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Power Overwhelming.jpg Power Overwhelming
Use Price of Power to play a card at least 2 levels above your level

Power Overwhelming is a Steam achievement in 100% Orange Juice.


  • With multiple copies of  Price of Power, play a card at least 2 levels above your current level.


This achievement is most easily done in multiplayer, as  Price of Power is a max 1 card. Playing characters with high-level hypers such as Tomomo and Hime will make getting a card 2 levels higher easier. The best map for rigging this achievement is one where homes can be skipped such as Clover and Farm. Bringing many high-level cards such as  Little War,  Final Battle, and  Sealed Guardian should also increase the chances of getting a card of the right level.

This achievement is also possible in single player when you and the other CPU have  Price of Power in their deck. If you have Toy Store Pack DLC, Nico uses it in campaign (Crossed Christmases).

If the player has Sumika (DLC 25), they can attempt to acquire the two  Price of Power by using Reproduction of Records to copy it twice. This approach also works in singleplayer.