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Event Card
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Each different wild unit gains +1/+1/+1 during its next battle. This effect can stack.
1 ☆
5 ★
3 per Deck
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Common Card
"Guys, it's snack time! Come eat!" —Syura

Pet Snacks is a collectible Event card that can be acquired from the Community Pack 3.


Upon use, grants one of each "wild" unit that can show up in  Encounter panels +1 to ATK, DEF, and EVD. This effect can stack many times as Pet Snacks is used. Once a "wild" unit with Pet Snacks stocks is battled, all stocks for that unit will be reset, making that unit return to its original stats, barring HP.


  • For clarification, wild units are enemies which can be found on  Encounter panels.
  • Each wild unit means that only one of each unit type will be buffed. This means one Chicken, one Seagull, and one Robo Ball enemy will be buffed.
  • The player-character versions of Wild units like Seagull do not receive buffs. Only NPC enemies do.
  •  Boss panel enemies will not be affected.
  • Units added to  Encounter panels by means of Tequila's passive count as being a 'Wild' unit.
  • Wild units fought through means such as  Piyopiyo Procession will be affected, and the same buffing rules apply.


Being cheap and versatile, Pet Snacks is a card which has many applicable uses, being a way to make  Encounter panels more dangerous, as well as staple in many tank decks.

For the purpose of disruption, this is a very cheap option, being only 5 stars. If the player desires, Pet Snacks can turn  Encounter panels into a sort of trap. The Seagull enemy becomes even more fearsome with just one activation of this card, allowing for a potential KO, or massive damage, with its +2 ATK. This can also be useful when trailing behind an opponent, as many fields have  Encounter panels which can not be avoided through pathing, and the damage a wild unit might do to them will make KO'ing more likely.

When playing "tank" characters, such as Fernet and Kyoko, Pet Snacks can be quite useful. Due to these character's unlikelihood to take more than 1 damage when fighting wild units, they often won't mind buffing them. In fact, it is beneficial to have stronger wild units, to make the board state more threatening for high ATK bully characters like Tomomo, who otherwise often KO  Encounter enemies with ease. Furthermore, Pet Snacks can be used as a way to dissuade bully characters from farming wins off these panels, in order to slow their progression towards Norma victory.

Tequila shines the most with this card in his deck, as not only does his passive bring wild pirate minions to the board, so does his hyper. Pet Snacks will buff both his passive minions, and the minion spawned by his hyper's trap card,  Flying Pirate. Due to the fact that Tequila's own pirate minions challenge him, and buffing his pirate minion creates danger for opponents, Pet Snacks is highly valuable to Tequila's arsenal.

Update History[]

100% Orange Juice Emoticon 100oj.png V3.5 (Hotfix 3)
  • Fixed Pet Snacks enhancing summoned units like Chef and Manager.

100% Orange Juice Emoticon 100oj.png V3.5