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Pedal to the Metal.jpg Pedal to the Metal
As Lone Rider, put the pedal to the metal (DLC).

Pedal to the Metal is a Steam achievement in 100% Orange Juice!. It is one of 6 achievements associated with DLC 31Railway Runners Pack.jpg.


As Lone Rider, reach 6 stacks of Upshift.


To reach 6 stacks of Upshift, the player will need to use Lone Rider's Hyper  Upshift at least 3 times, as each usage of the Hypers gives two stacks. It is recommended to get three Hypers first and then use them all in succession, so as to avoid losing stacks of the effect between uses.

Using Lone Rider as a dealer in Co-op mode should help you obtain his hyper cards fast. Draw cards such as  Nice Present,  Passionate Research,  Home Improvement, and  Princess's Privilege will help you to obtain this achievement faster.