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Penny Pincher.jpg Penny Pincher
Complete Kai's Scenario on Normal Difficulty or Higher

Penny Pincher is a Steam achievement in 100% Orange Juice. It is one of the six achievements for campaign completion.


Ways to Complete[]

  • As suggested by the description, the player can use Kai to complete this achievement. Kai has stats comparable to QP and is thus similarly versatile, the only difference being a buff to attack which makes his combat capacity slightly better. His  Protagonist's Privilege is also battle-oriented, and if used correctly, can make him nigh invulnerable for short periods of time, and is especially effective against high-attack opponents with traditionally weaker defenses.
  • The player can use any unlocked characters to complete the campaign, as the character can be switched before the match starts. This enables the player to switch to a sturdier character or one they are more comfortable with.

Other Campaign Achievements[]

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