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Playing As Peat
  • While Peat has amazing stats his low HP makes it important to not get overconfident. Try to avoid unnecessary battles and preserve his HP as much as possible, prioritizing  Bonus and  Draw panels in order to secure easy level ups and to fill out his hand. He can usually hold his own against  Encounter panel enemies, but if the option is available, it's better to avoid the possibility of chip damage.
  • On the other hand, his low REC allows Peat to take more risks during combat, allowing him to recover quickly from a KO and potentially turn the tables on his opponent. Depending on the situation he could try evading moderately high attack rolls to preserve HP or switch to a more aggressive playstyle when he's behind on stars.
  •  Saki's Cookie is preferred for recovering HP as  Pudding,  Dinner and  Portable Pudding favor characters with higher HP.
  • Cards like  Nice Present,  Scary Solicitation and  Home Improvement do not only help with drawing Peat's Hyper but also boost its power by increasing the number of cards in his hand.
  • Because  Blue Crow the Second lowers Peat's EVD - down to an abysmal -2 with a hand of 3 cards, it should only be used when above 1 HP or when it's certain that his opponent will not survive his attack.
  • The card  Tragedy in the Dead of Night is surprisingly an effective option for Peat as it allows for him to gain access to cards of opponents, this is a pretty good deal as at worst he can get his cute  Blue Crow the Second stolen by the opponent, but a chunk of the time he can use it to either fuel his hyper, or to steal cards from the opponent, trading Tragedy for a higher card value.
  •  Metallic Monocoque can help protect Peat's HP against field events and non-battle cards while also serving as an additional card in hand for  Blue Crow the Second. It's worth discarding if it's causing him to lose a star lead, however.
  •  Little War can be combined with  Blue Crow the Second to greatly increase the odds of winning a battle as long as Peat is at 2 or 3 HP. Because of the high cost it's best to rely on  Play of the Gods to get  Little War into play.
  •  Lucky Sevens is a really good card for the more aggressive Peat players. For the low chance of rolling a zero sometimes, Peat gains a strict offensive and sometimes even defensive bonus. Peat who can now roll 8s has a significantly higher chance of KOing the opponent if he is doing multiple combats per turn. It also allows for him to RES faster than before keeping downtime to a minimum.
  • While  I'm on Fire! can boost Peat's attack and  Rainbow-Colored Circle can help him survive at low HP, battle cards that increase DEF should be avoided as they could be used by his opponents to survive against  Blue Crow the Second and are not very helpful for Peat due to his low HP.  Accelerating Sky is also a good option, as when paired with Rainbow-Colored Circle, it boosts his EVD to a staggering +4, allowing him to usually get away from pursuers if he's at 1 HP.
  • Unsurprisingly, as the card art depicts him,  Desperate Modification can be a lifesaver for Peat when being attacked at 1 HP - increasing his chance of evading a 6 from 16.7% to 50%, just as a point of reference, and due to its double-edged effect, can also help him snipe enemies at low HP without having to use his Hyper.
  •  Sweet Destroyer Is another card glanced over, as it is not typically seen as an orthodox choice. However, this is Peat's best Tankbuster option. as it allows him (Peat) to generate the heals that he will need to get, and the ability to steal precious  Pudding from tanks such as Fernet and Kyousuke QP (Dangerous)

Playing Against Peat
  • While most cannot contend with Peat's excellent statline, characters with naturally high ATK such as Yuki and Tomomo are very troublesome for Peat to deal with, as his +1 to DEF will likely not be enough to deter them, and some poor rolls could cause instant death against their brute force. In the early game, he's not terribly bothered by bullying, but this approach later on can devastate him.
  • Peat is terrified of the boss, as well as other sources of unexpected damage, so  Oh My Friend and  Pet Snacks can help slow his progress immensely, especially on boards with plenty of  Encounter panels like Tomomo's Abyss shop icon.pngTomomo's Abyss and Vortex shop icon.pngVortex.
  • Cards that lower Peat's HP like  Long-Distance Shot,  Mimyuu's Hammer and  Indiscriminate Fire Support can be used to bring Peat down to 1 HP, making it easier to take him out while preventing him from using his Hyper to the best effect.
  • In a similar vein, attacking Peat while he's at 1 HP will not allow him to use  Blue Crow the Second in defense as it would lower his EVD. Be aware of his low REC as if he recovers from his KO quick enough he could potentially use his Hyper in retaliation once he catches up.
  • Cards like  Bad Pudding and  Flamethrower can reduce the number of cards in Peat's hand, potentially rendering his Hyper useless, or even removing it from his hand altogether. Similarly, as his Hyper is one of the strongest Battle cards in the game, allowing even weak attackers like Aru to swipe a lead,  Gift Exchange and  Mimic can put it in the hands of other players.
  • Although  Scrambled Eve can potentially be used to have Peat end up with 6 or more cards in hand for one turn, using it is a risky gamble as there's no guarantee that he'll draw  Blue Crow the Second, while  Scrambled Eve could also be used against him to temporarily reduce the cards in his hand to 0 and in the worst case steal his Hyper.
  •  Shield and  Rbits can help survive against  Blue Crow the Second while being less useful in the hands of Peat.
  •  Reverse Attribute Field is one of the best battle cards against Peat and  Serious Battle will usually also leave him at a disadvantage due to his low HP. With an accurate read, they can also make his Hyper backfire hilariously.
  • His low HP stat causes  Gentleman's Battle and similar Hypers like that of Islay and Seagull to be a very effective counter to him, given that they're paired with offensive boosts, as well as  Final Battle, due to his stats being less than ideal for prolonged combat. However, he might be able to defend and hit back using his Hyper, so it's ideal to use it when there is 1 card or less in his hand.  Assault and  Ambush can also catch him severely off-guard, especially at low HP.
  • Sadly Peat's biggest counter is the card  Path Blockers a card which forces him to step on the crippling cards known as  Big Bang Bell (Saki is one of Peat's biggest counters in general),  Exchange and even  Flamethrower which can even steal or force him to drop Crow. If you followed the above guide as well, he can be forced to whiff his  Tragedy in the Dead of Night causing him to lose value.

Recommended Cards[]

Standard Recommended Viable

 Saki's Cookie
 Nice Present
 Little War
 Scary Solicitation
 Home Improvement
 Play of the Gods
 I'm on Fire!
 Rainbow-Colored Circle
 Metallic Monocoque

 Quick Restoration
 Dark Side of Business
 Piyopiyo Procession
 Party Time
 Accelerating Sky
 Windy Enchantment
 Lost Child
 Sink or Swim

 Nice Jingle
 Stiff Crystal
 Princess's Privilege
 President's Privilege
 Backdoor Trade
 Big Magnum
 Tactical Retreat
 Desperate Modification
 Here and There
 Holy Night
 Out of Ammo
 We Are Waruda
 Forced Revival
 Sealed Guardian
 Mix Phenomenon
 Star-Blasting Light
 Serene Hush

Counter Cards[]

Recommended Viable

 Long-Distance Shot
 Reverse Attribute Field
 Serious Battle
 Deceptive Disarming
 Bad Pudding
 Mimyuu's Hammer
 Brutal Prank
 Oh My Friend
 Tragedy in the Dead of Night
 Scrambled Eve

 Gentleman's Battle
 Shield Counter
 Portable Pudding
 Sky Restaurant 'Pures'
 Sealed Memories
 Cloud of Seagulls
 Gift Exchange
 Pet Snacks
 Indiscriminate Fire Support
 Lucky Sevens