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Boost Card
For this turn, roll 3 dice for movement. Skip next turn.
3 ☆
10 ★
1 per Deck
DeckPointsIcon.png 0
Common Card
"I-I have no complaints as long as I get paid..." —Chris

Overtime is a collectible Boost card that can be acquired from the Community Pack 3.


Upon use, the player will roll 3 dice for all movement rolls that turn, including rolls from  Move and  Warp Move panels. The player's following turn will then be skipped.


  • Other effects which increase the number of movement dice can stack with Overtime. However, there is a hard maximum of 4 dice that can be used in a movement roll, regardless of how many of these effects are stacked at once.
  • Effects which increase or decrease MOV are applied after the final result of the dice roll, meaning they are not applied to each die.
  • Effects which set the movement dice to a fixed value are applied to every dice individually.
  • Landing on  Dangerous Pudding will cause the player to skip two turns in a row.


This card is similar to  Dash! in that it gives extra dice for movement. As such, most strategies that can be used with  Dash! will also work with this card.

The turn skip has two useful applications that makes it a viable choice over  Dash!. The first application is that you avoid a panel compared to  Dash!, which is mainly useful on fields that have a lot of negative panels such as Tomomo's Abyss. The second application is using the card to catch up to a fragile character like Kae for an easy KO. If the user does manage to KO them, and they get up the next turn, the turn skip allows the user to be behind their target again for another potential KO. It should be noted that this only works if the target recovers in one turn, otherwise the user is still forced to roll ahead of their target.

Overtime gains 2 extra dice this turn but loses a dice next turn, so the card gives a total of one extra dice, which is the same as  Dash!. However, it has a higher star cost and norma requirement, which can make it less useful, particularly for characters aiming for star normas.

Overtime ends up being mostly useful on bully characters like Yuki, Tomomo, and Star Breaker who appreciate the increased chance of catching their target compared to  Dash! and can use the turn skip to their advantage, or characters that synergize well with movement cards in the first place like Halena and Lone Rider.

Update History[]

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