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Pets are optional cosmetic items that stand alongside the player's character and follow the player during a match. They each have a unique set of poses to match the playable character's poses. Pets are unique among cosmetics in numerous ways. They are the only cosmetic that the player can receive duplicates of, as well as the only cosmetic to utilize the Steam Inventory, allowing them to be traded among players and sold on the Steam Marketplace.

Pets are primarily obtained through the Arcade by using Arcade Token.pngArcade Tokens to obtain them from the various Pet Catchers. However, there are some special pets that aren't obtained from the Arcade, instead being earned through event rewards or purchased in the Shop. Pets that aren't obtained from the Arcade cannot be traded or sold, and cannot be received more than once.

Most pets also have color variants, which are differently-colored versions of the pet. Each pet typically has 5 color variants, and they function as separate pets rather than an equippable cosmetic. For pets obtained from the Arcade, the only way to get color variant pets is from the Pet Exchange in the Arcade, where duplicate pets can be combined to create a color variant version of that pet. For special pets obtained outside of the Arcade, their color variants can be bought in the Shop after the standard version of the pet is obtained. All pets obtained from the Arcade have color variants, while most special pets do not.

Pets are represented in the cosmetics menu with a PetsIcon.png icon.

List of Pets[]

Arcade Pets

The type of pet that can be won depends on which Pet Catcher is used. A pet's rarity determines how likely the pet is to be won from its respective Pet Catcher.

Each icon below links to each pet's respective Steam Marketplace page.

Icon Name Rarity Description Color Variants
BitPet1.png Bit Uncommon A little bit energetic. BitPet2.png BitPet3.png BitPet4.png BitPet5.png BitPet6.png
ChickenPet1.png Chicken Uncommon Evades when no else would. ChickenPet2.png ChickenPet3.png ChickenPet4.png ChickenPet5.png ChickenPet6.png
CupcakePet1.png Cupcake Uncommon Baked at 350 degrees Farenheit. CupcakePet2.png CupcakePet3.png CupcakePet4.png CupcakePet5.png CupcakePet6.png
Funky FungusPet1.png Funky Fungus Uncommon A fungus in trying times. Funky FungusPet2.png Funky FungusPet3.png Funky FungusPet4.png Funky FungusPet5.png Funky FungusPet6.png
LizardPet1.png Lizard Uncommon May or may not live in the center of the earth. LizardPet2.png LizardPet3.png LizardPet4.png LizardPet5.png LizardPet6.png
PiyoPet1.png Piyo Uncommon The piyo that came first. PiyoPet2.png PiyoPet3.png PiyoPet4.png PiyoPet5.png PiyoPet6.png
RoboballPet1.png Roboball Uncommon For the little mechanic in everyone's heart. RoboballPet2.png RoboballPet3.png RoboballPet4.png RoboballPet5.png RoboballPet6.png
SB BombPet1.png SB Bomb Uncommon Don't drop this. SB BombPet2.png SB BombPet3.png SB BombPet4.png SB BombPet5.png SB BombPet6.png
SeagullPet1.png Seagull Uncommon Its favourite number is seven. SeagullPet2.png SeagullPet3.png SeagullPet4.png SeagullPet5.png SeagullPet6.png
SearchlightPet1.png Searchlight Uncommon Seems to be searching for somebody in particular. SearchlightPet2.png SearchlightPet3.png SearchlightPet4.png SearchlightPet5.png SearchlightPet6.png

