3.1 (Hotfix 4)
  • Fixed not being able to challenge NoName after KO'ing him with  Final Surgery.

100% Orange Juice Emoticon 100oj.png V2.9.8

100% Orange Juice Emoticon 100oj.png V2.8.1
  • NoName now gives wins and stars when he would be KO'd out of battle with effects that reward the user with such. New unit card description: "If KO'd, turn into NoName (Head) instead. Give no stars or Wins if KO'd in battle."

100% Orange Juice Emoticon 100oj.png V2.7.1
  • Character voice added to DLC 11.

100% Orange Juice Emoticon 100oj.png V1.24.1

100% Orange Juice Emoticon 100oj.png V1.20
  • Fixed "VICTORY!" being displayed if NoName was forced into pot form during battle.

100% Orange Juice Emoticon 100oj.png V1.19.2 (Hotfix 1)
  • Fixed coloring errors in Aru, NoName and Sora’s hair sets.

100% Orange Juice Emoticon 100oj.png V1.19 (Hotfix 2)
  • Fixed NoName reviving as Potted Head when rolling a 6 on first try.
  • Fixed  Quick Restoration overhealing NoName in Potted Head form after being KO'd in battle.

100% Orange Juice Emoticon 100oj.png V1.19
  • NoName’s passive ability changed: If KO'd, give no stars or Wins from battle and turn into NoName (Head) instead. (Previously: When KO'd in battle, cancel the KO and turn into NoName (Head) instead.)

100% Orange Juice Emoticon 100oj.png V1.18.2
  • Clarified Overseer description to show it only works against players.
  • Fixed Overseer not cancelling the other party's battle card usage when the battle is cancelled.
  • Fixed being able to receive hairs and poses from the crates for Kiriko and NoName without owning them.
  • Fixed NoName (Head) having a chance to ignore battle stat modifying stock effects.
  • NoName (Head) now has the following passive ability: -1 to Move rolls.
  • Overseer now costs 30 stars (up from 20).

100% Orange Juice Emoticon 100oj.png V1.18