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A boss appears. If a boss is already on the field, treat this card as a battle card: Cancel any battle card the opponent selected. End the battle and start a new battle where opponent fights the Boss instead. Can only use against players.
Hyper Info
30 ★
"Hahaha! Here comes my friend!" ―NoName


NoName's Hyper Card is Overseer.

This card has varying effects, and can be used as either an Event card or a Battle card depending on certain criteria.

  • When there is not a Boss present on the field, this card can only be used as an Event card. Upon use, a Boss EncounterBoss Encounter
    When Norma level 4 is achieved for the first time by any player, all PEncounter.png Encounter panels on the map will be replaced with PBoss.png Boss panels. While Boss Encounter is in effect, any player who stops on a Boss panel will battle the Boss unit. This event will continue until the Boss unit is defeated.
    event is triggered, summoning the Boss.
  • When there is a Boss present on the field, this card can only be used as a Battle card. When used in a battle, the battle will instantly end. In addition, the opponent will enter a battle with the Boss. The Boss will be on either the attacking or defending side of battle, depending on which side the player was on.

When used as a Battle card, this card can only be used against other players.


  • When used in a battle, Overseer prevents the opponent's battle card from being played (the card stays in the opponent's hand). This effect does not occur if either player uses  Extension, or if the opponent uses  Tactical Retreat or Overseer.
  • When both players in a battle use Overseer, its effect is void.


Using Overseer is an effective tactic when NoName is in Head form, as it can protect the player from being KO'd. The Hyper can also be used to KO an enemy that could potentially be a threat, as the Boss will generally roll a high attack roll value.

Overseer can be used to great effect against characters such as Star Breaker who focus on Win Norma, as spawning a constant stream of bosses will prevent, or at least slow the characters progression of achieving the necessary amount of victories.