Icon Name Rarity Description Color Variants
ButterflyPet1.png Butterfly Rare 50% Butter, 50% Fly. ButterflyPet2.png ButterflyPet3.png ButterflyPet4.png ButterflyPet5.png ButterflyPet6.png
DwarfPet1.png Dwarf Rare Now actually living up to its name. DwarfPet2.png DwarfPet3.png DwarfPet4.png DwarfPet5.png DwarfPet6.png
GhostPet1.png Ghost Rare Who's that behind you? GhostPet2.png GhostPet3.png GhostPet4.png GhostPet5.png GhostPet6.png
NaviPet1.png Navi Rare What kind of creature is this? NaviPet2.png NaviPet3.png NaviPet4.png NaviPet5.png NaviPet6.png
Piyo (Eggshell)Pet1.png Piyo (Eggshell) Rare Which came first - the piyo or the egg? Piyo (Eggshell)Pet2.png Piyo (Eggshell)Pet3.png Piyo (Eggshell)Pet4.png Piyo (Eggshell)Pet5.png Piyo (Eggshell)Pet6.png
Rabbit PlushiePet1.png Rabbit Plushie Rare This plush might be possessed. Rabbit PlushiePet2.png Rabbit PlushiePet3.png Rabbit PlushiePet4.png Rabbit PlushiePet5.png Rabbit PlushiePet6.png
RbitPet1.png Rbit Rare Formation Orbit! RbitPet2.png RbitPet3.png RbitPet4.png RbitPet5.png RbitPet6.png
SlimePet1.png Slime Rare Said to have a sweet flavour. SlimePet2.png SlimePet3.png SlimePet4.png SlimePet5.png SlimePet6.png
SnowbunnyPet1.png Snowbunny Rare Keep it cool. SnowbunnyPet2.png SnowbunnyPet3.png SnowbunnyPet4.png SnowbunnyPet5.png SnowbunnyPet6.png
Thinking BubblePet1.png Thinking Bubble Rare What are you thinking about? ThinkingBubblePet2.png ThinkingBubblePet3.png ThinkingBubblePet4.png
UFOPet1.png UFO Rare Always trying to catch rare things. UFOPet2.png UFOPet3.png UFOPet4.png UFOPet5.png UFOPet6.png
AirshipPet1.png Airship Super Rare Coming to give you air support. AirshipPet2.png AirshipPet3.png AirshipPet4.png AirshipPet5.png AirshipPet6.png
CatPet1.png Cat Super Rare An elusive creature with a smug aura. CatPet2.png CatPet3.png CatPet4.png CatPet5.png CatPet6.png
FruitbatPet1.png Fruitbat Super Rare A bat that has an obsession with oranges. FruitbatPet2.png FruitbatPet3.png FruitbatPet4.png FruitbatPet5.png FruitbatPet6.png
HaruoPet1.png Haruo Super Rare Has a golden heart. HaruoPet2.png HaruoPet3.png HaruoPet4.png HaruoPet5.png HaruoPet6.png
LeoPet1.png Leo Super Rare The beast of darkness will dance again. LeoPet2.png LeoPet3.png LeoPet4.png LeoPet5.png LeoPet6.png
M10Pet1.png M10 Super Rare Natural 7 out of M10. M10Pet2.png M10Pet3.png M10Pet4.png M10Pet5.png M10Pet6.png
MandrakePet1.png Mandrake Super Rare Dealing with some deep rooted problems. MandrakePet2.png MandrakePet3.png MandrakePet4.png MandrakePet5.png MandrakePet6.png
PlantPet1.png Plant Super Rare Bites the hand that feeds it. PlantPet2.png PlantPet3.png PlantPet4.png PlantPet5.png PlantPet6.png
PonycornPet1.png Ponycorn Super Rare Spreading the magic of friendship. PonycornPet2.png PonycornPet3.png PonycornPet4.png PonycornPet5.png PonycornPet6.png
RaccoonPet1.png Raccoon Super Rare Is it a raccoon? Is it a dog? Can it transform? RaccoonPet2.png RaccoonPet3.png RaccoonPet4.png RaccoonPet5.png RaccoonPet6.png
Red BarrelPet1.png Red Barrel Super Rare Red Barrel is ready to fly! Red BarrelPet2.png Red BarrelPet3.png Red BarrelPet4.png Red BarrelPet5.png Red BarrelPet6.png
Shiba InuPet1.png Shiba Inu Super Rare Loyal to a fault. Shiba InuPet2.png Shiba InuPet3.png Shiba InuPet4.png Shiba InuPet5.png Shiba InuPet6.png
Star DevourerPet1.png Star Devourer Super Rare Able to warp to anywhere in the world. Star DevourerPet2.png Star DevourerPet3.png Star DevourerPet4.png Star DevourerPet5.png Star DevourerPet6.png

