100% Orange Juice Wiki
Icon Name Rarity Description Color Variants
GemeranglerPet1.png Gemerangler Rare A hidden gem. GemeranglerPet2.png GemeranglerPet3.png GemeranglerPet4.png GemeranglerPet5.png GemeranglerPet6.png
HeliseedlingPet1.png Heliseedling Rare Gone with the wind. HeliseedlingPet2.png HeliseedlingPet3.png HeliseedlingPet4.png HeliseedlingPet5.png HeliseedlingPet6.png
Spooky DollPet1.png Spooky Doll Rare Its cuteness will haunt your dreams. Spooky DollPet2.png Spooky DollPet3.png Spooky DollPet4.png Spooky DollPet5.png Spooky DollPet6.png
TurnislimPet1.png Turnislim Rare Took one turn too many. TurnislimPet2.png TurnislimPet3.png TurnislimPet4.png TurnislimPet5.png TurnislimPet6.png
Wolli'lPet1.png Wolli'l Rare So fluffy you could die. Wolli'lPet2.png Wolli'lPet3.png Wolli'lPet4.png Wolli'lPet5.png Wolli'lPet6.png
WuffshroomPet1.png Wuffshroom Rare Man's best fungi. WuffshroomPet2.png WuffshroomPet3.png WuffshroomPet4.png WuffshroomPet5.png WuffshroomPet6.png
GlobletPet1.png Globlet Super Rare Globlet of fire. GlobletPet2.png GlobletPet3.png GlobletPet4.png GlobletPet5.png GlobletPet6.png
Mini MossPet1.png Mini Moss Super Rare Has a heart of gold. Mini MossPet2.png Mini MossPet3.png Mini MossPet4.png Mini MossPet5.png Mini MossPet6.png
PunyzardPet1.png Punyzard Super Rare It has been asleep for many long ears. PunyzardPet2.png PunyzardPet3.png PunyzardPet4.png PunyzardPet5.png PunyzardPet6.png
TerrawormerPet1.png Terrawormer Super Rare Terrably cute. TerrawormerPet2.png TerrawormerPet3.png TerrawormerPet4.png TerrawormerPet5.png TerrawormerPet6.png
Trol-litePet1.png Trol-lite Super Rare One fear. Trol-litePet2.png Trol-litePet3.png Trol-litePet4.png Trol-litePet5.png Trol-litePet6.png