100% Orange Juice Wiki
Icon Name Rarity Description Color Variants
ButterflyPet1.png Butterfly Rare 50% Butter, 50% Fly. ButterflyPet2.png ButterflyPet3.png ButterflyPet4.png ButterflyPet5.png ButterflyPet6.png
DwarfPet1.png Dwarf Rare Now actually living up to its name. DwarfPet2.png DwarfPet3.png DwarfPet4.png DwarfPet5.png DwarfPet6.png
GhostPet1.png Ghost Rare Who's that behind you? GhostPet2.png GhostPet3.png GhostPet4.png GhostPet5.png GhostPet6.png
NaviPet1.png Navi Rare What kind of creature is this? NaviPet2.png NaviPet3.png NaviPet4.png NaviPet5.png NaviPet6.png
Piyo (Eggshell)Pet1.png Piyo (Eggshell) Rare Which came first - the piyo or the egg? Piyo (Eggshell)Pet2.png Piyo (Eggshell)Pet3.png Piyo (Eggshell)Pet4.png Piyo (Eggshell)Pet5.png Piyo (Eggshell)Pet6.png
Rabbit PlushiePet1.png Rabbit Plushie Rare This plush might be possessed. Rabbit PlushiePet2.png Rabbit PlushiePet3.png Rabbit PlushiePet4.png Rabbit PlushiePet5.png Rabbit PlushiePet6.png
RbitPet1.png Rbit Rare Formation Orbit! RbitPet2.png RbitPet3.png RbitPet4.png RbitPet5.png RbitPet6.png
SlimePet1.png Slime Rare Said to have a sweet flavour. SlimePet2.png SlimePet3.png SlimePet4.png SlimePet5.png SlimePet6.png
SnowbunnyPet1.png Snowbunny Rare Keep it cool. SnowbunnyPet2.png SnowbunnyPet3.png SnowbunnyPet4.png SnowbunnyPet5.png SnowbunnyPet6.png
Thinking BubblePet1.png Thinking Bubble Rare What are you thinking about? ThinkingBubblePet2.png ThinkingBubblePet3.png ThinkingBubblePet4.png
UFOPet1.png UFO Rare Always trying to catch rare things. UFOPet2.png UFOPet3.png UFOPet4.png UFOPet5.png UFOPet6.png
AirshipPet1.png Airship Super Rare Coming to give you air support. AirshipPet2.png AirshipPet3.png AirshipPet4.png AirshipPet5.png AirshipPet6.png
CatPet1.png Cat Super Rare An elusive creature with a smug aura. CatPet2.png CatPet3.png CatPet4.png CatPet5.png CatPet6.png
FruitbatPet1.png Fruitbat Super Rare A bat that has an obsession with oranges. FruitbatPet2.png FruitbatPet3.png FruitbatPet4.png FruitbatPet5.png FruitbatPet6.png
HaruoPet1.png Haruo Super Rare Has a golden heart. HaruoPet2.png HaruoPet3.png HaruoPet4.png HaruoPet5.png HaruoPet6.png
LeoPet1.png Leo Super Rare The beast of darkness will dance again. LeoPet2.png LeoPet3.png LeoPet4.png LeoPet5.png LeoPet6.png
M10Pet1.png M10 Super Rare Natural 7 out of M10. M10Pet2.png M10Pet3.png M10Pet4.png M10Pet5.png M10Pet6.png
MandrakePet1.png Mandrake Super Rare Dealing with some deep rooted problems. MandrakePet2.png MandrakePet3.png MandrakePet4.png MandrakePet5.png MandrakePet6.png
PlantPet1.png Plant Super Rare Bites the hand that feeds it. PlantPet2.png PlantPet3.png PlantPet4.png PlantPet5.png PlantPet6.png
PonycornPet1.png Ponycorn Super Rare Spreading the magic of friendship. PonycornPet2.png PonycornPet3.png PonycornPet4.png PonycornPet5.png PonycornPet6.png
RaccoonPet1.png Raccoon Super Rare Is it a raccoon? Is it a dog? Can it transform? RaccoonPet2.png RaccoonPet3.png RaccoonPet4.png RaccoonPet5.png RaccoonPet6.png
Red BarrelPet1.png Red Barrel Super Rare Red Barrel is ready to fly! Red BarrelPet2.png Red BarrelPet3.png Red BarrelPet4.png Red BarrelPet5.png Red BarrelPet6.png
Shiba InuPet1.png Shiba Inu Super Rare Loyal to a fault. Shiba InuPet2.png Shiba InuPet3.png Shiba InuPet4.png Shiba InuPet5.png Shiba InuPet6.png
Star DevourerPet1.png Star Devourer Super Rare Able to warp to anywhere in the world. Star DevourerPet2.png Star DevourerPet3.png Star DevourerPet4.png Star DevourerPet5.png Star DevourerPet6.png