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Norma is the key to victory in 100% Orange Juice!'s traditional mode. The ultimate goal of a game is to reach norma level 6 before any of the other players, which will result in the player winning.

Despite its strange name, "Norma" is nothing more than a series of levels, with each norma level requiring the player to fulfill some objective to reach to level up.

The Home Panel


Before norma can really be discussed, you first need to understand how a home panel works. A home panel is a specially marked panel the player starts on at the beginning of a game. Each player has their own home which can be identified by both its number and color. The number matches the player's turn order, which is displayed in the countdown before the game starts. So the player who moves first "Player 1" will have the number 1 on their panel, the player who moves second "Player 2" will have the number 2 on their panel, and so on and so forth. The color also matches the player's HUD color, which will be discussed more in the next section. The appearance of the home panel can be adjusted in the future, but the rules on its numbering and coloring will always apply.

In order for the player to level-up their norma or win the game, they must land on a home panel. The player will always be asked if they want to stop at their own home panel. The player can also land on an opponent's home panel to level-up or win but must do so by either getting an exact roll or by challenging a player on the panel to a battle (and surviving). In either scenario, a "Norma check" will occur- the panel will check to see if the player has completed their current norma objective. If the player has completed their norma objective, they will automatically level-up and be given a choice for their next norma objective. If the players has not completed the objective, they will not level-up.


The HUD is a very important tool, which provides very crucial information about the player and their progress towards their norma. As previously stated, the color of the HUD matches the player's home panel and also lists the player's move order "Player #" above the player's name. The player order is from left to right: red moves first, blue moves second, green moves third, and yellow moves last.

When the player starts the game, next to their character portrait they will have 1 star colored of the 5 listed, with the other 4 being grey. This indicates that the player is on norma level 1. Each time the player levels-up their norma level, another star will be colored in until none of them are grey. The HUD also indicates the number of stars the player has collected and the number of wins the player has had in battles. If the word "Stars" is highlighted, then the player has selected a star norma objective. Likewise, if the word "Wins" is highlighted, then the player has selected a wins norma objective.


*Note: Some events modify the HUD to add more features for the event, but the key features listed above remain the same.

Norma Objectives

In general, the player's first objective at the start of a game is to collect 10 stars, but there are some characters with specific exceptions. Whenever the player levels-up they will have the option of selecting 1 of 2 norma objectives: star norma & wins norma. As the name implies, star norma is centered around star collection and wins norma is centered around defeating other players and random opponents found on  Encounter panels. Generally, star norma is the most advised norma but wins norma may be applicable with the right character or conditions.

Norma Select Example.png

It is important to note, however, that a player should choose their norma objective wisely, according to their current situation. Once an objective is chosen, it cannot be changed, and the player will be stuck if they cannot fulfill it. Below is a table of the objectives the players will be able to choose from each time they level-up their norma level:

Level Stars Wins
1☆ 10
2☆ 30 2
3☆ 70 5
4☆ 120 9
5☆ 200 14
6☆ Win Win

Norma Level 4

An important aspect that adds a dimension of danger to norma, is that when norma level 4 is reached by any player for the first time, the "Boss Encounter" field event will activate. This causes all  Encounter panels to be replaced with  Boss panels. Note that Boss Encounters will normally occur only once per game but some card effects may cause additional encounters to occur. While Boss Encounter is in effect, any player who lands on a boss panel will battle the Boss unit. Boss units are powerful and often deadly opponents with a large supply of health and brutal attack power. Some notable bosses are: Store Manager, Shifu Robot, and Flying Castle. Which one will appear is determined by which board the players are currently playing on. The Boss Encounter event will continue until the Boss unit is defeated. More information can be read about field events on their designated page.

Star Norma In-depth

Star norma is an objective, based around collecting stars. Generally, the player will be focusing on  Bonus panels, and less combat.


  • At the beginning of every new turn (called a "chapter"), the player will automatically receive a small number of stars. This amount increases over time. The player gains stars equal to:ChapterStartStarFormula.png+1.
  • The player can collect stars by landing on bonus panels. Up to norma level 3, the player gains stars equal to norma level x roll.
  • Certain card effects can give the player more stars.
  • When the player wins a battle against an opponent, they will gain half their stars (rounded down). If the opponent is not a player, the player will receive all the stars gained by a wild unit or boss (if that wild unit/boss defeated players) when they defeat them.


  • Spending them to play cards.
  •  Drop panels: lose (norma level x roll).
  • Lose stars as a result of some card effects.
  • Lose stars when you are KO'd in battle by other players or wild units.

Wins Norma In-depth

Wins norma is an objective, based around defeating opponents. Generally, the player will be focusing on  Encounter panels, and lots of combat. The player will receive a varying amount of wins, depending on the opponent they defeat. Below is the table of the potential wins earned if the player successfully KO's their opponent:

Opponent Worth
 Encounter Unit 1 win
Player 2 wins
 Boss Unit 3 wins


  • The player's amount of wins will never decrease/be stolen no matter what (unlike stars)
  • The player is able to ignore how many stars they have to fund battle cards.
  • If the player would like to switch normas on the next level, battles also give stars, which prevents the player from falling too far behind star norma.


  • It can be difficult to fulfill depending on what unit the player is using, their roll RNG, and the board design/settings.
  • The more battles the player participates in, the more likely they are to be KO'ed.
  • The jump from 9 to 14 wins to win is often difficult and harder to accomplish than 200 stars.

Norma Exceptions

Star Breaker

If the player is using the DLC 7 character, Star Breaker, they will be restricted to solely using the wins norma objectives to attain victory. Unlike the rest of the characters, Star Breaker will start with 1 win as her first norma condition, as opposed to collecting 10 Stars. As the player levels up as Star Breaker, wins norma will be automatically selected every time the player levels-up.

Starb 00 01.png


If the player is using the DLC 21 character, Cuties, they will be restricted to solely using the star norma objectives to attain victory. As the player levels up as Cuties, star norma will be automatically selected every time the player levels-up.

Cuties 00 01.png

Backdoor Trade

If the player is using the DLC 24, they will have access to the Pudding Pack which contains the card  Backdoor Trade. Backdoor Trade is a boost card that enables the user to activate a norma check without landing on a  Home panel if the player is in last. The card cannot be used to fulfill norma level 6, however. Just like a home panel, if the player has completed their norma objective, they will level-up and be able to decide their next norma objective.