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Poppoception.jpg Poppoception
Which one is real?

Poppoception is a Steam achievement in 100% Orange Juice!


  • In a game with 3 Poppos and 1 non-Poppo player, have the non-Poppo player be affected by  Poppoformation.
  • Marie Poppo, Marie Poppo (Mixed), and Mousse all count as Poppo for the purposes of this achievement.
  • Once conditions are fulfilled, everyone in the lobby will earn the achievement.


This achievement is best done in the Mysterious Space Odyssey campaign episode due to the presence of two CPU Poppos. If the player also selects Poppo as their character, then only Kai needs to be affected by Poppoformation for the achievement to be earned. The achievement can be earned easily by placing a Poppoformation trap on Kai's home panel, maximizing the chances of Kai triggering it. Other than Poppoformation itself,  Nice Present and possibly  Encore should be placed in the deck in order to more quickly draw cards from the deck. Movement cards such as  Dash! can also be helpful to more easily get to a draw panel or Kai's home.