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Practice Field is the first playable field in 100% Orange Juice! It is set in an unknown location original to the game. Practice Field is a small field with no field events and a fairly straight-forward path design. Its purpose is to simply serve as a basic example of a field while acting as an all-purpose field.

It is featured in the campaigns during Girl Power Episode 1.

Unlock Info
  • The board is already unlocked by default at the beginning of the game.
A-Practice Field.png
Panel Type # of Panels
 Home 4
 Bonus 10
 Draw 10
 Drop 4
 Encounter 4
 Warp 4
Field Events


With its very basic setup and lack of field events, there is no specific strategy tooled to Practice Field that the player can use. The player can still take advantage of the board's dimensions, however.

  • Wins: If the player is using a bully or bruiser it may be recommended for the player to travel around the inner square of the board. This will increase the players chance of landing on an  Encounter panel as the inner square has 3 of the 4 encounter panels. The path is also shortest to catch up to other players for attacks, and only features 1  Drop panel.
  • Stars: If the player is collecting stars, the outer squares may be recommended as they provide access to more  Bonus panel and can help the player elude bullies. It should be taken into consideration however, that while the outer paths contain the possibility of more reward, they also contain more risk as they are home to more  Drop and  Warp panels.
  • At the start of the game, Player 3 is also technically at a slight disadvantage, as their  Home panel is right after a  Drop panel, which may result in the player losing stars immediately before their home and not being able to Norma. In the late game however, the player is technically at a slight advantage as they will not run the risk of combat against a boss on the panel right before their home.

Character Synergy[]

Practice Field does not have an obvious disadvantage to any character. While the field may technically be disadvantageous for bullies, as it has few  Encounter panel, its small size and abundance of  Draw panel makes up for the loss, by making it easier to prey on other players.


  • Among the data files of Flying Red Barrel, this field's background can be found, named as "ranking00". However, it's never seen in the game, rendering this asset unused.