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Boost Card
For this turn, roll 3 dice for movement. Skip next turn.
3 ☆
10 ★
1 per Deck
Deck Points
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Common Card
"I-I have no complaints as long as I get paid..." —Chris

Effect[edit | edit source]

Overtime is a level 3 card obtained from the Community Pack 3. Upon use, the user will roll 3 dice for all movement rolls that turn, including rolls from  Move and  Warp Move panels. The user's following turn will then be skipped.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

  • Other effects which increase the number of movement dice can stack with Overtime. However, there is a hard maximum of 4 dice that can be used in a movement roll, regardless of how many of these effects are stacked at once.
  • Effects which increase or decrease MOV are applied after the final result of the dice roll, meaning they are not applied to each die.
  • Effects which set the movement dice to a fixed value are applied to every dice individually.
  • Landing on  Dangerous Pudding will cause the user to skip two turns in a row.

Strategy[edit | edit source]