Icon Name Rarity Description Color Variants
RobocrabPet1.png Robocrab Rare It's got the moves. RobocrabPet2.png RobocrabPet3.png RobocrabPet4.png RobocrabPet5.png RobocrabPet6.png
RobofishPet1.png Robofish Rare Programmed to keep on swimming. RobofishPet2.png RobofishPet3.png RobofishPet4.png RobofishPet5.png RobofishPet6.png
SeabunnyPet1.png Seabunny Rare Santa of the sea. SeabunnyPet2.png SeabunnyPet3.png SeabunnyPet4.png SeabunnyPet5.png SeabunnyPet6.png
SealPet1.png Seal Rare Seals the Deal. SealPet2.png SealPet3.png SealPet4.png SealPet5.png SealPet6.png
SunPet1.png Sun Rare Radiates radness. SunPet2.png SunPet3.png SunPet4.png SunPet5.png SunPet6.png
WatermelonPet1.png Watermelon Rare Saved from Summer Beast's wrath. WatermelonPet2.png WatermelonPet3.png WatermelonPet4.png WatermelonPet5.png WatermelonPet6.png
Big the JonathanPet1.png Big the Jonathan Super Rare Not exactly all that big. Big the JonathanPet2.png Big the JonathanPet3.png Big the JonathanPet4.png Big the JonathanPet5.png Big the JonathanPet6.png
FrogPet1.png Frog Super Rare A frog that isn't too fond of the rain. FrogPet2.png FrogPet3.png FrogPet4.png FrogPet5.png FrogPet6.png
OctopusPet1.png Octopus Super Rare Can handle eight tasks at once. OctopusPet2.png OctopusPet3.png OctopusPet4.png OctopusPet5.png OctopusPet6.png
SharkPet1.png Shark Super Rare Its menacing jaws would look great on a poster. SharkPet2.png SharkPet3.png SharkPet4.png SharkPet5.png SharkPet6.png
SquidPet1.png Squid Super Rare Release the Kraken. SquidPet2.png SquidPet3.png SquidPet4.png SquidPet5.png SquidPet6.png
TortoisePet1.png Tortoise Super Rare Is known to always win the race... eventually. TortoisePet2.png TortoisePet3.png TortoisePet4.png TortoisePet5.png TortoisePet6.png

