100% Orange Juice Wiki
Icon Name Rarity Description Color Variants
RobocrabPet1.png Robocrab Rare It's got the moves. RobocrabPet2.png RobocrabPet3.png RobocrabPet4.png RobocrabPet5.png RobocrabPet6.png
RobofishPet1.png Robofish Rare Programmed to keep on swimming. RobofishPet2.png RobofishPet3.png RobofishPet4.png RobofishPet5.png RobofishPet6.png
SeabunnyPet1.png Seabunny Rare Santa of the sea. SeabunnyPet2.png SeabunnyPet3.png SeabunnyPet4.png SeabunnyPet5.png SeabunnyPet6.png
SealPet1.png Seal Rare Seals the Deal. SealPet2.png SealPet3.png SealPet4.png SealPet5.png SealPet6.png
SunPet1.png Sun Rare Radiates radness. SunPet2.png SunPet3.png SunPet4.png SunPet5.png SunPet6.png
WatermelonPet1.png Watermelon Rare Saved from Summer Beast's wrath. WatermelonPet2.png WatermelonPet3.png WatermelonPet4.png WatermelonPet5.png WatermelonPet6.png
Big the JonathanPet1.png Big the Jonathan Super Rare Not exactly all that big. Big the JonathanPet2.png Big the JonathanPet3.png Big the JonathanPet4.png Big the JonathanPet5.png Big the JonathanPet6.png
FrogPet1.png Frog Super Rare A frog that isn't too fond of the rain. FrogPet2.png FrogPet3.png FrogPet4.png FrogPet5.png FrogPet6.png
OctopusPet1.png Octopus Super Rare Can handle eight tasks at once. OctopusPet2.png OctopusPet3.png OctopusPet4.png OctopusPet5.png OctopusPet6.png
SharkPet1.png Shark Super Rare Its menacing jaws would look great on a poster. SharkPet2.png SharkPet3.png SharkPet4.png SharkPet5.png SharkPet6.png
SquidPet1.png Squid Super Rare Release the Kraken. SquidPet2.png SquidPet3.png SquidPet4.png SquidPet5.png SquidPet6.png
TortoisePet1.png Tortoise Super Rare Is known to always win the race... eventually. TortoisePet2.png TortoisePet3.png TortoisePet4.png TortoisePet5.png TortoisePet6.png