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Trap Card
Stock Effect (1). ATK, DEF, and EVD become -1 in your next battle.
2 ☆
0 ★
3 per Deck
DeckPointsIcon.png 2
Common Card
"Poppo! Poppopopo!!!" —Everyone

Poppoformation is a 2-star trap card that sets the victim's ATK, DEF, and EVD to -1 in their next battle.

Strategic Info[]

Poppoformation is a great card for countering characters that have low health pools or invest heavily into one stat. Offensive characters can use this card as a tool to weaken characters that they would otherwise have a very hard time dealing damage to. Mira, Seagull, and Islay in particular benefit from this trap as they can use their hyper cards to assault the victim once it is triggered. Although Marie Poppo and Marie Poppo (Mixed) are not combat oriented, they suffer no ill effects from this trap and can safely put it into the deck to mess with their opponents.

As mentioned before, characters with low HP or a high degree of stat specialization should not add Poppoformation to the deck if they are afraid of triggering it. Peat and Nanako both lose their excellent defensive stats and will have to rely on battle cards or bad rolls to survive their next combat. Characters like Yuki, Fernet, and Suguri that invest a lot of power into one of their stats will be at a severe disadvantage in their next battle. A Yuki affected by Poppoformation can't deal damage, a Fernet can't block effectively, and a Suguri that can't dodge is a sitting duck waiting to be KO'd. The exception would be high health characters like Flying Castle, as they generally have poor base ATK, DEF, and EVD to begin with.


  • The statline that Poppoformation sets the victim to is a reference to Marie Poppo's base stats.