Icon Name Rarity Description Color Variants
GemeranglerPet1.png Gemerangler Rare A hidden gem. GemeranglerPet2.png GemeranglerPet3.png GemeranglerPet4.png GemeranglerPet5.png GemeranglerPet6.png
HeliseedlingPet1.png Heliseedling Rare Gone with the wind. HeliseedlingPet2.png HeliseedlingPet3.png HeliseedlingPet4.png HeliseedlingPet5.png HeliseedlingPet6.png
Spooky DollPet1.png Spooky Doll Rare Its cuteness will haunt your dreams. Spooky DollPet2.png Spooky DollPet3.png Spooky DollPet4.png Spooky DollPet5.png Spooky DollPet6.png
TurnislimPet1.png Turnislim Rare Took one turn too many. TurnislimPet2.png TurnislimPet3.png TurnislimPet4.png TurnislimPet5.png TurnislimPet6.png
Wolli'lPet1.png Wolli'l Rare So fluffy you could die. Wolli'lPet2.png Wolli'lPet3.png Wolli'lPet4.png Wolli'lPet5.png Wolli'lPet6.png
WuffshroomPet1.png Wuffshroom Rare Man's best fungi. WuffshroomPet2.png WuffshroomPet3.png WuffshroomPet4.png WuffshroomPet5.png WuffshroomPet6.png
GlobletPet1.png Globlet Super Rare Globlet of fire. GlobletPet2.png GlobletPet3.png GlobletPet4.png GlobletPet5.png GlobletPet6.png
Mini MossPet1.png Mini Moss Super Rare Has a heart of gold. Mini MossPet2.png Mini MossPet3.png Mini MossPet4.png Mini MossPet5.png Mini MossPet6.png
PunyzardPet1.png Punyzard Super Rare It has been asleep for many long ears. PunyzardPet2.png PunyzardPet3.png PunyzardPet4.png PunyzardPet5.png PunyzardPet6.png
TerrawormerPet1.png Terrawormer Super Rare Terrably cute. TerrawormerPet2.png TerrawormerPet3.png TerrawormerPet4.png TerrawormerPet5.png TerrawormerPet6.png
Trol-litePet1.png Trol-lite Super Rare One fear. Trol-litePet2.png Trol-litePet3.png Trol-litePet4.png Trol-litePet5.png Trol-litePet6.png

Special Pets

Icon Name Unlock Method Description Color Variants Price
Red & BluePet1.png Red & Blue Own DLC 18Mei & Natsumi Character Pack.jpg. White Christsmasher!
PresentPet1.png Present Beat the Crossed Christmases Campaign on Extreme difficulty. A wonderful gift that warms the heart. PresentPet2.png PresentPet3.png PresentPet4.png PresentPet5.png PresentPet6.png 25000Stars Icon.png
ReinPet1.png Rein Santa Scramble: Global counter at 10000 castles. Aru's trusty helper. On vacation 364 days a year. ReinPet2.png ReinPet3.png ReinPet4.png ReinPet5.png ReinPet6.png N/A[note 1]
PigPet1.png Pig Beware Pigformation: Free all characters from their Pigformation. Can pigs really fly? PigPet2.png PigPet3.png PigPet4.png PigPet5.png PigPet6.png 25000Stars Icon.png
Golden EggPet1.png Golden Egg Purchase from the shop for 20,000 Stars Icon.pngStars each, after unlocking the Minions of the Master ending. A special egg that can hatch more than once.
M10 EyePet1.png M10 Eye It sees imaginary numbers, can you?
Elusive StarPet1.png Elusive Star Comes from a different galaxy.
PomeranianPet1.png Pomeranian Summer Games: Global counter at 0 HP A bit of a fool dog. PomeranianPet2.png PomeranianPet3.png PomeranianPet4.png PomeranianPet5.png PomeranianPet6.png 25000Stars Icon.png
RoPoChiPet1.png RoPoChi Purchase from the shop for 20,000 Stars Icon.pngStars after beating Mio's Dark Citadel. GUPPIPOO!
PuddingPet1.png Pudding Beat the Old Guardians Campaign on Extreme difficulty. A favorite treat of dogs and witches across the universe.
PufferfishPet1.png Pufferfish Master Anglers: Catch a pufferfish during a fishing minigame in Fish-a-Fish Mode. Puffed up with pride. PufferfishPet2.png PufferfishPet3.png PufferfishPet4.png PufferfishPet5.png PufferfishPet6.png 25000Stars Icon.png
MasshiroPet1.png Masshiro Own DLC 34Shifu & Reika Character Pack.jpg. No longer unlucky. MasshiroPet2.png MasshiroPet3.png MasshiroPet4.png MasshiroPet5.png MasshiroPet6.png N/A[note 2]
  1. Rein's color variants are currently unable to be purchased from the shop.
  2. Masshiro's color variants are unlocked by playing 10/20/30/40/50 games with any Masshiro pet equipped.


