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Event Timeline
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Event Info
Title Pool Party
Summer2021 logo.png
Start August 25th, 2021
End September 27th, 2021
Event Clock
Story Campaign Story
Update Version 3.8


Learn to Swim with the best teacher!

  • The goal of the event is to defeat bosses in Co-op Mode, including the special summer-themed boss Swimming Coach. This event features a global counter, which will go down upon defeating any Co-op boss. However, defeating Swimming Coach will make the global counter go down quicker.

Rule Changes[]

Swimming Coach (unit).png

Swimming Coach is the unique Co-op Mode boss for the Pool Party event. It has 150 HP, and has a statline of +2 ATK, +2 DEF and -1 EVD. Unlike other Co-op Bosses, it does not roam the field, but appears in the background instead. However, it summons a large amount of minions, and takes damage for each summon. It can still be fought through Boss panels and hit with out-of-battle damage as well. Swimming Coach has the following passives:

Cards used by Swimming Coach
Level 0 Cards


Level 1 Cards

Whirl.pngWhirl.png Bubble Bath.pngBubble Bath.png Entry Fee.pngEntry Fee.png Gulp of Water.pngGulp of Water.png Coaching.pngCoaching.png Confiscate.pngConfiscate.png

Level 2 Cards

Shock.pngShock.png Go Faster!.pngGo Faster!.png Respite.pngRespite.png Pace Up.pngPace Up.png Hustle.pngHustle.png Motivate.pngMotivate.png

Level 3 Cards

Tropical Cyclone.pngTropical Cyclone.png Butterfly.pngButterfly.png Zap.pngZap.png Encourage.pngEncourage.png Moving the Goalpost.pngMoving the Goalpost.png

Hypers & Passives

Goalpost (card).pngGoalpost (card).png Balloon Jerk (card).pngBalloon Jerk (card).png Swimming Ringer (card).pngSwimming Ringer (card).png Home Sweeper.pngHome Sweeper.png Goalpost (unit).pngGoalpost (unit).png Balloon Jerk (unit).pngBalloon Jerk (unit).png Swimming Ringer (unit).pngSwimming Ringer (unit).png

Event Rewards[]


This event features a global counter on the main menu of the game. As Swimming Coach takes damage in online games, its global health decreases. Global health will also decrease upon defeating any other Co-op boss, but this is only half as effective as defeating Swimming Coach. Starting at 5 million HP, once a certain amount of damage is dealt, new items are unlocked for all players.

Note that players must fight Swimming Coach at least once during the event before global counter rewards can be received at the main menu. It is possible to obtain all unlocked rewards from the global counter for as long as the event is active.

Name Status Global Counter Milestone
Pool Party intro cutscene New 5,000,000
Orange Cocktail Dice.pngOrange Cocktail Dice New 4,000,000
Buoy Homemark Icon.pngBuoy Homemark New 3,000,000
Swimming Coach Hyper difficulty New 2,000,000
Beach Accessory Icon.pngBeach Accessory (Mio) New 1,000,000
Pool Party ending cutscene, artwork, and plate backgrounds New 0
TomomoSwimsuitSelect.pngTomomo Summer Costume New
YukiSwimsuitSelect.pngYuki Summer Costume
KaiSwimsuitSelect.pngKai Summer Costume

There are some cosmetics with specific unlock requirements, separate from the event goal and random drop table.

Name Status Unlock Method
Sunglasses Icon.pngSunglasses New / Returning Received for the currently played character upon winning a game in Co-op Mode (singleplayer or online). Received for a random character if sunglasses for the currently played character are already owned.