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People Watching.jpg People Watching
Acquire All Non-DLC Unit Cards

People Watching is a Steam achievement in 100% Orange Juice. It is one of the five achievements for binder completion and one of the seven binder related achievements.


  • Purchase all of the playable characters in the shop that are not DLC or locked by online progress.
  • Purchase all of the non-playable Enemy versions of the NPC characters.


  • Despite what one may think, the playable versions of Robo Ball, Chicken, Seagull, Shifu Robot, Store Manager, and Flying Castle are not required for this achievement.
  • To unlock all of the characters in the shop, one must either play through all 4 main character campaigns and complete the extra campaign "Tomomo Hell", or purchasing the character crate with oranges until all characters are unlocked.
  • Buying all of the Voice DLCs will unlock this achievement, as they unlock the characters whose voices are included in the pack.

Other Binder Achievements[]