  • All special pets have a rarity of "Rare".
  • Red & Blue and Masshiro are the only pets that cannot be viewed in the Steam Inventory. If ownership of the DLC is lost, the pet will become unequippable.
  • Golden Egg, M10 Eye, Elusive Star, RoPoChi, and Pudding are the only pets that, along with Red & Blue, do not have color variants.
    • The Steam Inventory contains several unused item definitions, presumably intended as color variants of the above pets.
  • Rein is the only special pet whose color variants are purchased with something other than Stars Icon.pngStars. From December 2018 until March 2022, the variants cost 200 Christmas Currency.pngChristmas Wreaths each.
  • Masshiro is the only special pet whose color variants cannot be purchased, and have a specific unlock method instead.

Update History[]

100% Orange Juice Emoticon 100oj.png V3.9.8
  • Masshiro pet & variants added with DLC 34Shifu & Reika Character Pack.jpg.

100% Orange Juice Emoticon 100oj.png V3.5.1
  • Bounty Hunt Pet Catcher added.
  • Funky Fungus pet added to all Pet Catchers.
  • Ponycorn pet added to the Standard Pet Catcher.
  • Robocrab pet added to the Summer Pet Catcher.
  • Wolli'l, Spooky Doll, Heliseedling, Gemerangler, Wuffshroom, Turnislim, Globlet, Trol-lite, Terrawormer, Mini Moss, and Punyzard pets added to the Bounty Hunt Pet Catcher.
  • Fixed being unable to get Bit pet from the catcher.

100% Orange Juice Emoticon 100oj.png V2.9.8

100% Orange Juice Emoticon 100oj.png V2.9.7

100% Orange Juice Emoticon 100oj.png V2.7.2

100% Orange Juice Emoticon 100oj.png V2.7.1
  • Pudding pet added with DLC 25Old Guardian Pack.jpg.

100% Orange Juice Emoticon 100oj.png V2.3
  • Summer Pet Catcher added.
  • Cupcake pet added to both Pet Catchers.
  • Butterfly, Airship, Haruo, M10, Mandrake, and Star Devourer pets added to the Standard Pet Catcher.
  • Robofish, Seabunny, Seal, Sun, Watermelon, Big the Jonathan, Octopus, and Squid pets added to the Summer Pet Catcher.
  • Consumables, and the Bit, Chicken, Lizard, Piyo, Roboball, SB Bomb, Seagull, and Searchlight pets now available in both Pet Catchers.
  • Frog, Shark, and Tortoise pets moved to the Summer Pet Catcher.

100% Orange Juice Emoticon 100oj.png V2.2

100% Orange Juice Emoticon 100oj.png V2.0

100% Orange Juice Emoticon 100oj.png V1.31.6
  • Hearts (Pink, Black), Balloons, and Rain Cloud consumables added to the Pet Catcher.
  • Bit, Lizard, Piyo, Dwarf, Piyo (Eggshell), Slime, UFO, Frog, Shark, and Tortoise pets added to the Pet Catcher.
  • Pig pet & variants added with the Beware Pigformation event.

100% Orange Juice Emoticon 100oj.png V1.31
  • Arcade added.
  • Fireworks (Red, Green, Blue, Yellow) consumables added to the Pet Catcher.
  • Chicken, Roboball, Seagull, SB Bomb, Searchlight, Ghost, Navi, Rabbit Plushie, Rbit, Snowbunny, Thinking Bubble, Cat, Fruitbat, Leo, Plant, Raccoon, Red Barrel, and Shiba Inu pets added to the Pet Catcher.
  • Rein pet & variants added with the Santa Scramble event.

100% Orange Juice Emoticon 100oj.png V1.30
  • Present pet & variants added with DLC 19Toy Store Pack.jpg.

100% Orange Juice Emoticon 100oj.png V1.29
  • Pet functionality added.
  • Red and Blue pet added with DLC 18Mei & Natsumi Character Pack.jpg.